10-Minute Neuroscience: Neurons
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  • Release Date: 2023-11-17
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Video Introduction

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In this video, I cover all of the main parts of a neuron including the dendrites, cell body (soma), axon hillock, axon, and axon terminals (synaptic boutons). I describe how a signal travels from the dendrites of a neuron, down the axon, and to the axon terminals to communicate with another neuron through the release of neurotransmitters. I also describe ways of categorizing neurons based on structure (i.e., multipolar, bipolar, unipolar, and pseudo-unipolar) and function (i.e., motor, sensory, and interneurons). [1][2]

Key points:

00:00 General introduction to neurons

1:17 How neurons communicate

2:12 Parts of a neuron

7:00 Classifying neurons based on structure

8:17 Classifying neurons based on function

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