Encyclopedia was launched in April 2018 as a user-generated content hub aiming to provide a comprehensive record for scientific developments and publish the latest research results for researchers and the general public who are interested in accurate and advanced knowledge on specific topics. It is fully subsidized by MDPI. All contents published in Encyclopedia are labeled as Open-Access and licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) license.
Why Post on Encyclopedia?
Publicity for Your Ideas
There is a possibility of having a greater number of readers from different sectors for potential synergistic collaborations.
Free for Everyone
It is an open access knowledge-sharing project, updated regularly and open for comments and discussions.
A Base of Knowledge
Entries are specific to a certain topic, including but not limited to a research topic, a definition or introduction to a scientific concept, a hypothesis, a protocol, a biography of scholars or history of research institutes or universities, or interesting videos/images.
Trustworthy Sources to Cite
The journal Encyclopedia (ISSN 2673-8392), a multidisciplinary open access journal, was launched to record high-quality expert entries in all research fields, which can provide benchmark information for researchers, as well as the general public interested in accurate and trusted information on specific topics.
Our Products
Encyclopedia comprises the Encyclopedia platform, Encyclopedia journal (ISSN 2673-8392), as well as Encyclopedia books.
  • Both short videos and entries (topic review and biographies) are welcome on the Encyclopedia platform; short videos will be deposited on Sciplayer, which can take viewers through various demonstrations, case studies, and lectures that spark discourse and provide a unique chance to see experts at work;
  • The authors of well-prepared entries on the platform will be encouraged to enrich and submit them to the Encyclopedia journal for peer review and publication;
  • Encyclopedia books collect entries containing comprehensive overview of professional terminologies from all scientific fields with mature knowledge.
Our Contributors
All our entry contributors are researchers, scientists, or experts in each field. Contributors will receive credit points for their activities across the Encyclopedia projects, such as creating new entries or expanding, updating, and commenting on existing entries. Credit points can be redeemed here for discount voucher(s) (e.g., 100 points equal to 100 CHF voucher) to be used on related MDPI services. Contributors’ activities will also be recorded on their public profile on SciProfiles.