Guidelines of Entries in Encyclopedia

General Introduction

Encyclopedia is an online reference created and curated by active scholars. It aims to highlight the latest research results as well as providing reference information for researchers and the general public interested in accurate and advanced knowledge on specific topics. Detail can be found on the About page.

Types of Entry

Latest advance or review: A presentation of the conclusions of one or several research projects on a single, specific topic, or a general review of a research field. Results could relate to a single field, a research group, or a collective of researcher.

Definition: Introduces new discoveries or concepts, including but not limited to: technologies, organisms, models, methodologies, molecules, materials, theories, galaxies, and stars. It should introduce the main concepts and ideas and may also include the origin, development history, milestones, leading figures or related persons, current status, predictions and future directions, and any other relevant information.

Research project: Scholars can present their research project proposals and expected results. The format should be a pre-report about research work to be undertaken in the near future. The aim of this type is to collect feedback from other researchers in the field and to inform them of ongoing research, in order to build collaborations and prevent duplicate work.

Conjecture: Similar to a research project, authors can announce future research topics and highlight particular challenges in their field. No supporting data is necessary, but authors should cite relevant previous work and may suggest strategies for tackling the stated problems.

How to Publish an Entry in Encyclopedia

§ 1 New users should register at and activate their new accounts by email.

§ 2 Please check the existing entries by “Search” on the homepage if there are any similar entry already before you are planning to create a new one. Click “Add” to start a new entry and access the entry register page. Users can select their subject and entry type. Note that the title cannot be modified once users have passed this step.

§ 3 Proceed to the entry editing page. This is an online editing tool for adding and editing text, formats, figures, tables, and references. Here is a short video to show some special functions of this editing tool:

Note: Inserted references can be edited or deleted directly from Reference section.

§ 4 During the editing process, the draft will be saved automatically once per minute. Users can also save the draft manually at any time. After editing and formatting the contents, finish and announce the entry by clicking the “Submit” icon. The entry will immediately be available online.

§ 5 Entries can have more than one author while still in the draft phase. The creator can share editing rights with others after saving the content of their entry. They should go to the “Revision List” in their status and click “Share Editing Rights”, co-authors can be added or removed using their email address. The invited co-author will receive a notification email and will see the shared entry in their own profile.

§ 6 If the entry has more than one author, the creator can change the author order by moving the email addresses in the “Share Editing Rights” link. The creator is always the first author in the sequence.

§ 7 As only one user can edit the entry information at a time, others will not have access until the last user has finished.

§ 8 Only the original creator can submit the entry to appear online. All authors will be notified by email when the submission is made.

How to Revise Published Entries

Any readers can revise entry content by clicking “Edit” on the entry homepage. This takes you to the entry editing tool, as described above. Via “History”, you can check any previous revisions. The changes made to each version are highlighted: those in red have been removed from the old version and those in green are newly added.

How to Comment on Published Entries

Any readers can post a comment by clicking “Discussions” on the relevant entry page. Using the “Add” icon at the right side of title, a new discussion can be created.

Copyright of Entry Content

All contents published in Encyclopedia are labeled as Open Access and licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) license. This means that all contents can be copied and redistributed in any medium or format provided the original source is correctly cited.

All the contents, figures, tables or important data sources should be properly quoted and cited. Where necessary, contributors are required to provide permission files when they upload images, photos, voice or video files, etc. Material for which the copyright and licensing conditions do not allow inclusion in Encyclopedia must not be uploaded.

About Costs

Encyclopedia is fully subsidized by MDPI and is completely free for contributors and readers.