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17 Jun 2022

We hereby attest that Entry “Egyptian Six-Rowed Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)” ( is adapted from the original article “Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Some Egyptian Six-Rowed Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)” ( published in journal Plants. 

As the paper “Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Some Egyptian Six-Rowed Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)” is published under CC BY license ( that allows for unrestricted reuse of content, subject only to the requirement that the source work is appropriately attributed, we reused part of the publication on the Encyclopedia platform with appropriate credit.

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13 May 2022

To help users better understand the basic information and functions of the Encyclopedia Platform Version 3.0, our website launched a Help Center function. Users can enter it by clicking on the “ ” icon on the right side of the website or clicking on the link: The Help Center consists of 6 items: Guideline, User Manual, Encyclopedia Credit System, Journal Processing Charges, Q&As and Tutorial Videos.

Now the new functions of Help Center are announced as follows:

1. Guidelines
Guidelines can help you get to know the Encyclopedia initiative step by step.

2. User Manual
User manual is an A-Z guide on how to use this platform. It contains some tutorials on the general operation of the Encyclopedia platform, including registering and logging in to an account, creating and revising entries/videos, and multiple functionalities of a user profile.

3. Encyclopedia Credit System

You can discover more ways to engage with our platform so that you can earn and redeem your credits for rewards.

4. Journal Processing Charges
You can understand Encyclopedia journal processing charges and related information.

5. Q&As
Q&As provide answers to the questions you have about Encyclopedia.

6. Tutorial Videos
Tutorial videos provide a visual guide to using products. You can get to know “Encyclopedia Introduction”, “How to Submit an Entry” and “How to Upload a Video Entry” through these videos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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26 Apr 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The Encyclopedia 2022 Outstanding Contributor Award is open for application now. We will award two outstanding contributors for the Encyclopedia platform and Encyclopedia journal in 2022. All contributors will be selected after a thorough evaluation by the journal award committee, led by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Raffaele Barretta, and the winners will be announced in March 2023.

Eligibility for the Award

To be eligible, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:
– The applicants must have published at least one qualified entry on the Encyclopedia platform in 2022;
– The applicants must have published at least one paper in the Encyclopedia journal in 2022.

Selection Criteria

The award committee will evaluate applications based on a comprehensive consideration of the following criteria:
– The quantity and quality of entries/papers contributed;
– Scientific merit and broad impact;
– View, citation, and download rates in 2022.

Document for Application

– Curriculum vitae (Please contact our office if you need a template of the form)

The Prize

– CHF 300 (Swiss Francs) for each winner;
– An opportunity to publish one paper free of charge in Encyclopedia before 31 December 2023 following peer review for each winner;
– A certificate for each winner.

Application Deadline

15 January 2023

Please send your applications to our office before the deadline:

The winners will be announced on the journal website in March 2023.

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22 Jun 2022

All our entry contributors are researchers, scientists, or experts in each field. Contributors will receive credits for their participation in Encyclopedia, such as creating new entries,editing existing entries or commenting on entries, etc. Meanwhile, Credits can be redeemed for discount voucher(s) which can be used on related MDPI services.

1. How to obtain Encyclopedia credits

You can obtain credits based on the following Rules:





Confirm your registration

+ 50

Verify your email to receive the credits.

First time registration

Publish an entry/video/biography

+ 15

You will earn the credits for each entry/video/ biography you publish. Credits will be rewarded to your account after the entry/video/ biography is confirmed online.

Up to twice per day

Invite connections to post an entry/video/biography

+ 10

You could obtain credits when your friends post an entry/video/biography by invited link.

Up to three times per day

Edit an entry (qualified)

+ 5

You will receive the credits if the entry's content is substantially modified or expanded with a minimum of 20 words.

Up to twice per day


+ 3

Post a comment on an entry/video/ biography.

Up to three times per day

Share an entry/video/ biography

+ 1

Share the link of an entry/video/ biography from the Encyclopedia platform to your connections.

Up to five times per day

Get a like

+ 1

You will receive credits for each like for your published entry/video/biography.

Up to five times per day

Credits are automatically distributed by the system, but please note that they are not available for the first 48 hours. If your posts are withdrawn due to inappropriate conduct or content during this period, your credits will be withdrawn accordingly.

2. How to use the credits?

For MDPI journals

You can redeem credits for vouchers in your personal account.

Exchange Rates: 100 Points = 100 CHF; 200 Points = 200 CHF (A maximum of 200 points can be redeemed at a time)

The redeemed vouchers can be used to deduct the article processing charges for the papers you submit to MDPI journals. Each voucher will be valid for a single redemption only. Click here to submit your papers.

3. How to view your credit balance

To check your credit balance, please click here.

4. Other terms

Valid period of Credits: Credits will be valid for one calendar year. Credits that have been issued for more than one year will be cleared.

Credits Ownership: Credits are not interchangeable between different people and different accounts.

Valid period of Vouchers: Vouchers will be valid for two calendar years. Vouchers that have been issued for more than two years will be cleared.

Voucher Ownership: Vouchers are not interchangeable between different people and different accounts.

5. Prohibition

  • Cheating or obtaining points by any means other than those outlined is not allowed. The administrator has the right to cancel the voucher code in this case. Also, Rewards Points may be forfeited.
  • The Encyclopedia platform does not welcome any form of immature, illegal, violent, pornographic, or advertising content.

The Encyclopedia platform reserves all the rights for the final explanation.

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10 Feb 2022

The editorial team of Encyclopedia (ISSN: 2673-8392) would like to congratulate the winner of the Encyclopedia 2021 Outstanding Contributor Award, Dr. Carmen Sofia Rocha Freire, for her outstanding contribution to the Encyclopedia community. 

Dr. Carmen Sofia Rocha Freire is a Principal Researcher (with Habilitation in Chemistry) at CICECOAveiro Institute of Materials (University of Aveiro) in the area of biorrefineries and bio-based materials. Her research interests concern the production and application of bio-based nanofibers (nanocellulose and protein fibrils); the use of novel biocomposites and hybrid bio-based materials for technological applications (packaging, separators for fuel cells, electronic devices, among others); the use of new bio-based materials for biomedical applications (wound healing and drug delivery); the use of bioinks for 3D bioprinting and new functional paper materials; the chemical modification of lignocellulosic materials (cellulose, wood, cork, etc.); and the isolation, characterization, and chemical transformation of bioactive components from biomass. 

Dr. Freire has inspired, supported, and guided many students and fellows. She and her research have greatly impacted this scientific area.

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20 Apr 2021

Internet databases of videos have emerged as useful tools in life and science. Such resources support the search for information about science and facilitate the introduction of secondary analyses of large datasets for scholars. As such, Encyclopedia Sciplayer has come into being.

Scholars can submit videos online, and files can be transferred directly to the Encyclopedia Editorial Office via Before submission, please ensure the author instructions below are followed:

1. Video types include

- A certain scientific research topic, an experimental/surgery operation record, or other interesting and worthwhile simulation videos;

- A theory or social phenomenon;

- An excellent teaching course or speech for reference;

- A conference video for academic discussion and communication;

- An interview video of professional scholars on a certain research topic.

2. Acceptable video format

- Supported file format: flv, mp4, mpeg, rmvb, mov.

- Suggested size: 10–200 M.

3. Suggested duration

The ideal duration is 3–10 min (no special limit for operation, simulation, or teaching course videos).

4. How to upload

Original short videos can be uploaded directly via the video page ( For long videos greater than 200 M, please divide the video into several parts and label each separate video in the correct order.

5. Video check

After video submission, the entry will not be shown online until it has been approved by the Editorial Office. The video content will be locked in order to protect your contributions.

6. About copyright

Please quote and cite all references or sources used in this entry and ensure that you have obtained permission for reuse. Without explicit permission to use, copy or modify, it is forbidden to upload any logos, photos; stills or excerpts from TV shows, movies, DVDs; computer code, software, or screenshots of other websites; any pictures published on the internet; or any drawings of characters from TV, comics, or movies; recordings of sounds or music.

The author must confirm in the Copyright Transfer Agreement that they have received permission from each participant recorded on the submitted video to announce the video online.

Thanks for your kind collaboration and support in advance. Encyclopedia will be your assistant during that period and provide you with all necessary support and guidance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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20 Feb 2021

Encyclopedia Outstanding Contributor Awards 2020 is open for application now. We will award the top five contributors on this platform in 2020. The winners will receive an official certificate and a cash award of 500 CHF or discount voucher of 800 CHF.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that Encyclopedia ( will be awarding five Outstanding Contributor Awards for researchers in 2020. The nominations and applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Committee consisting of senior scholars from the Encyclopedia Editorial Board.

Candidate Requirements

1. Have a Master degree;

2. Have more than three qualified entries published in Encyclopedia in 2020.

Evaluation Standards

1. Number of entries published in Encyclopedia in 2020;

2. Quality of entries online (including length, figure quality, and novelty);

3. Impact of entries (including the number of likes, discussion contents, views, and downloads).

Prize for Winners

There will be five awardees, and the winners will receive:

1. An official certificate;

2. A cash award of 500 CHF or an MDPI discount voucher of 800 CHF.

Application Deadline

31 December 2020

Please send your applications to our office before the deadline:

If you are a researcher and have not yet contribute entries to Encyclopedia but would like to, you can easily register and edit your entry at

The Five Winners

Encyclopedia Outstanding Contributor Awards 2020 is closed on 31 December 2020. Congratulations to all of the participants and especially the winners. The winners are:

Farid Menaa

Department of Medicine and Nanomedicine, California Innovations Corporation, San Diego, CA 92037, USA 

Patricia Takako Endo

Universidade de Pernambuco

Michał Filipiak

Institute of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

Sandro Nuno Ferreira Serpa

Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of the Azores, Portugal

Cesar Augusto Correia de Sequeira

Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, CeFEMA, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1, 1049-001, Lisboa, Portugal

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