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Chemical Bond
Number of Entries: 25
Physics advocates research on unifying chemical bonds and recognized parallels on a different (and non-reductive) level, as per the concept of the Great Unification of Forces in Nature. From this perspective, a Physicochemical Grand Unification of Forces would be a worthy project for humankind in order to increase our undertanding of existence and to improve our lives. This entry collection aims to present an account of chemical bonds and interactions in nano- to maco-environments.
Extraction Techniques in Sample Preparation
Number of Entries: 22
Sample preparation is the most crucial step in the analytical procedure designed for implementation in any analytical application (food analysis, bionalysis, forensics, toxicology, environmental monitoring etc). It is the limiting factor in chemical analysis since it is time consuming and it can potentially introduce errors. No one can doubt that the best approach would be the direct introduction of the sample to the instrument; however, this is rarely feasible. Efficient sample pretre ...More
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Number of Entries: 22
NMR has revolutionized structure determination and is a technique used in a very wide range of disciplines from biology, chemistry, material science, polymers and biopolymers, to drug design, food science, etc. Although the technique has been around for more than seventy years, it is still in development, both instrumentally with higher magnetic fields, better probes, improving pulse sequences and signal manipulation, and in solid state NMR with higher spinning speeds, and in relation ...More
Organic Synthesis
Number of Entries: 55
With the growth of satellite and airborne-based platforms, remote sensing is gaining increasing attention in recent decades. Every day, sensors acquire data with different modalities and several resolutions. Leveraging on their complementary properties is a key scientific challenge, usually called remote sensing data fusion. Data fusion can be performed at three different processing levels: 1) pixel-based or raw level; 2) object-based or feature level; 3) decision level. Fusion at pixe ...More
Wastewater Treatment
Number of Entries: 35
The principal objective of wastewater treatment is generally to allow human and industrial effluents to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the natural environment. Typical processes that are investigated and applied to wastewater treatment can be the following: biological, adsorption, flocculation, oxidation, membranes, filtration, etc. This entry collection features information about many processes of wastewater treatment and many other related iss ...More