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Remote Sensing Data Fusion
Number of Entries: 27
With the growth of satellite and airborne-based platforms, remote sensing is gaining increasing attention in recent decades. Every day, sensors acquire data with different modalities and several resolutions. Leveraging on their complementary properties is a key scientific challenge, usually called remote sensing data fusion. Data fusion can be performed at three different processing levels: 1) pixel-based or raw level; 2) object-based or feature level; 3) decision level. Fusion at pixe ...More
Structures for Engineering and Architecture
Number of Entries: 4
Currently, the significant increase in devastating seismic events has made the technical, scientific and political communities aware of the seismic vulnerability of buildings located in highly exposed urban areas. In historical centres, the conspicuous construction heterogeneity, conjunctly with the intrinsic typological–structural deficiencies of some buildings, negatively influences their global behaviour against earthquakes. As it is known, existing buildings in urban areas ar ...More