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Encyclopedia of Social Sciences
ISBN: Pending
Expected Date of Publication: Dec 2021

About This Volume

The Encyclopedia of Social Sciences provides a comprehensive reference work covering the following disciplines and subdisciplines in the Social Sciences, highlighting Economics, Finance, Business, and Other Social Sciences, with each chapter having a designated Editor with expertise across a wide range of subdisciplines:

Chapter 1: Economic Theory and Econometrics
Edited by Michael McAleer

Coverage includes: Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Statistics, Mathematical Economics, Organizational Economics.

Chapter 2: Finance
Edited by Chia-Lin Chang

Coverage includes: Investment Finance, Risk and Volatility, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Energy Finance, Industrial Organization, Health Economics.

Chapter 3: Business
Edited by Philip Hans Franses

Coverage includes: Accounting, Marketing Science, Management Science, Behavioral Science, Administrative Science, Decision Sciences, Public Policy, Tourism and Hospitality.

Chapter 4: Other Social Sciences
Editor yet to be chosen

Coverage includes: Political Science, Social Psychology, Sociology, Education, Law, Library and Information Science.

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