Hongguang Nie
Hongguang Nie, female, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, College of Basic Medical Science, China Medical University. Chairman of the Professional Committee of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine, Liaoning Society of Cell Biology; Committee Member of the Stem Cell and Immunology Professional Committee of Liaoning Immunological Society; High le
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  • 16 Jun 2023
Igor A. Kryvoruchko
Professor Dr. Igor A. Kryvoruchko was born on January 18, 1960. After completing his studies at Kharkiv Medical Institute in 1983, Professor started his medical career as a specialist in surgery. From 1983 to 2004 he worked as a surgeon-researcher and a vice-director at the Institute of General and Urgent Surgery named after V.T. Zaitsev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Ukraine. From
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  • 23 Jan 2024
Jan Evangelista Dyr
Jan was born on 24 September 1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Macromolecular Chemistry from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in 1969. Then, he earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1978 from Charles University and a DrSc. in Chemistry in 1994 from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In 1984 he became the Head of the Departm
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  • 31 Aug 2022
Jean Cruveilhier
J. Cruveilhier was born on 9 February 1791 in Limoges, France [1]. For two centuries, the members of the Cruveilhier family were born and buried in Limoges. His grandfather Joseph (1726–1762) was a master surgeon and his father Léonard (1760–1836) was an important military surgeon, an attending surgeon at l’Hôpital Saint-Alexis in Limoges, and also a revolutionary Jacobin fanatic [2]. Hi
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  • 12 Jul 2023
Jennie Han
Dr Jennie Han graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters of Arts in Medical Sciences and a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. During the course, she was awarded the Brian Johnson Prize for Pathology for the best essay in pathology in Oxford University Clinical School. During her clinical placement, she was the Tutor in Anatomy for Christ Church, Oxford. She was also the Presi
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  • 17 May 2023
John Sappington
John S. Sappington (1776-1856) was an American physician known for developing a quinine pill to treat malarial and other fever diseases in the Missouri and Mississippi valleys, where the disease was widespread. He later used the pill to prevent malaria. Because he both manufactured and sold "Dr. Sappington's Anti-Fever Pills", he became wealthy from his bestseller. From Maryland and Tennessee,
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  • 12 Dec 2022
José Juan escobar-Chávez
Dr. Escobar-Chávez is a professor at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy; Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He joined the faculty in 1998. Doctor Degree in Chemical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico; Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist in the area of ​​Pharmacy. He has carried out 2 postdoctoral research stays with a duration of one year in
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  • 18 Jan 2024
Keith Holyoak
Keith James Holyoak (born January 16, 1950) is a Canadian-American researcher in cognitive psychology and cognitive science, working on human thinking and reasoning. Holyoak's work focuses on the role of analogy in thinking.[1] His work showed how analogy can be used to enhance learning of new abstract concepts by both children and adults,[2] as well as how reasoning breaks down in cases of brai
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  • 23 Nov 2022
Leonid Lapp
Leonid Lapp, born on December 5, 1953, in Ukraine, is a renowned figure in the realms of medical psychology, nutrition, and mental health, holding the prestigious title of Doctor honoris causa. His illustrious career, marked by a unique blend of engineering skills and a deep commitment to human health, has spanned various countries, including Russia, Israel, and currently Canada. Initially trai
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  • 31 Jan 2024
My name is Montserrat Fernández-Guarino, I am dermatologist in Madrid, Spain. I have studied medicine and I am specialist, however I have so many more interest. Among the intellectual fields, I am graduated in Psychology, and coursed different master´s degree, in nutrition, medical nutrition in diseases, sports injury rehabilitation and pharmacy office. Summary of the present position: -Staf
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  • 22 May 2023
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