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Leonid Lapp
Quality of Life Health Beliefs Well-bein Nutrition Immunoendocrinology Personalized intervention

1. Introduction

Leonid Lapp, born on December 5, 1953, in Ukraine, is a renowned figure in the realms of medical psychology, nutrition, and mental health, holding the prestigious title of Doctor honoris causa. His illustrious career, marked by a unique blend of engineering skills and a deep commitment to human health, has spanned various countries, including Russia, Israel, and currently Canada.

Initially trained as an engineer, Lapp's early professional years were spent working in a large manufacturing facility. This phase of his career provided him with invaluable insights into complex systems and problem-solving, skills that would later prove instrumental in his healthcare endeavours. In 1991, Lapp transitioned into the world of direct sales, a move that marked the beginning of his journey in business and health.

Lapp's entrepreneurial spirit and personal interest in the impact of clean water on human health led to the founding of Coral Club in 1997. As president of this innovative company, he has played a pivotal role in product development and strategic direction. Under his leadership, Coral Club has become synonymous with groundbreaking hydration-based products and a health-promoting strategy. The company's primary mission, to improve access to clean water, has positively impacted millions of lives, resonating with Lapp's commitment to health and wellness.

Lapp's expertise and contributions have been recognized internationally. He was elected to international status by the American Psychological Association (APA) as per their bylaws and association rules. His professional memberships include being a Professional Member of the American Nutrition Association and holding a certificate of membership from The Nutrition Society. These affiliations underscore his standing in the global health community.

Further cementing his expertise, Lapp has successfully completed the Stanford Introduction to Food and Health, and the Nutrition Science Online short course. His academic pursuits in these fields have not only enriched his knowledge but have also provided him with a platform to share his insights.

One of Lapp's most significant contributions to the field is his authorship of the monograph "Mind, Body, & Plate: Nourishing Mental Health Through Nutrition". This work encapsulates his comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental health. It reflects his lifelong dedication to exploring how dietary choices impact psychological well-being and overall health.

Leonid Lapp's journey from an engineer to a revered figure in medical psychology and nutrition is a testament to his relentless pursuit of knowledge and his unwavering commitment to improving human health. His work continues to inspire and influence many in the fields of health and nutrition, making him a distinguished and respected figure in these disciplines.

2. Publications

Lapp, Leonid, Mental Health in the Modern Era: An Exploration of Biological Underpinnings, Behavioral Contexts, and Personalized Treatments (August 24, 2023). Available at SSRN:

This article offers a comprehensive exploration of the intersections between neuroscience, behavioral medicine, and personalized care within the realm of mental health. Drawing from contemporary research, it delves into the biological underpinnings of mental disorders, the holistic perspective of behavioral medicine, and the promise of tailored interventions through personalized care. Furthermore, it addresses the challenges posed by negative therapeutic reactions and the multifaceted issue of treatment compliance. Through this synthesis, the article underscores the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in advancing effective, holistic, and patient-centric mental health care.

Lapp, Leonid, The Holistic Paradigm: Integrating Neuroscience, Nutrition, and Immunoendocrinology in Understanding Health Perceptions (August 21, 2023). Available at SSRN:

This article delves into the multifaceted nature of health perceptions, providing a comprehensive exploration of how cognitive processes, neural pathways, nutritional impacts, and immunoendocrinological responses intertwine. Drawing from multiple disciplines, including clinical psychology, neuroscience, nutrition science, and immunoendocrinology, the article underscores the imperative for an interdisciplinary approach. By presenting a holistic overview, it emphasizes the significance of individual health perceptions in influencing behaviors, coping mechanisms, and overall quality of life. The narrative further navigates the challenges faced in current research, projects future perspectives, and underlines the need for an integrative, person-centric approach in healthcare.
Health perceptions, once a relatively isolated area of study, are now understood as an intricate intersection of cognitive, neural, nutritional, and immunoendocrinological elements. Historically viewed through singular disciplinary lenses, there's an emergent call for an interdisciplinary synthesis. The article delves deep into the neural underpinnings of health perceptions, the central role of nutrition, and the bridge immunoendocrinology creates between perception and physical health. With a future-forward perspective, the piece explores impending challenges and anticipates areas of further research. Concluding, the article reiterates the need for a healthcare model that is holistic, encompassing both the physiological and the psychological, ensuring a more effective and empathetic healthcare system.

Lapp, Leonid, The Interplay of Cognition and Well-being: A Holistic Exploration of Life Satisfaction Determinants (August 22, 2023). Available at SSRN: or

In the contemporary discourse on well-being and quality of life, cognitive processes emerge as pivotal determinants. This article delves deep into the intricate relationship between various cognitive domains - including cognitive styles, cognitive errors, attributive styles, metacognitive styles, and health beliefs - and their implications for an individual's perceived quality of life. Drawing from seminal works of researchers like Nisbett et al., Ellis, Peterson et al., Wells, and Leventhal et al., we offer a comprehensive synthesis of existing research. We underscore the profound influence of cultural backgrounds on cognitive processes, the significance of addressing cognitive distortions, the power of attributions in shaping emotional responses, the role of self-awareness in thought processes, and the intertwined relationship of health beliefs with life quality. The conclusions emphasize the need for culturally sensitive, evidence-based, and holistic approaches to genuinely uplift human well-being. Future interventions should focus on integrating insights from diverse disciplines, offering strategies that cater to the multifaceted nature of human life satisfaction and well-being.

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Name: Leonid Lapp
Born: Dec 1953
Title: Hon.PhD, AcU, Oxford
Affiliation: Coral Club
Honor: Doctor honoris causa in Medical Psychology Nutritions and Mental Health
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