Yoshiyasu Takefuji
Graduated from Elec. Eng., Keio Univ. BS (1978), MS (1980), Ph.D. (1983). Asst Prof: Univ. of South Florida (1983-1985), Assoc Prof: Univ. of South Carolina (1985-1988), Assoc Prof: Case Western Reserve Univ. (1988-1996: tenured in 1992), tenured Prof: Keio Univ. (1992-2021), Emeritus Prof: Keio Univ. (2021-present), Prof: Musashino Univ. (2021-present), Docent Prof. Jyvaskyla Univ. He authors 4
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  • 04 Apr 2023
William Minicozzi II
William Philip Minicozzi II is an United States mathematician. He was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1967. Minicozzi graduated from Princeton University in 1990 and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1994 under the direction of Richard Schoen. After graduating he spent a year at the Courant Institute of New York University as a visiting member where he began working with Tobi
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  • 12 Dec 2022
William H. Press
William Henry Press (born May 23, 1948) is an astrophysicist, theoretical physicist, computer scientist, and computational biologist. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Other honors include the 1981 Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy.[1][2] Press has been a member of the JASON defense advisory
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  • 28 Nov 2022
Valentina Mikhailovna Borok
Valentina Mikhailovna Borok (9 July 1931, Kharkiv, Ukraine , USSR – 4 February 2004, Haifa, Israel) was a Soviet Ukraine mathematician. She is mainly known for her work on partial differential equations.[1] Borok was born on July 9, 1931 in Kharkiv in Ukraine (then USSR), into a Jewish family.[2] Her father, Michail Borok, was a chemist, scientist and an expert in material science. Her moth
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  • 23 Dec 2022
Valentin Danilovich Belousov
Belousov Valentin Danilovich (20 February 1925 – 23 July 1988) was a Moldavian Soviet mathematician and a corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR (1968).[1][2] He graduated from the Kishinev Pedagogical Institute (1947), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1966), Professor (1967), honored worker of science and technology of the Moldavian SSR. Since 1
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  • 23 Nov 2022
Thomas Little Heath
Sir Thomas Little Heath KCB KCVO FRS FBA (/hiːθ/; 5 October 1861 – 16 March 1940) was a British civil servant, mathematician, classical scholar, historian of ancient Greek mathematics, translator, and mountaineer. He was educated at Clifton College. Heath translated works of Euclid of Alexandria, Apollonius of Perga, Aristarchus of Samos, and Archimedes of Syracuse into English. Heath was
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  • 18 Nov 2022
Sunil Mukhi
Sunil Mukhi is an Indian theoretical physicist working in the areas of string theory, quantum field theory and particle physics. Currently he is a physics professor at IISER Pune. He is also the dean of faculty here. He obtained a B.Sc. degree at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in 1981 from Stony Brook University (then called the State University of New York at
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  • 16 Nov 2022
Slavik Jablan
After a long and brave battle with a serious illness, our dear friend and colleague Slavik Jablan passed away on 26 February 2015. The world is deprived of a remarkable mathematician, a great artist, a wonderful man and a dear friend. He made significant contributions to many areas of mathematics: geometry, group theory, mathematical crystallography, the theory of symmetry, antisymmetry, color
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  • 26 Sep 2022
Richard M. Durbin
Richard Michael Durbin, FRS,[1] born (1960-12-30) 30 December 1960 (age 61),[2] is a British computational biologist. He is currently an Associate Faculty member at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute [3] and Professor of Genetics at the University of Cambridge.[4][5] Previously, he was Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute for over 20 years [6][7][8][9][10][11] and an Hono
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  • 23 Nov 2022
Rebekah Jones
Rebekah D. Jones (born July 1989) is an American geographer, specializing in using geographic information system (GIS) data science to track hurricanes and climatology. She used geographic information system software to create the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard, but was fired from her job in May 2020, which she said was due to her refusal to hide COVID-19 data. Jones is often re
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  • 06 Dec 2022
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