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‘Helete Güneşi’, a New Walnut Cultivar
‘Helete Güneşi’ was selected among different genotypes obtained from crossing ‘Maraş 18’ × ‘Chandler’ in Turkey. The present study compares phenological and pomological traits of ‘Helete Güneşi’ with those of its parents so as to scale their performances. ‘Helete Güneşi’ staged leaf out on 22 April, whereas its parents, ‘Chandler’ and ‘Maraş 18’, did on 20 and 12 April, respectively. The harvest date of ‘Helete Güneşi’ was as early as 17 September, whereas ‘Chandler’ and ‘Maraş 18’ began to be harvested on 5 October and 15 September, respectively. Defoliation in ‘Helete Güneşi’ occurred about 1 month earlier than ‘Chandler’. The nut weight and kernel percentage of ‘Helete Güneşi’ were 13.41 g and 53.39%, respectively, whereas in ‘Chandler’ the values were 12.73 g and 48.23%, respectively, but were 14.62 g and 53.76% in ‘Maraş 18’. ‘Helete Güneşi’ had a higher yield value compared to its parents. The results demonstrated that ‘Helete Güneşi’ has superior traits in being selected for late leafing date, early harvest date, high yield, and good nut quality. Therefore, it can be considered as a valuable genetic resource in future breeding programs around the world.
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  • 02 Dec 2021
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3D Printed Electromagnetic Vibration Harvesters
Energy harvesting is the utilisation of ambient energy in order to power electronics such as wireless sensor nodes (WSN) or wearables without the need of batteries. This allows to operate the node over a much longer time period compared to battery-powered devices along with lower maintenance efforts. Furthermore, the low-maintenance requirements allow to operate these WSNs in environments with limited or no accessibility.
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  • 05 Nov 2021
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A city Multi-Floor Manufacturing Cluster
Multi-floor manufacturing cluster (MFMC) comprise production and service enterprises of various types of ownership, mainly SMEs, with different production orientations, with the presence of small-scale in-house equipment. This feature of MFMC promotes business competition, allowing for creating collaborative and networked organizations that can happen at some stages of development and can reach a level of a virtual manufacturing network based on Digital Twins models to fulfil customer orders.
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  • 28 Mar 2022
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A Decision Support Tool for Buying Farm Tractors
Tractors are the most important equipment for most of the farmers. Data science can help farmers when making a decision about tractor purchase. Buying a tractor represents a big investment for farmers, and price is one of their main concerns. This study presents the development of a web-based decision support tool (DST) that calculate the price of new and second-hand tractors, for the purpose of providing the decision-maker some information that will lead him to the final decision. The tool makes use of different algorithms based on predictive analytics methodologies. 
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  • 10 Mar 2022
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Acoustic Performance-Based Design
Current development in digital design, combined with the growing awareness of the importance of building performance, had drawn attention to performance-based design (PBD) in architecture. PBD benefits both design workflow and outcome, allowing one to control the performance of the design proposal since early design phases. 
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  • 26 Nov 2021
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Ag-Decorated/Loaded Gas Sensors
Ag is one of the cheapest noble metals which is extensively used in the decoration or doping of semiconducting metal oxides (SMOs) to boost the overall gas-sensing performances of nanostructured SMOs. This is due to the electronic and chemical sensitization of Ag nanoparticles. 
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  • 27 Oct 2021
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Agricultural Big Data Architectures and Climate Change
Climate change is currently one of agriculture’s main problems in achieving sustainability. It causes drought, increased rainfall, and increased diseases, causing a decrease in food production. In order to combat these problems, Agricultural Big Data contributes with tools that improve the understanding of complex, multivariate, and unpredictable agricultural ecosystems through the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of vast amounts of data from diverse heterogeneous sources.
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  • 06 Jul 2022
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Agricultural Drainage
Practicing agricultural drainage strategies is necessary to manage excess water in poorly drained irrigated farmlands to protect them from induced waterlogging and salinity problems. 
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  • 16 Jan 2023
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Agricultural Electrostatic Spraying
Agricultural electrostatic spraying technology is superior to non-electrostatic spraying technology. Electrostatic droplets have better “adhesion, penetration, and encircling ability” in crops. Electrostatic spraying technology is used to charge droplets to induce an electric field on the surface of the crop leaves, thus adsorbing electrostatic droplets and achieving directional movement of the charged droplets.
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  • 03 Dec 2021
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Agricultural Vehicle Path Tracking Control
Vehicle models are grouped into numerous types based on the structural characteristics and working conditions, including wheeled tractors, tracked tractors, rice transplanters, high clearance sprays, agricultural robots, agricultural tractor–trailers, etc.
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  • 21 Jun 2023
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