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Encyclopedia of ZEMCH Research and Development
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About This Volume

ZEMCH is an acronym of zero energy mass custom home that reflects socially, economically, environmentally, and humanly sustainable built environments that have been applied to developed and developing countries. Todays socio-demographic changes are leading to the emergence of non-traditional households and societal shifts are affecting housing design in regard to configuration, functionality, and ornamentation. Customisation and personalisation of the built environment can be considered as a means to help accommodate such diversity over the building’s lifespan. A housee is a system of both energy and environment. Thus, it also has an impact on the consequences of climate change. The mass production of zero energy homes in the global context, may help to build a positive pathway towards changing the tide of climate change. Nevertheless, housing affordability is a prominent issue around the globe, and the volume of delivery of high-performance low-cost homes may contribute to this alleviation.

This first volume embraces these sustainable housing delivery challenges by encompassing a wide spectrum of theoretical and pragmatic design, production, communication, and marketing strategies, as well as educational attempts within the context of ZEMCH R&D activities.

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Planned Papers

Title: Sustainable Architecture – What’s Next?
Author: Harald Røstvik
Professor, City- and Regional Planning, Institute of Safety, Economics and Planning (ISØP), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, Norway

Title: Age-Friendly Built Environment
Authors: Hing-Wah Chau, Elmira Jamei
Built Environment Discipline Group, College of Engineering and Science, Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Title: SEM-PLS Approach to Green Building
Authors: Nasim Aghili 1 and Mehdi Amirkhani 2
1. School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, Faculty of Health, Engineering, and Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
2. ZEMCH EXD Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Title: Domestic Environmental Experience Design
Author: Sajal Chowdhury
ZEMCH EXD Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Title: Low Cost Neighbourhood Development in Brazil
Authors: Luisa Félix Dalla Vecchia and Nirce Saffer Medvedovski
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil

Title: Solar Chimney
Authors: Haihua Zhang, Yao Tao and Long Shi
School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia

Title: Sustainable Built Environment
Authors: Lars-Åke Mikaelsson
Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Title: Vertical Plug-in Micro-compact Housing Systems
Authors: Yee Kee Ku and Masa Noguchi
Affiliation: ZEMCH EXD Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Building and
Planning, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Title: Mass Customisation in Low Cost Housing
Authors: Carlos T. Formoso, Patrícia A. Tillmann, and Cynthia S. Hentschke
Building Innovation Research Unit (NORIE), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Title: Thermochromic Windows in Buildings
Authors: Yao Tao, Haihua Zhang, Jiyuan Tu, Long Shi
School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia

Title: Green Buildings Rating Systems (GBRS)
Authors: Stefano Politi, Lia Marchi and Ernesto Antonini
University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

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