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    Sabin Stoica

    Subjects: Physics, Nuclear
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    Submitted by: Sabin Stoica


    Sabin Stoica graduated from the University of Bucharest, majoring nuclear physics. He had postdoc positions at University of Tuebingen, LAL-Orsay, Paris and Observateur de la Côte d’Ázur, Nice.  He is currently senior researcher 1 with the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH), Magurele, Romania and professor at the doctoral school of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest. Also, he is senior researcher 1 and director of the UNESCO cat. 2 International Center for Advanced Training and Research in Physics (CIFRA)-subsidiary of the National Institute of Materials Physics.

    Sabin Stoica's research interest covers topics from theoretical nuclear physics, high energy physics, atomic physics and astroparticle physics. Stoica’s  research activity includes contributions to the i) study of beta decay (phase space factors) and double-beta decay (development of new methods of calculation of the nuclear matrix elements and phase space factors for double-beta decay transitions with and without emission of neutrinos, constrains of the neutrino mass parameters, effects of possible Lorentz symmetry violation in double-beta decay), ii) study of nuclei structure (development of nuclear structure models for the description of nuclear spectra, ab-initio no-core Shell Model calculations, etc.), iii) study of rare decays of mesons B and D and search of lepton number violation processes in the LHCb experiment at CERN, iv)  inner-shell photoionization atomic processes), v) study of nuclear effects on neutrino and axion emissivities from NN bremsstrahlung in neutron stars, etc. 

    So far, he has published over 450 articles in highly-ranking ISI journals, has over 9,000 citations without self-citations and a hirsh factor 60 (according to WOS). His scientific and managerial responsibilities includes: head of the IFIN-HH theoretical physics department (2001-2008), Romanian team leader in the LHCb-CERN collaboration and member of the LHCb board (2004 -2009), head of the Centre for Nuclear Physics and Related Domains, IFIN-HH (2008 - 2009), link person for Romania with ECT* Trento, Italy (1995 – 2009), member of the Scientic Council of IFIN-HH (2002 - 2007), member of directorate committee of IFIN-HH (2001 - 2009). He is currently member of the Board of DUNE collaboration (Fermilab), member of scientific Board of the UNESCO International Basic Science Program, member of advisory Board of the Universe journal and vice-president of the Horia Hulubei Foundation. He was the main organizer of several international physics Schools and Workshops, including the series of Carpathians Summer Schools (2005-2010), Romania, Workshops on Double-beta decay at ECT*, Trento (1995, 2012), Pontecorvo neutrino physics, Sinaia (2019), etc. He was principal investigator or Romanian responsible in many research projects funded by Romanian Ministry of Research, JINR-Dubna, NSF-US, etc.  In 1996, he received the award of the Romanian Academy for physics.

    Sabin Stoica has given over 60 invited lectures in many international conferences, research institutes and universities over the world. A selected list includes: Joint Meeting of American Physical Society and Physical Society of Japan (2009) - Hawaii, MEDEX- Prague (2013-2019), ISPUN14, HoChiMinh-Vietnam, TAUP2015 - Torino, INPC2016 - Adelaide, ICHEP2019 - Seul, CNNP2020 - Cape Town, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics - Heidelberg,  Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire - Orsay, Centre de Recherches Nucléaires -Strasbourg, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Observatoire de la Cote d'Ázur-Nice, CERN-Geneva, Iowa University, Institute of Nuclear Theory-Seattle, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of Sao Paulo, Institut de Physique Nucléaire - Orsay, CEA, Division de Physique Théorique - Saclay, Centre Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux, GSI-Darmstadt, ECT* - Trento, Nuclear Research Center - Osaka, University of Jyvaskyla, Centre de la Physique des Particules Marseille, Cyclotron Institute, University of Texas A&M, University of Zurich, etc.

    He leaves in Bucharest with his wife Manuela Cristina Stoica, math teacher and has two sons, both IT engineers, Radu Ioan Stoica, research staff member at IBM research division in Zurich and Sabin Mihai Stoica, manager application security at CME group in London.