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Topic review
Updated time: 22 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Junghyun Park
Definition: Phlegm is defined as a viscous and turbid pathological factor that is formed due to an imbalance in body fluid in traditional East Asian medicine (TEAM) and accumulates in certain parts of the body as the form of condensation.
Entry Collection : Gastrointestinal Disease
Topic review
Updated time: 20 May 2021
Definition: Multiple interconditioning between photobiomodulation (PBM), probiotics, and the human microbiota, their effects on the human body, and their implications for the management of viral infectious diseases is essential. Coupled complex PBM and probiotic interventions can control the microbiome, improve the activity of the immune system, and save the lives of people with immune imbalances.
Entry Collection : COVID-19