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Topic review
Updated time: 20 Feb 2021
Submitted by: Michael Voskoglou
Definition: In this work a comparison is attempted between the Aristotle’s traditional bivalent logic, which dominated for centuries on the human way of thinking, and the relatively recent Zadeh’s fuzzy logic, which has already found many and important applications to almost all sectors of the human activity. It is concluded that, although the enormous progress of science and technology owes a lot to bivalent logic, fuzzy logic which completes and extends it, fits much better to our everyday life situations and to the scientific way of thinking.
Updated time: 26 Sep 2021
Submitted by: Luna Shen
Abstract: Axioms (ISSN 2075-1680) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of mathematics, mathematical logic and mathematical physics, published quarterly online by MDPI. It's now indexed within SCIE (Web of Science), Scopus, dblp, and other databases.