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Lazarus (IDE)
Lazarus is a free cross-platform visual integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid application development (RAD) using the Free Pascal compiler. Its goal is to provide an easy-to-use development environment for programmers developing with the Pascal Object language, which is as close as possible to Delphi. Software developers use Lazarus to create native-code console and graphical user interface (GUI) applications for the desktop, and also for mobile devices, web applications, web services, visual components and function libraries for a number of different platforms, including Mac, Linux and Windows. An application created using Lazarus on one platform can generally compile and execute on any platform for which a Free Pascal compiler exists. For desktop applications a single source can target Mac, Linux, and Windows, with little or no modification. An example is the Lazarus IDE itself, created from a single code base and available on all major platforms including the Raspberry Pi.
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  • 30 Sep 2022
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Drone Network-Based Disaster Recovery
Communication establishment is crucial for rescue operations in disaster affected areas. A standard tool for communication is the use of cell phones. However, they can be useless in situations where the cellular network’s base stations are damaged in a disaster. A contemporary approach to re-establishing a communication network is by hosting base stations in drones. 
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  • 30 Sep 2022
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Google Street View
Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world. It was launched in 2007 in several cities in the United States, and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide. Streets with Street View imagery available are shown as blue lines on Google Maps. Google Street View displays interactively panoramas of stitched VR photographs. Most photography is done by car, but some is done by tricycle, camel, boat, snowmobile, underwater apparatus, and on foot.
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  • 28 Sep 2022
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Assessing Cognitive Workload Using Cardiovascular Measures and Voice
Monitoring cognitive workload has the potential to improve both the performance and fidelity of human decision making. Cognitive workload can be assessed and monitored using cardiovascular measures and voice. Heart rate and blood pressure signals are combined with voice signal formant features to classify cognitive workload into three levels of difficulty. The feature level fusion combination is carried out using each heartbeat to synchronize the two data sources. This allows the subsequent machine learning mechanism to monitor cognitive workload on a beat-by-beat basis.
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  • 28 Sep 2022
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Adaptive Graphs for Multi-View Subspace Clustering
Clustering of multi-source geospatial big data provides opportunities to comprehensively describe urban structures. Most existing studies focus only on the clustering of a single type of geospatial big data, which leads to biased results. Although multi-view subspace clustering methods are advantageous for fusing multi-source geospatial big data, exploiting a robust shared subspace in high-dimensional, non-uniform, and noisy geospatial big data remains a challenge. 
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  • 26 Sep 2022
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Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain platform for Indian Dairy Industry
Conventional food supply chains are centralized in nature and possess challenges pertaining to a single point of failure, product irregularities, quality compromises, and loss of data. Numerous cases of food fraud, contamination, and adulteration are daily reported from multiple parts of India, suggesting the absolute need for an upgraded decentralized supply chain model. A country such as India, where its biggest strength is its demographic dividend, cannot afford to malnutrition a large population of its children by allowing them to consume contaminated and adulterated dairy products. In view of the gravity of the situation, a blockchain-enabled supply chain platform for the dairy industry was proposed. With respect to the supply chain platform, the dairy products of choice include milk, cheese, and butter. Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies having widespread acceptance across multiple industry verticals.  
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  • 22 Sep 2022
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Drone Forensics
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are adaptable and rapid mobile boards that can be applied to several purposes, especially in smart cities. These involve traffic observation, environmental monitoring, and public safety. The need to realize effective drone forensic processes has mainly been reinforced by drone-based evidence. Drone-based evidence collection and preservation entails accumulating and collecting digital evidence from the drone of the victim for subsequent analysis and presentation.
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  • 22 Sep 2022
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VR Serious Games and Negative Schizophrenia Symptoms
Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder that affects 1 in every 300 people worldwide. VR is an interesting tool that has started to be used in remediation therapies. Although it is typically used as an exposure technique for specific phobias, VR has been applied, with encouraging results, to the study and treatment of schizophrenia. It can offer the potential for a significant therapeutic benefit, since patients are more willing to enter challenging situations and experiment with alternative ways of responding.
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  • 19 Sep 2022
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Blockchain in the Healthcare Sector
The emergence of blockchain technology makes it possible to address disparate distributed system security concerns in formerly ridiculous practices. A key factor of this ability is the decentralization of the symmetrically distributed ledgers of blockchain. Such decentralization has replaced several security functionalities of centralized authority with the use of cryptographic systems. That is, public or asymmetric cryptography is the key part of what makes blockchain technology possible. The blockchain experience introduces the chance for the healthcare field to implement these knowhows in their electronic records. This adoption supports retaining and sharing the symmetrical patient records with the appropriate alliance of hospitals and healthcare providers in a secure decentralized system, using asymmetric cryptography like hashing, digitally signed transactions, and public key infrastructure. These include specialized applications for drug tracking, applications for observing patients, or Electronic Health Records (EHR). Therefore, it is essential to notice that the principled awareness of the healthcare professionals is the leading point of the right perception ethics. 
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  • 09 Sep 2022
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An Overview of the Fundamental Vaccine Safety Concepts
The rapid development of effective vaccines against COVID-19 is an extraordinary achievement. However, no medical product can ever be considered risk-free. Several countries have a pharmacovigilance system that detects, assesses, understands, and prevents possible adverse effects of a drug. To benefit from such huge data sources, specialists and researchers need advanced big data analysis tools able to extract value and find valuable insights
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  • 06 Sep 2022
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