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Reliability and Validity of Online Placement Test
Due to the use of English as the medium of instruction in many universities around the world, including the Middle East, the standardization of in-house locally developed English placement tests (PTs) has gained substantial importance. PTs, in general, follow several methods to place students at different levels of English language programs and may include interviewing, essay writing, multiple-choice tests, or a combination of different methods. Therefore, the evaluation of their reliability and validity depends, to a large extent, on their specific characteristics.
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  • 27 Mar 2024
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Cultural Heritage of Montilla
The printing press was key for the dissemination of culture and knowledge in the Modern Age. It was used to produce books, documents, and etchings, which are key elements for the dissemination of knowledge and the preservation of human heritage.
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  • 19 Mar 2024
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Cultural Heritage in Catholic Church
The 2003 UNESCO Convention definition of intangible heritage also covers religious practices and rites. Catholic religious traditions constitute a significant part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of religious provenance. 
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  • 18 Mar 2024
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Indoor and Outdoor Residential Factors of High-Density Communities
Effective residence planning is crucial to encourage sustainable housing development. Residents in densely populated cities inevitably have negative residential experiences caused by compact land use. Still, this situation is improvable through optimizing the physical environment or increasing service facilities that cater to dwellers’ residential preferences.
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  • 12 Mar 2024
Topic Review
Stone Construction Materials of the Vera Cruz Church
As part of the restoration project of the 13th century Vera Cruz Church (Segovia, Spain), a preliminary study of the stones used in its construction—dolostones of the Montejo de la Vega Fm of Santonian age (Upper Cretaceous)—and the possible location of the quarry of the provenance of these stones was carried out. For this purpose, a comparative analysis was performed between the currently active quarry of La Vera Cruz n° 88 and the historical quarry of Zamarramala. The samples were characterized using a multidisciplinary approach, combining X-ray diffraction (XRD), polarized optical microscopy (POM), and scanning electron microscopy with microanalysis (SEM-EDX). 
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  • 12 Mar 2024
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Music Therapy in End-of-Life Care Contexts
Certified music therapists use music within therapeutic relationships to address human needs, health, and well-being with a variety of populations. Palliative care and music therapy are holistic and diverse fields, adapting to unique issues within end-of-life contexts. Palliative care music therapy has been formally practiced since the late 1970s and affords a variety of benefits, including pain and anxiety reduction, enhancement of quality of life, emotional expression, and relationship completion. 
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  • 12 Mar 2024
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Drone Photogrammetry for Underwater Cutural Heritage Documentation
Underwater cultural heritage (UCH) is an irreplaceable resource with intrinsic value that requires preservation, documentation, and safeguarding. Documentation is fundamental to increasing UCH resilience, providing a basis for monitoring, conservation, and management. Advanced UCH documentation and virtualization technologies are increasingly important for dissemination and visualization purposes, domain expert study, replica reproduction, degradation monitoring, and all other outcomes after a metric survey of cultural heritage (CH). Among the different metric documentation techniques, underwater photogrammetry is the most widely used for UCH documentation. It is a non-destructive and relatively inexpensive method that can produce high-resolution 3D models and 2D orthomosaics of underwater sites and artifacts. However, underwater photogrammetry is challenged by the different optical properties of water, light penetration, visibility and suspension, radiometric issues, and environmental drawbacks that make underwater documentation difficult. 
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  • 11 Mar 2024
Topic Review
Deception, Speaking and Writing
When addressing lying and deception in language production, it is imperative to acknowledge that behavioral indicators may play a role. This include evaluation of multiple distinct verbal and nonverbal behavioral indicators, such as gaze cues, pulse rate, hand movements, and manifestations of nervousness. Here, the role of cognitive load during speaking and writing, and how cognitive load due to the parallel tasks of deciding what to say/write, and how to say it while actually expressing the thought may be visible during language production is discussed. The assumption is that lying and deception would increase the cognitive load and that this will, to some extent, be observable through the behavioral indicators. 
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  • 11 Mar 2024
Topic Review
The Dravidian Race in Tamil Social Thought
In the closing decades of the 19th century, a wide range of Tamil authors and public speakers in colonial India became acutely interested in the notion of a Dravidian “race”. This conception of a Dravidian race, rooted in European racial and philological scholarship on the peoples of South India, became an important symbol of Tamil cultural, religious, and social autonomy in colonial and post-colonial Tamil thought, art, politics, and literature.
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  • 01 Mar 2024
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Autobiographical Design through Digital Transformable Fashion and Textiles
To promote a resilient user-product relationship for sustainable fashion, design methods for emotional durability are required. Digitally transformable fashion design can be seen as a practical approach that enables dynamic, sensory, experiential, and emotional interaction.
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  • 29 Feb 2024
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