Adam C. Siepel
Adam C. Siepel (born 1972) is an American computational biologist known for his research in comparative genomics and population genetics, particularly the development of statistical methods and software tools for identifying evolutionarily conserved sequences.[1][2][3][4] Siepel is currently Chair of the Simons Center for Quantitative Biology and Professor in the Watson School for Biological Sci
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  • 29 Dec 2022
Ajit Singh
Rome was not built in a day and success doesn’t come easy, diligence is the key to it. Mr. Ajit sets a new benchmark. ‘The Internet of Things’ was just another feather to his glorious cap. He has successfully authored 49 nonfiction computer science academic books and around 60 research papers. He was selected as a member of the International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong. He is resul
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  • 10 Feb 2023
Alexander Dewdney
Alexander Keewatin Dewdney (born August 5, 1941) is a Canadian mathematician, computer scientist, author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist. Dewdney is the son of Canadian artist and author Selwyn Dewdney, and brother of poet Christopher Dewdney. He was born in London, Ontario. In his student days, Dewdney made a number of influential experimental films, including Malanga, on the poet Gerald
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  • 12 Dec 2022
Alexey Parshin
Aleksei (or Alexei) Nikolaevich Parshin (Russian: Алексей Николаевич Паршин; born 7 November 1942 in Sverdlovsk) is a Russian mathematician, specializing in number theory and algebraic geometry. Parshin graduated in 1964 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Moscow State University and then enrolled as a graduate student at the Steklov Institute of Mathematic
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  • 05 Dec 2022
Andrey Korotayev
Andrey Vitalievich Korotayev (Russian: Андре́й Вита́льевич Корота́ев; born 17 February 1961) is a Russian anthropologist, economic historian, comparative political scientist, demographer and sociologist, with major contributions to world-systems theory, cross-cultural studies, Near Eastern history, Big History, and mathematical modelling of social and economic macrodyn
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  • 08 Dec 2022
Antonín Svoboda
Antonín Svoboda (1907–1980) was a Czech computer scientist, mathematician, electrical engineer, and researcher. He is credited with originating the design of fault-tolerant computer systems,[1] and with the creation of SAPO, the first Czech computer design.[2] Svoboda was born in Prague in 1907.[1] Attending a series of schools, he studied at the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engine
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  • 12 Dec 2022
Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma is an Indian Australian computer science professor and a noted leader within the Australian Higher education, research, innovation, and High Tech sectors. He is a distinguished emeritus professor at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where he was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Commercialisation from 2004 to 2019.[1][2] He is the Council Chair of the QIMR Bergh
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  • 09 Dec 2022
Bashir Rameyev
Bashir Iskandarovich Rameyev (Russian: Баши́р Исканда́рович Раме́ев; 1 May 1918 – 16 May 1994) was a Soviet inventor and scientist, one of the founders of Soviet computing, author of 23 patents,[1] including the first patent in the field of electronic computers officially registered in the USSR—a patent for the Automatic Electronic Digital Machine (1948).[2] Rame
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  • 07 Dec 2022
Beatrice Aitchison
Beatrice Aitchison (July 18, 1908 – September 22, 1997) was an American mathematician, statistician, and transportation economist who directed the Transport Economics Division of the United States Department of Commerce,[1] and later became the top woman in the United States Postal Service and the first policy-level appointee there.[2] Aitchison's mother was a musician and her father, Clyde
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  • 01 Dec 2022
Brendan McKay
Brendan Damien McKay (born 26 October 1951 in Melbourne, Australia ) is an Emeritus Professor in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University (ANU). He has published extensively in combinatorics. McKay received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Melbourne in 1980, and was appointed Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, Nash
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  • 13 Dec 2022
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