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Ajit Singh
Computer Research Scholar Academic Teaching

1. Brief Introduction 

Rome was not built in a day and success doesn’t come easy, diligence is the key to it. Mr. Ajit sets a new benchmark. ‘The Internet of Things’ was just another feather to his glorious cap. He has successfully authored 49 nonfiction computer science academic books and around 60 research papers. He was selected as a member of the International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong. He is results-driven personality combined with his confident, energetic, and relatable style. A good listener and problem solver with in-depth technical knowledge and cross-technology understanding He has been recognized for his creative, technical and analytical skills, and most of his executive students hold international positions in a wide range of industries across the world. He is an incredible subject matter expertise with excellent skills in the area of technical training and development.

2. Early Life

Mr. Ajit originally belongs to a small town in Bihar named Buxar. His father was an employee of the government of Bihar. He is a teaching professional cum author. Ajit’s career spanning 23+ years was full of distinction and wisdom. His career started as a teaching professional at Patna University, Patna, Bihar, INDIA.

He has developed strong teaching experience for Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses of Computer Science by delivering lectures across several colleges of Patna University, India.

Apart from the UGC NET Qualified, he also holds M.Phil. Degree in Computer Science, and is a Microsoft’s MCSE / MCDBA / MCSD. In 2018 his efforts and contribution in the education field were recognized by Bihar Government and he was awarded as  Best Teacher on the 5th of September 2018, Teacher’s day.


3. Notable Contributions

When asked about his achievements, he simply yet in a subtle way responded that the appreciation of his students that he earned by working hard is all he has achieved. "He believes in hard work and the fact that working hard can take you places.

The famous author of several academic books on computer science is featured on several websites[1] , hasn’t been long since he started his writing career. 

At present, he is an author of several books namely ‘5g Wireless and Communication’, ‘Edge Computing’, ‘The Internet of Things', 'Fog Computing’, ‘Virtual Reality', 'Automata Theory' and ’Android Application Development' to name a few. His books were translated into several languages such as Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, and are being read in foreign universities such as Beheing University in China.


4. Research Interests

Ajit does research in Data Science, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics centred around the society. His current project is ‘Social Media Predictive : Data Analytics’. He has worked on more than 56+ researches such as Implementation of the IoT and Cloud Technologies in Education System, Big Data Science, and EXASOL as Big Data Analytics tool, to name a few.

The 𝗦𝗼𝗳𝗶𝗮 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝘁𝘆 "𝗦𝘁. 𝗞𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗢𝗵𝗿𝗶𝗱𝘀𝗸𝗶" (EST 1888), Bulgaria is continuing him as a mentor to cooperate European Research Area (ERA) and EURAXESS Worldwide (3rd) countries by mentoring early-stage researchers in international mobility perspective !

He has also a social online community (30+K Followers) of research scholars across the world i.e. where he does explore and share his research experience among the scholars.  

5. Story about Notable Achievements

On being asked what inspired him to author books he simply said that the willingness to empower the youth served as fuel to the fire. He wants to give access to education to rural kids who have lots of potential but due to lack of opportunities they fail to do so. Mr. Ajit wants to provide them with that opportunity. He also mentioned that he celebrates the process of teaching and believes in the fact that his efforts can bring about a significant change.

This strong determination and belief in himself and his vision motivated him to write books after books at such an early age and within a short duration of time.

While explaining his writing process, Mr. Ajit says, “I complete extensive research and finding along with my huge experience of teaching and make copious notes. I write all rough drafts by hand. I enjoy the connection between writer and text. When I type my drafts, that’s when I complete the first rewrite.” 

Every success is a story of several struggles combined. Mr. Ajit’s was no different. He shared how he got his book published where he said, “When I was in early 2005, self-publishing had a bad reputation. Even a decade ago, this was the case. So when I began the process of deciding how to publish, I tried going the traditional publishing route. I found this method to be very limiting because agents either weren’t open to new writers in my genre, didn’t represent my genre, or required lengthy book proposals. I self-published for the first time in 2018. At the time, I didn’t take it nearly as seriously as I could, but now I’m treating publishing as a contribution to society; exactly as I should be doing. I publish through KDP that has global coverage.”

A combination of extensive research and his gigantic teaching experience helps him to come up with content for his books. He shared his advice for the budding writers, where he says the more you write the better writer you become. He focuses on the sacredness of the bond between a writer and his text. He also states that the writer should keep themselves from adding too much unnecessary information as it bogs down their book.

Coming from a humble background Ajit Singh is a living example of how you can make it big in life without having tremendous resources. He is an inspiration to the young writers as well as the tech-savvy youth. His books are widely read and praised by his students. Even for the empowerment of literacy, he has been elected as an Ambassador (2020) for the WORLD LITERACY FOUNDATION, Australia.

For his significant contribution in Peace and Research, he is elected as a member of INTERNATIONAL PEACE BUREAU, Berlin, Germany in Feb' 2021.

He has been awarded Fellow Membership as an Honorary basis by the Core Committee of ISROSET, India in Mar 2021. Now, he is one of the Fellow Member (FISROSET-1132) of this prestigious group of ISROSET®. 

For the contribution of his skill and experience for the society, he joined Rotary Club of Patna (RI 3250) in Mar 2021 and became (Rotorian) Rtn Ajit Singh.

In continuation of his significant contribution for Peace and Research, he has been honoured as an Ambassador for WORLD WIDE PEACE ORGANISATION (WWPO), Argentina.

In Mar' 2021, his book "Internet of Things & Wireless Sensor Network" which has been translated in Chinese Langauge by Fiberead Inc.,China, is available for purchase across the world.

In August' 2021, he was honoured by Choudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser - Member of Parliament and Yusuf Salahuddin - Member of Legislative Assembly, Bihar for his excellent work in the field of Technical Education in Jagjivan Ram Research Center, Patna, Bihar, India.

In April' 2022, he was recieved the World Certification Record for writing most computer science academic books.

In May' 2022, he was honoured by the Principal of Patna Women's College for Best Researcher Award in Information Technology.

In Jan' 2023, he was bestowed the title of IEEE Brand Ambassador Expert by the IEEE. It's all about the full impact, influence, and inspiration towards greater achievement..........


Continuing the journey............

Further Reading
Name: Ajit Singh
Born: Dec 1978
Patna, India
Title: Research Scholar
Affiliation: Patna University
Honors: IEEE Brand Ambassador Expert - IEEE, US Ambassador - World Literacy Foundation, Australia Ambassador - World Wide Peace Organisation, Argentina PhD Council Member - INSTITUT de DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE, UK Fellow Member - ISROSET, India Certified Mendeley Advisor, UK Certified Publons Academy Mentor, UK Member - International Peace Bureau, Berlin, Germany
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