A2 Level Physics Thermal Physics 4
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In this chapter you will learn how to: relate a rise in temperature of an object to internal energy, the sum of the random distribution of kinetic and potential energies of the molecules in a system recall and use the first law of thermodynamics calculate the work done when the volume of a gas changes at constant pressure measure temperature using a physical property and state examples of such properties use the thermodynamic scale of temperature, and understand that the lowest possible temperature is zero kelvin and that this is known as absolute zero relate transfer of (thermal) energy as being due to a difference in temperature and understand thermal equilibrium define and use specific heat capacity and specific latent heat, and outline how these quantities can be measured. measure amounts of a substance in moles and find the number of particles using molar quantities solve problems using the equation of state pV = nRT for an ideal gas deduce a relationship between pressure, volume and the microscopic properties of the molecules of a gas, stating the assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases relate the kinetic energy of the molecules of a gas to its temperature and calculate root-meansquare speeds.

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