A2 Level Physics Capacitance Pastpapers 2
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  • Release Date: 2023-02-02
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In this chapter you will learn how to: recall and use Coulomb’s law calculate the field strength for a point charge recognise that for the electric field strength for a point outside a spherical conductor, the charge on the sphere may be considered to be a point charge at the centre of the sphere define electric potential calculate potential due to a point charge relate field strength to the potential gradient compare and contrast electric and gravitational fields. define capacitance and state its unit, the farad solve problems involving charge, voltage and capacitance deduce the electric potential energy stored in a capacitor from a potential–charge graph deduce and use formulae for the energy stored by a capacitor derive and use formulae for capacitances in series and parallel recognise and use graphs showing variation of potential difference, current and charge as a capacitor discharges. recall and use the time constant for a capacitor–resistor circuit use the equation for the discharge of a capacitor through a resistor.

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