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Anthrozoology is the interdisciplinary study of relationships between humans and other animals.
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  • 21 Jul 2021
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Brain Response to High-Calorie Visual Food Cues
The conjunction analysis suggested that viewing high-calorie food cues activated the OFC in both normal-weight people and people with obesity.
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  • 06 Jan 2022
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Callous and Unemotional (CU) Traits
Behavioral disorders (BD), including disruptive, aggressive, and/or antisocial behavior, are some of the most common disorders in children and adolescents. The notion of BD used in our review is an umbrella term, including children and adolescents with a range of emotional and behavioral disorders. It includes a population with heterogeneous behavioral diagnoses such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD), internalized disorders (ID), conditions often associated with aggressive and/or antisocial behavior. Retrospective research in the field notes heterogeneous developmental trajectories that could be explained by certain risk factors, including the severity of callous-unemotional (CU) traits, a constellation of emotional and personality traits in children considered as a precursor to adult psychopathy.
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  • 18 May 2021
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Caste Spaces in Pakistan
This study is an attempt to understand the appropriation of spaces of Dalits by Sindhi progressive activists and short story writers in Pakistan as they construct or rather undermine caste at the anvil of religion and gender to reframe their own religio-political agenda premised on political Sufism or Sufi nationalism. I specifically discuss the narratives emergent of the three popular short stories that are reframed as having exceptional emancipatory potential for the Dalits.  Assessing the emancipatory limits of Sindhi progressive narrative, I argue while that the short stories purport to give fuller expression to religious, gender-based and class dimension of the problematic, it elides the problem of casteism and the subsequent existential demand of Dalit emancipation.  Given the hegemonic influence of local Ashrafia class, the internal caste frictions are glossed over through political Sufism or Sindhi nationalism. This gloss of politicised Sufism hampers Dalit agency and rather facilitates the appropriation of Dalit spaces by Ashrafia class. This leads to conclude that the seemingly progressive literary-political narratives framed in religio-political idiom may offer to the oppressed not more than a token sympathy, compassion, self-pity and false pride in legends. Instead, they allow the appropriation of spaces and events of the oppressed, and the objectification of oppressed bodies by the oppressor.
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  • 05 Jan 2021
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Circum-Saharan Prehistory through the Lens of mtDNA Diversity
African history has been significantly influenced by the Sahara, which has represented a barrier for migrations of all living beings, including humans. Major exceptions were the gene flow events that took place between North African and sub-Saharan populations during the so-called African Humid Periods, especially in the Early Holocene (11.5 to 5.5 thousand years ago), and more recently in connection with trans-Saharan commercial routes. The research indicates that maternal gene flow must have been important in this circum-Saharan space, not only within North Africa and the Sahel/Savannah belt but also between these two regions.
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  • 25 Mar 2022
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Combined Scientific and Artistic Approach
The main objective of this study was to propose a novel methodology to approach challenges in molecular biology. Akirin/Subolesin (AKR/SUB) are vaccine protective antigens and a model for the study of the interactome due to its conserved function in the regulation of different biological processes such as immunity and development throughout the metazoan. Herein, three visual artists and a music professor collaborated with scientists for the functional characterization of the AKR2 interactome in the regulation of the NF-kB pathway in human placenta cells. The results served as a methodological proof-of-concept to advance this research area. The results showed new perspectives on unexplored characteristics of AKR2 with functional implications. These results included protein dimerization, the physical interactions with different proteins simultaneously to regulate various biological processes defined by cell type-specific AKR-protein interactions and how these interactions positively or negatively regulate the Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells (NF-kB) signaling pathway in a biological context-dependent manner. These results suggested that AKR2 interacting proteins might constitute suitable secondary transcription factors for cell and stimulus-specific regulation of NF-kB. Musical perspective supported AKR/SUB evolutionary conservation in different species and provided new mechanistic insights into the AKR2 interactome. The combined scientific and artistic perspectives resulted in a multidisciplinary approach advancing our knowledge on AKR/SUB interactome and provided new insights into the function of AKR2-protein interactions in the regulation of the NF-kB pathway. Additionally, herein we proposed an algorithm for quantum vaccinomics by focusing on the model proteins AKR/SUB. This study was recently accepted for publication in Vaccines (Artigas-Jerónimo, S., Pastor Comín, J.J., Villar, M., Contreras, M., Alberdi, P., León Viera, I., Soto, L., Cordero, R., Valdés, J.J., Cabezas-Cruz, A., Estrada-Peña, A., de la Fuente, J. 2020. A novel combined scientific and artistic approach for advanced characterization of interactomes: the Akiri/Subolesinn model. Vaccines 8, 77)
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  • 29 Oct 2020
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Demographic Trends Impact Chinese Sports Industry
Demographic change is a fundamental characteristic of China’s demographic development. The primary problem in China’s population development has shifted in recent years from overall pressure to structural challenges. 
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  • 07 Feb 2022
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Detection of the Seasonally Activated Rural Areas
Tourist activity is the main cause of seasonal activation of rural areas. The largest seasonal fluctuations were registered in mountain areas and spa resorts. For mountain areas, the highest seasonality is in the winter months (peak—January/February), and lowest is in the summer season. The seasonal character of spa centers indicates the similar trend, generally less pronounced (peak—January), however, with higher seasonality during the summer. 
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  • 07 Mar 2022
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Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic kidney disease is a growing health crisis in the U.S. Diabetes and hypertension are the leading causes of CKD development; as the US is experiencing an increasing prevalence of both, CKD is expected to remain a critical national health issue. At ESRD, the kidneys have lost their ability function, and as a result, a series of malfunctions occur that lead to adverse health problems and health outcomes. Once diagnosed with ESRD, the patient either will be on dialysis for the rest of their life or receive a kidney transplant.
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  • 09 Oct 2021
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Digital Tourism
"Digital travel" refers to how we use digital tools to organize, manage and even enjoy travel experiences. So "digital tourism" harnesses all the tools of digital transformation to change the way we travel and how the industry itself operates. Nowadays tourism experience integrates augmented reality, virtual reality and even mixed realities, enabling in real time different kinds of interaction - online and off line - thus creating immersive unique experiences that combine digital and real heritage.
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  • 21 Mar 2022
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