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Immunity is an important term directly related to prevent any kind of infection spreading -particularly Covid19 under this pandemic situation . The specs of immunity depends on various factors like Foods & Diets , Environment / Ecology , Good Habits , Natural Remedies like Herbs& Anti-Oxidant therapy. Now we will discuss the every aspects of Immunity for boosting it up for a natural prevention of Covid19 ! . If we maintain the following factors strictly our immune system will be strong enough to fight against this Viral Curse !! .
The most important is the REFERENCE section where some queries / discussions are pointed out related to the Immunity factors majorly .

Covid19 Immunity Booster Natural Remedies Habits Lifestyle

1 . Balanced  and hygienic Diet -

As per nutritional biochemistry a balanced diet is nothing but a appropriate combination of Protein ,Carbohydrate & Fats . Intake of animal & vegetable protein is a matter of our interest . An healthy as  well as healthy drinks  should be an additional interest . The Diet factor also includes a great issue ie malnutrition - As we are all aware that Malnutrition is a great curse even in  21st century due to Poverty , under-nutrition as well as heavy intake of fast foods causing some nutrition related disorders like Rickets , Scurvy , &  musculoskeletal disorders like  Rh. Arthritis even neurological disorders – this type of patients are in high risk zone in spreading the Corona Virus . The second component of Food is adulteration - it is a fact against the above three phenomenon as well as deterioration of Health even death . Adulteration is a great curse of Society by some intoxification of harmful chemicals as well as pathogenic  contaminants . This is probably the greatest enemy of Immunity ie indirectly a friend of Corona attack  .

 2. Anti-Oxidant / Therapeutic Anti-Oxidant - It include Balanced diet combined with Health Supplements,   Herbs , Green Vegetables and Citrus food .  The most important activity of antioxidant is    to prevent the   attack of Corona Virus as well as spreading of the Infection by quenching free radical also known as free radical scavenger . Green Tea as well as Black Coffee within specified limits helps the Patient for quick recovery.

 3. Good Habits & Wellness – Smoking damages the lungs through a coating of nicotine directly and  the  Patient is rapidly near the death by Pneumonic attack followed by sepsis ie death . The key point  of wellness is to maintain a good mental health to relief stress during prolonged Lockdown period    / under Quarantine condition . Sound SLEEP is a good secret of wellness ie to minimize the recovery time during attack of Covid19 .

 4. Environment & Ecology – Now we will look back the most important factor the SUSTAINABILITY of    Environment or Ecology ie probably the major cause of the spreading of the virus through the weak   Immune system! . The excessive stress of GREEN HOUSE GASES , OZONE HOLE – damage through UV   attack , Heavy metal pollutants like lead ( Pb ) , Arsenic in waste water as well as air pollutants . Higher  SUSPENDED PARTICULATE MATTER ( SPM ) content will spread this infection through aerosolised condition.



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  • November 2019

BALANCED DIET & ADULTERATION : An Impression ( Experimental Findings )

  • February 2020 - Jaydip Datta
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