Functionally Graded Thermal Sprayed Coatings: Comparison
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       The manufactured industrial pieces have often the external surfaces being in contact with harsh environment. The turbine blades are submitted to hot gas, the implanted prostheses to body liquids, etc. The protection of these surfaces can be realized using films and coatings. The latters have an important function of rendering the life in service of industrial piece longer, belong however, generally, to another group of materials with very different properties than the piece itself. For example, ceramic coatings are applied frequently on metal and alloys and some intermediate layers should be added between substrate and top coating. This is the concept of "functionally graded coatings" reviewed for the technology of thermal spraying in present entry basing onto paper Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 5153; doi:10.3390/app10155153. The excerpt of this paper shows the chapters related to the applications of functionally graded coatings and their perspectives of development together with selected cited references.

  • thermal spray coatings
  • functional graded coatings
  • application of thermal spray coatings
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