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Physical Education Tool Finder

Technological advances allow the creation of tools, Apps or materials that are put at the service of teachers. Physical Education Tool Finder is an innovative and easy-to-use educational resource. It provides the search for evaluation instruments in Physical Education, related to attitudes, values, sports, health and body image, among other contents.

Physical Education Instruments Tools Research Teachers Practice Evaluation

1. Introduction

Technological advances are visible in different areas of knowledge, including the education, in which a growing number of electronic tools and materials are placed at the service of teachers who perform their work in the different stages educational. These tools are very varied and provide access to new methodological resources, interactive activities, Apps, innovative didactic materials or alternative evaluation activities, among others. The work presented below is intended to help the evaluation of students of Physical Education, through a simple electronic resource that enables teachers to select an instrument adapted to the specific educational needs of their teaching-learning process. The evaluation is a curricular element that plays an important role, not only in terms of achieving teaching objectives, competencies, and curricular learning standards, but also in terms of motivation that the students have towards the subject, practice of physical activity, values, attitudes that predominate in them, or their physical self-concept. Therefore, to carry out an adequate evaluation it is important that the chosen instruments present good psychometric properties, having undergone a process of validity and reliability that ensures a correct measurement of the curricular content or characteristic that is evaluated. In addition to the validity and reliability, in Physical Education the instruments must ensure other requirements such as objectivity, normalization, and standardization [1].

This work aims to present an online finder for evaluation instruments in Physical Education, which is mainly oriented to teachers (Primary and Secondary Education), students (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and researchers. These instruments are targeted to children between 6 and 18 years. To our knowledge, there is no other finder of these features at the service of users. However, they have been found finders of other areas, such as health (see Cibersam, BiblioPRO, PROQOLID). Physical Education Tool Finder (PEToolFinder -[2] aims to make it easier for teachers and researchers in the field of Physical Education the search for instruments that fit their needs. Until the date of the last modification (01/05/2019), the finder includes a total of 144 instruments validated and published between 1990 and 2018 by well-known authors in the national and international scope. Inside the finder, instruments can be found in English and/or Spanish and are grouped into four large categories: attitudes, motivation and values ​​(89); physical activity and health (28); sports (39) and body image and self-concept (19), being in the first of them where more instruments can be found. It is important to note that an instrument can belong to more than one category.

For the search of the instruments, databases were consulted, such as Google Academic, ScienceDirect, Web of Science, and Scopus. The search terms used, both in English and in Spanish, were: "questionnaire", "Physical Education", "Instrument", "scale", "validation", "children" and "adolescents". The platform offers the access link to the instruments, in order to see the original source where the instrument has been published. In addition to this link, under the name of each instrument appear other relevant data, such as the name of the authors, the date of publication, the keywords and the ages for which it is targeted. A total of 172 keywords have been introduced in Spanish and English that make it easier for users to search for existing instruments. In addition, the finder allows the instruments to be found by entering their full name or acronym. Taking objective data into account, it can be observed the high number of instruments that make up the platform and that in a simple way are available to any interested user. The interest and reception of the platform are remarkable in terms of the number of visits received (more than 1500) and the countries from which the finder has been used (Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Lithuania, United States, Germany, Finland, and Colombia) since its launch date (05/20/2018). PEToolFinder is considered very useful, since it allows to save time in the search for instruments and make a quick comparison between the characteristics of all those that assess the same content or construct. Currently, the platform does not include instruments for the Early Childhood Education stage, although it is planned to include it soon, in order to expand the possibilities among teachers and researchers in this field of knowledge.


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