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Ioannis Passas
Accounting ESG Sustainability Eco-efficiency MCDA Audit

1. Introduction

Dr. Ioannis Passas is a multifaceted professional with a dynamic academic and research background. Currently, he holds a notable position as an Adjunct Professor at the Hellenic Mediterranean University’s Department of Business Administration & Tourism. In this role, he imparts accounting knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Further expanding his academic contributions, he lectures at the Neapolis University of Paphos. There, he specializes in the postgraduate program of Forensic Accounting within the Department of Accounting and Finance.

2. Achievements and Development

Delving deeper into his academic achievements and credentials, Dr. Passas is accredited with several prestigious certifications. He is a Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA) and a Certified Control Specialist (CCS), qualifications awarded by the respected Institute of Internal Auditors (IIC). In addition, he boasts the title of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) granted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Furthermore, he has been recognized as a Certified Internal Auditor by the State of Greece, signifying his expertise and commitment to maintaining the highest standards in his field.

Beyond his academic roles, Dr. Passas has actively participated in the international academic community. He has presented his insightful work at multiple international conferences, sharing his expertise with peers and academics worldwide. His contributions to the realm of knowledge are not just limited to conferences; he has an extensive publishing record. His papers have found their place in peer-reviewed journals, and he has contributed to various volumes of foreign language books. Reflecting on his written contributions, he has also authored six academic books. Out of these, four delve deep into his primary discipline of Accounting and Management Accounting, while the other two are dedicated to Research Methodology, further showcasing the breadth of his scholarly interests.

Boundaries do not constrain Dr. Passas’s research. He has many interests, all anchored in the financial and managerial domains. Some of his core research areas include ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Management Commentary, and Disclosure Narrative Information. He also ventures into the complexities of Multiple Criteria Decision-Making in Management Accounting, Strategic decisions, and the intricate world of Fraud and Auditing. Other significant areas of his focus include assessing the Quality of Financial Statements, traditional Accounting, and the intersection of Accounting with Operational Research.

In addition to his academic and research pursuits, Dr. Passas is integral to various professional bodies. He is a proud member of the Hellenic Association of Economists and Accountants. Furthermore, he collaborates with research laboratories such as Operations Research and Management Audit (OramaLab) and the Laboratory of Accounting and Financial Management (LAFIM). His association with the Institute of Public Accountants ACPAI, the Hellenic Economic Chamber of Greece speaks volumes of his standing in the professional community. Moreover, he has been a driving force behind the foundation of ELINESEE, marking him as a key influencer in the field.

Dr. Ioannis Passas is an epitome of academic brilliance. His unwavering dedication to his discipline stands out. Driven by a passion for continuous education, he contributes immensely to his field. His pursuit of knowledge and commitment makes him notable in academic and professional circles.

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Name: Ioannis Passas
Born: May 1989
Heraklion, Greece
Titles: Dr Ph.D.
Affiliations: Hellenic Mediterranean University Neapolis University, Paphos
Honor: Unknown
Subjects: Business, Finance
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