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Giovanni N. Roviello
Giovanni N. Roviello CNR Researcher

Dr. Giovanni Roviello graduated with honors in chemistry from Federico II University (2002, Naples, Italy) and received his PhD in Biotechnology from the same university in 2006. He works as a senior researcher at the Institute of Biostructure and Bioimaging (IBB) of the Italian National Council for Research (CNR) in Naples, Italy. He was a visiting researcher in Germany (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMB)- Jena 2003, Georg-August University of Goettingen 2005, FAU University–Erlangen 2018), the UK (University of Greenwich–Medway Campus in Chatham Maritime 2022), and Ireland (UCD, Dublin 2017) working in the field of biorganic chemistry. He has strong scientific and teaching connections with Yerevan State University (Armenia) with which he works on two funded research projects, AMU University of Poznan (Poland) for which he served as a lecturer for the nucleic acids course for Ph.D. students in 2021 and with Geomedi University of Tbilisi (Georgia) having been appointed the honorary professorship in medicinal chemistry for this university in 2012. He is currently a lecturer for the Georgian State University of Physical Education and Sport of Tbilisi (Georgia) helding a course on the ‘Biotechnological Basis of the Physical Rehabilitation’ and is the principal investigator for CNR for different international research activities including the EU-funded project NobiasFluors (ID 872331; 2020–2024), the Royal Society (UK)-funded project ‘Design, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of TMPRSS2 inhibitor analogues as potential novel anti-COVID-19 drugs’ (2022–2024), the project code 21T-1D057 funded by the Science Committee of the Republic of Armenia (2021–2024), and the MESRA (Armenia)-CNR-funded bilateral project ‘Synthetic alpha-amino acids and peptide-based systems for anticancer strategies’ (2023–2025) to cite only a few. He serves as an academic editor for different international scientific journals and is author of more than 100 scientific articles.

Dr. Giovanni N. Roviello, Ph.D.
First-level Researcher at Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging (IBB)
of the Italian National Council for Research (CNR)
Area di Ricerca site and Headquartes
Via Pietro Castellino 111, 80131 Naples, Italy


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Name: Giovanni N. Roviello
Born: Apr 1979
Title: Dr
Affiliation: Italian National Council for Research (CNR)
Honors: CNR PI for the EU project Nobiasfluors ID 872331 He was awarded the honorary professorship in Medicinal Chemistry from Geomedi University, Georgia
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