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Misir Mardanov
jumayil azerbaijan anas

1. Introduction

Misir Jumayil oglu Mardanov (Azerbaijani: Misir Mərdanov Cumayıl oğlu; born October 3, 1946) is an Azerbaijani academic and politician who is director of the institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, former Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, Corr.-member of ANAS, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor.

2. Biography

Misir Mardanov was born on October 3, 1946 in Geyarchin village of Ijevan district of Armenia. In 1964, he finished the secondary school and at the same year he joined Azerbaijan State University (Baku State University).

1960 - secondary school years.

In 1970-1972 Misir Mardanov continued his education and investigations at post- graduate courses in BSU.

August, 1974 - when checking admittance exam works at Baku State University. Mirabbas Gasimov, Nadir Suleymanov, Mammad Guliyev, Zahid Seyidov, Aladdin Shamilov, Binali Musayev.

In 1973, at the Defence Council of Baku State University he defended his candidate of degree dissertation on “Some problems of optimal control problems for a system of integra- differential equations”

On September 28, 1973 by the decision of higher certificate Commission under the Council of Ministers of the USSR the scientific degree of candidate of sciences was conferred upon him.

On November 25, 1973, the scientific title associate professor was conferred upon him by the decision of higher Certificate Commission under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

In 1989, he defended the doctor degree dissertation “Investigation of delay optimal processes in the presence of constraints”

On 3 November 1989 the Higher Certificate Commission under the Council of Ministers conferred the doctor of physico-mathematical sciences degree upon him.

From 1971 to 1989 he worked as a lecturer, senior lecturer and a research associate at Baku State University.

In 1985-1986 he was an executive secretary of the selection committee at BSU.