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Osaretin Agbonavbare
tef bbcmgtai elumelu

1. Introduction

Osaretin Agbonavbare (born 14 October 1992) is a young Nigerian innovative serial entrepreneur. He is the COO and founder [1][2][3] [4][5][6] of bbcmgtAI, a pan African AI software company that empowered Entrepreneurs across the continent and beyond with advance digital technology. [7][8] He is one of the intending winners of Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) $5000 grant 2022 and African Genius Award [9] He is Artificial intelligence promoter across Africa and Savvy Fellow [10][11]

2. Early Life and Family

Osaretin was born on 14 October 1992 in Benin City, Edo State to Late Engr. and Mrs. John Agbonavbare. He is the last of five siblings. He hails from Uhimwento, Uhumwonde Local Government Area of Edo state.[2] [12]

3. Educational Background

He attended Community Primary School, Benin City, and later obtained his WASSCE from Pace-Setters Academy. He later proceeded to obtain is Bachelor Degree in Electrical/Electronics Technology at the Prestigious University of Benin, Benin City where he emerged as the best graduating student in his course major. Immediately after this, he obtained a Master Degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology at the same University. He went further to pursue a Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence at University of Houston-Victoria, Texas, US in order to boost his digital entrepreneurship prowess.[2][13]

4. Career and Work

During his one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2016 at Mokwa, Niger State, he carried out a community development project in constructing a monument at the various boundaries to Jaagi Community. He was propelled to start his business because he wanted to remove the discrepancies between jobbers and Entrepreneurs by championing a career that is digitally inclined and becomes a young founder of an AI company in Africa [14] [15]

5. Journey as a Entrepreneur

The journey to starting this company came as a result his step to stop the prejudice between early stage Entrepreneurs and career Professionals. He started the business as someone who wanted to add a new touch to career development in Nigeria and he started with anger and no money because nobody was interested in his stupid ideas. As someone who is much groom in academics, he wanted to make people know the truth about the limitations that schooling can have on someone if he/she doesn't have the required skill sets. There was a mindset in his country that if you decide to do business, chances you will succeed is minima, so you shouldn't waste your time in it rather go and write an application to get a job and follow through your career. He was asking himself, must he follow this template? When he joined LinkedIn, he saw how people celebrated their career progression as professionals. He started asking himself, why can't I be celebrated like them. How can I get these years of experience and titles that these people boost of on their headlines? How can I get these certifications? Where do I start from? He then thought that having a Master Degree will easily get him a job, he thought having big professional certificates will get him a job. He later got all of these but the problem was still there. The problem was that he couldn’t secure a job easily with all the degrees and certifications. He was wondering whether he will need to get more certifications or start building his resume with a reputable company through internships? How long will he need to be under someone? At this point, his family, friends and society wanted him to get a job without providing him with answers to these questions. It was pathetic and frustrating for him.

He looked at his ambition and his current state, he said to himself "it will take me long time to achieve my ambition especially when i am working under someone. He then conclude that he will start his own business that will stop the discrepancies among graduates. At first he was pondering over where do he start from because he didn't have family members or friends that are business oriented or a role model. They were all job seekers and broke from the second week of the month. Then he said to himself again, I will start an idea that will help to prove to people that not everybody should be a career person or business person, let people choose their career path themselves with proper guidance from an expert like him. Then he said he will name his business "Broadband Career Management" because the 'broadband' will allow him to manage different career paths. He was working on this idea until Covid-19 struck, luckily the training he had before the lock down became a corner stone to the current business nomenclature which is artificial intelligence oriented (bbcmgtAI). He later said to himself, "I will use this advance digital technology to solve career choice problems that may occur in four generations to come. This business started in 2018 when he was still pursuing his master degree in the University of Benin but got approval from the government in 16th August 2019. He wasn’t having the money to register the business with the government at that time, I had to wait another year before he was able to register it with government in 2019 through the help of a friend who is into corporate affairs consultancies by name Johnson Ishoji.

This anger and zeal to prove a point to people especially career oriented persons was his main motivation to starting bbcmgtAI which has now evolve into something far bigger than career management. It has evolve into an AI software company that provides consultancy services to the strong emerging markets in Africa. His biggest highlights was when our company was short listed among best companies in Nigeria and Africa largest city. It was like he was given a million dollars because it made him know that someone is seeing and acknowledging their effort that they thought were useless. It was a big reinforcement for him and his staff. The most interesting part of the business is the avenue to discuss new ideas which is fascinating to him, it makes him get challenged to know and do more. The major struggles he faced in the business is securing investment which is a mountain to them in the company. He gets exhausted and frustrated in securing investments for the organization, it’s not healthy for their business because they are trying to compete with Andela. Doing business in Africa, one needs to have a thick skin. Their future plans is to continue emphasizing on the business culture, the vision of the organization and rigorously submitting investment pitch deck to prospective investors. By next year they shall be opening more financial border corridors through their Fintech startup (2borders) starting with Ghana, Togo & Benin Republic and they shall be working on their main project of using artificial Intelligence in converting human waste to Cooking gas and fertilizer by the 3rd quarter of 2022. Currently the comapny has 29 employees, 21 volunteers and representatives in 23 African Countries. Osaretin has recently co-authored an article on Advancing access and equity: the vision of a new generation in cancer control.[16]

6. Awards and Recognitions


Year Class Category Awarding body  
2022 Nominee Tony Elemelu Foundation $5000 grant Tony Elumelu Foundation
2022 Nominee Forbes Africa 30 Under 30, Tech 103 Category Forbes Africa Magazine, South Africa
2022 Nominee African Genius Award Priority Performance Magazine, Johannesburg
2021 Recipient New Silk Road Scholarship Chinese Government.
2021 Nominee Forbes Africa, 30 Under 30, Tech 103 Category Forbes Africa Magazine, South Africa
2020 Fellow Savvy Fellowship Mentoring Programme Savvy Fellowship

[18] [19] [20]

A book written by Osaretin Agbonavbare for Entrepreneurs who wants to leverage on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Osaretin Agbonavbare Convocation from the University of Benin, Benin City
Osaretin Agbonavbare during the process of launching the between Nigeria and Sierra Leone at University of Benin and University of Makeni respectively
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Name: Osaretin Agbonavbare
Born: Oct 1992
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Title: COO and Founder bbcmgtAI
Affiliation: Unknown
Honor: Unknown
Subjects: Others
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