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Huang, H. List of Minerals C (Complete). Encyclopedia. Available online: (accessed on 06 December 2023).
Huang H. List of Minerals C (Complete). Encyclopedia. Available at: Accessed December 06, 2023.
Huang, Handwiki. "List of Minerals C (Complete)" Encyclopedia, (accessed December 06, 2023).
Huang, H.(2022, December 06). List of Minerals C (Complete). In Encyclopedia.
Huang, Handwiki. "List of Minerals C (Complete)." Encyclopedia. Web. 06 December, 2022.
List of Minerals C (Complete)

This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letter C. The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date. This list contains a mixture of mineral names that have been approved since 1959 and those mineral names believed to still refer to valid mineral species (these are called "grandfathered" species). The list is divided into groups: The data was exported from on 29 April 2005; updated up to 'IMA2018'. The minerals are sorted by name, followed by the structural group ( and ima-cnmnc by, mainly) or chemical class ( and basics), the year of publication (if it's before of an IMA approval procedure), the IMA approval and the Nickel–Strunz code. The first link is to, the second link is to, and the third is to the Handbook of Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America).

chemical class mineralogy

1. C

1.1. Ca

Cacoxenite, Minas de Horcajo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain.
Calcite colored red by inclusions of hematite, 14 × 10 × 4 cm, Tsumeb, Namibia.
Clear calcite with dendritic mottramite, 5 × 4.5 × 3 cm, Tsumeb, Namibia.
Calcite, 13.4 × 10.5 × 6.5 cm, Iraí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Cobaltoan calcite, Bou Azzer District, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Souss-Massa-Draâ Region, Morocco.
Manganoan calcite stepped crystals with a light pink blush from the manganese content, from Nikolaevskiy Mine, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern Region, Russia.
Twinned scalenohedral calcite, 4.5 × 2.0 × 1.3 cm, Rodeo (municipality), Durango, Mexico.
"Sand calcites" (calcites heavily included with desert sand) from Rattlesnake Butte, Jackson County, South Dakota, USA.
Carletonite, 1.6 × 1.6 × 0.9 cm, Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Montérégie, Quebec, Canada.
Cassiterite crystal.
Stalactitic-botryoidal, banded, wood-tin cassiterite, 5.0 × 4.9 × 3.3 cm, Durango, Mexico.
Catapleiite from Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, La Vallée-du-Richelieu RCM, Montérégie, Québec, Canada.
Cavansite ball on stilbite, 4 × 2.8 × 2.6 cm, Pune District, Maharashtra, India.
Sky blue, prismatic crystals of celestine.
Cerussite and dioptase, 5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm, Tsumeb, Namibia.
Pastel salmon-pink chabazite upon pearlescent heulandite crystals.
Charoite, 8 cm tall, Murunskii Massif, Chara River, Yakutia, Russia.
Gemmy red Chondrodite with magnetite, 2.8 × 2.6 × 2.1 cm, Tilly Foster mine, Brewster, New York, US.
Christelite 3.2 × 2.8 × 2.0 cm, San Francisco Mine, Sierra Gorda District, Tocopilla Province, Antofagasta Region, Chile.
Chrysocolla and malachite, 7.5 × 4.5 × 3 cm, Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi, Lualaba District, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Cinnabar, 1 × .7 × 0.7 cm, Antelope Springs District, Pershing County, Nevada, US.
Conichalcite (dark green) and austinite, Gold Hill Mine, Tooele County, Utah.
Connellite from Perran Great St George Mine, Perranzabuloe, St Agnes District, Cornwall, England.
Copper crystal, 5.5 × 1.5 × 0.3 cm, Itauz Mine, Zhezqazghan Oblysy, Kazakhstan.
Cornetite, 5.7 × 3.9 × 3.9 cm, from the type locality, Star of the Congo Mine, Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga District, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Crystals of corundum (var. ruby) and crystals of zoisite (var. anyolite), from Mundarara Mine, Longido, Mt Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania.
Creedite with gearksutite.
Crocoite, from the Adelaide Mine, Dundas mineral field, Zeehan District, Tasmania Australia.
Cumengeite, Amelia Mine, Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur, Mexico; larger specimen: 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm.
Acicular cuprosklodowskite and darker green, tabular metatorbernite, 6.5 × 4.5 × 4 cm, Kolwezi, Lualaba District, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Powder-blue cyanotrichite needles lining vugs in green malachite matrix.
  1. Cabalzarite (tsumcorite: IMA1997-012) 08.CG.15
    (IUPAC: calcium dimagnesium diarsenate dihydrate)
  2. Cabriite (alloy: IMA1981-057) 01.AG.30
    (IUPAC: dipalladium copper stannide)
  3. Cabvinite (IMA2016-011) 03.
    (IUPAC: dithorium heptafluoride hydroxyl trihydrate)
  4. Cacoxenite (Y: 1825) 08.DC.40
  5. Cadmium (IMA1980-086a) 01.AB.05
  6. Cadmoindite (spinel, linnaeite: IMA2003-042) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: cadmium dindium tetrasulfide)
  7. Cadmoselite (Y: 1957) 02.CB.45
    (IUPAC: cadmium selenide)
  8. CadwaladeriteQ (Y: 1941) 03.BD.05
    (IUPAC: aluminium chloride dihydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  9. Caesiumpharmacosiderite (IMA2013-096) 08.
    (IUPAC: caesium tetrairon triarsenate tetrahydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  10. Cafarsite (IMA1965-036) 04.JC.05
  11. Cafetite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 04.FL.75
    (IUPAC: calcium dititanium pentaoxide monohydrate)
  12. Cahnite (zircon: 1927) 06.AC.70
    (IUPAC: dicalcium boron arsenate tetrahydroxyl)
  13. Cairncrossite (IMA2013-012) 09.E?.
  14. Calamaite (IMA2016-036) 07.
  15. Calaverite (Y: 1868) 02.EA.10
    (IUPAC: gold ditelluride)
  16. Calciborite (Y: 1956) 06.BC.10
    (Ca(B2O4), ino-diborate)
  17. Calcinaksite (IMA2013-081) 09.DG.70
    Chemical formula: KNaCa(Si4O10)·H2O
  18. Calcioancylite 05.DC.05
    1. Calcioancylite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1923) 05.DC.05
    2. Calcioancylite-(Nd) (IMA1989-008) 05.DC.05
  19. Calcioandyrobertsite (IMA1997-023) 08.DH.50
    (IUPAC: potassium calcium pentacopper tetraarsenate (dihydrogen arsenate) dihydrate)
  20. Calcioaravaipaite (IMA1994-018) 03.DC.37
    (IUPAC: lead dicalcium aluminium nonafluoride)
  21. Calcioburbankite (IMA1993-001) 05.AC.30
  22. Calciocatapleiite (IMA2007 s.p., 1964) 09.CA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium zirconium (cyclosilicate, Si3O9- 3-membered single ring) dihydrate)
  23. Calciocopiapite (IMA1967 s.p., 1960) 07.DB.35
    (IUPAC: calcium tetrairon(III) hexasulfate dihydroxyl icosahydrate)
  24. Calciodelrioite (IMA2012-031) 04.HG.35
    (IUPAC: calcium di(vanadate(V)) tetrahydrate)
  25. Calcioferrite (Y: 1858) 08.DH.25
    (IUPAC: tetracalcium magnesium tetrairon(III) hexaphosphate tetrahydroxyl dodecahydrate)
  26. Calciohilairite (IMA1984-023) 09.DM.10
  27. Calciojohillerite (alluaudite: IMA2016-068) 08.
  28. Calciolangbeinite (IMA2011-067) 07.
  29. Calciomurmanite (seidozerite, murmanite: IMA2014-103) 09.B?.
  30. Calcio-olivine (olivine: IMA2007-B) 09.AD.10
    (IUPAC: dicalcium (silicon tetraoxide))
  31. Calciopetersite (IMA2001-004) 08.DL.15
  32. Calciosamarskite (Y: 1928) 04.DB.25
  33. Calciotantite (IMA1981-039) 04.DJ.05
    (IUPAC: calcium tetratantalum undecaoxide)
  34. Calciouranoite (IMA1973-004) 04.GB.20
  35. Calcioursilite (Y: 1957) 09.AK.35
  36. Calcite (Y: old/ 1836) 05.AB.05
    (IUPAC: calcium carbonate)
  37. Calcjarlite (Y: 1970) 03.CC.20
  38. Calclacite (Y: 1945) 10.AA.25
    (IUPAC: calcium chloride acetate pentahydrate)
  39. Calcurmolite (IMA1988-xxx, 1959) 07.HB.15
  40. Calcybeborosilite-(Y)Q (Y: 1963, 2000) 09.AJ.20
    Note: might be gadolinite-(Y)
  41. Calderite (garnet, garnet: 1909) 09.AD.25
    (IUPAC: trimanganese(II) diron(III) trinesosilicate)
  42. Calderónite (IMA2001-022) 08.BG.05
    (IUPAC: dilead iron(III) divanadate hydroxy)
  43. Caledonite (Y: 1823) 07.BC.50
    (IUPAC: dicopper pentalead trisulfate carbonate hexahydroxyl)
  44. Calkinsite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1953) 05.CC.25
    (IUPAC: dicerium tricarbonate tetrahydrate)
  45. Callaghanite (Y: 1954) 05.DA.25
    (IUPAC: dicopper dimagnesium carbonate hexahydroxyl dihydrate)
  46. Calomel (Y: old) 03.AA.30
    (IUPAC: mercury(I) chloride)
  47. Calumetite (IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 03.DA.40
    (IUPAC: copper dihydroxide dihydrate)
  48. Calvertite (IMA2006-030) 02.CA.15
  49. Calzirtite (IMA1967 s.p., 1961) 04.DL.10
    (IUPAC: dicalcium pentazirconium dititanium hexadecaoxide)
  50. Camanchacaite (alluaudite: IMA2018-025) 08.
  51. Cámaraite (seidozerite, bafertisite: IMA2009-011) 09.B?.
  52. Camaronesite (IMA2012-094) 08.
  53. Camérolaite (IMA1990-036) 07.DE.75
  54. Cameronite (IMA1984-069) 02.DB.35
    (IUPAC: silver heptacopper decatelluride)
  55. Camgasite (IMA1988-031) 08.DJ.15
    (IUPAC: calcium magnesium arsenate hydroxyl pentahydrate)
  56. Caminite (IMA1983-015) 07.BB.05
    (IUPAC: heptamagnesium pentasulfate tetrahydroxyl monohydrate)
  57. Campigliaite (IMA1981-001) 07.DD.30
    (IUPAC: tetracopper manganese(II) disulfate hexahydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  58. Campostriniite (IMA2013-086a) 07.
    Chemical formula: (Bi,Na)3(Na,K)4(SO4)6·H2O
  59. Canaphite (IMA1983-067) 08.FC.10
    (IUPAC: disodium calcium pyrophosphate tetrahydrate)
  60. Canasite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 09.DG.80
    Chemical formula: K3Na3Ca5Si12O30(OH)4
  61. Canavesite (IMA1977-025) 06.H0.50
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium hydrogenborate carbonate pentahydrate)
  62. Cancrinite (Y: 1833) 09.FB.05
  63. Cancrisilite (IMA1990-013) 09.FB.05
  64. Canfieldite (Y: 1894) 02.BA.70
    (IUPAC: octasilver hexasulfa stannide)
  65. Cannizzarite (Y: 1924) 02.JB.20
    (IUPAC: octalead tricosasulfa decabismuthide)
  66. Cannonite (IMA1992-002) 07.BD.35
    (IUPAC: dibismuth dihydro oxysulfate)
  67. Canosioite (IMA2015-030) 08.
  68. Canutite (alluaudite: IMA2013-070) 08.
    (IUPAC: sodium trimanganese arsenate di(hydrogen arsenate))
  69. Caoxite (oxalate: IMA1996-012) 10.AB.50
    (IUPAC: calcium oxalate trihydrate)
  70. Capgaronnite (IMA1990-011) 02.FC.20a
    (IUPAC: silver mercury chloride sulfide)
  71. Cappelenite-(Y) (IMA1987 s.p., 1884) 09.AJ.30
  72. Capranicaite (IMA2009-086) 09.DB.50
  73. Caracolite (apatite: 1886) 07.BD.20
    (IUPAC: disodium (dilead sodium) trisulfate chloride)
  74. Carboborite (IMA1967 s.p., 1964) 06.AC.50
  75. Carbobystrite (IMA2009-028) 09.FB.05
  76. Carbocernaite (IMA1967 s.p., 1961) 05.AB.50
  77. Carboirite (IMA1980-066) 09.J0.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dialuminium germanium pentaoxy dihydroxyl)
  78. Carbokentbrooksite (eudialyte: IMA2002-056) 09.CO.10
  79. Carbonatecyanotrichite (IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 07.DE.10
    (IUPAC: tetracopper dialuminium carbonate dodecahydroxyl dihydrate)
  80. Cardite (IMA2015-125) 08.
    (IUPAC: (5.5)zinc diarsenate hydrogenarsenate trihydroxy trihydrate)
  81. Carducciite (IMA2013-006) 02.H?.
  82. Caresite (hydrotalcite: IMA1992-030) 05.DA.40
    (IUPAC: tetrairon(II) dialuminium dodecahydroxyl carbonate trihydrate)
  83. Carletonite (IMA1969-016) 09.EB.20
  84. Carletonmooreite (silicide: IMA2018-068) 01.
  85. Carlfrancisite (IMA2012-033) 08.BE.45
  86. Carlfriesite (IMA1973-013) 04.JK.25
    (IUPAC: calcium tellurium(VI) ditellurium(IV) octaoxide)
  87. Carlgieseckeite-(Nd) (apatite: IMA2010-036) 08.BH.55
    (IUPAC: sodium niobium tricalcium triphosphate fluoride)
  88. Carlhintzeite (IMA1978-031) 03.CB.45
    (IUPAC: dicalcium aluminium heptafluoride monohydrate)
  89. Carlinite (IMA1974-062) 02.BD.25
    (IUPAC: dithallium sulfide)
  90. Carlosbarbosaite (IMA2010-047) 04.
    (IUPAC: diuranyl diniobium hexaoxide dihydroxyl dihydrate)
  91. Carlosruizite (IMA1993-020) 07.DG.40
    (IUPAC: tripotassium pentasodium pentamagnesium hexaiodate hexaselenate hexahydrate)
  92. Carlosturanite (IMA1984-009) 09.DJ.25
  93. Carlsbergite (nitride, rocksalt: IMA1971-026) 01.BC.15
    (IUPAC: chromium nitride)
  94. Carlsonite (IMA2014-067) 07.
    (IUPAC: pentammonium triiron(III) oxyhexasulfate heptahydrate)
  95. Carmeltazite (IMA2018-103) 04.
  96. Carmichaelite (IMA1996-062) 04.DB.50
  97. Carminite (Y: 1850) 08.BH.30
    (IUPAC: lead diron(III) dihydro diarsenate)
  98. Carnallite (Y: 1856) 03.BA.10
    (IUPAC: potassium magnesium trichloride hexahydrate)
  99. Carnotite (Y: 1899) 04.HB.05
    (IUPAC: dipotassium diuranyl divanadate trihydrate)
  100. Carobbiite (halite, rocksalt: 1956) 03.AA.20
    (IUPAC: potassium fluoride)
  101. Carpathite (IMA1971 s.p., 1955) 10.BA.30
    (IUPAC: coronene, a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH))
  102. Carpholite (carpholite: 1817) 09.DB.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) dialuminium (inosilicate with 2-periodic single chain, Si2O6) tetrahydroxyl)
  103. Carraraite (ettringite: IMA1998-002) 07.DG.15
    (IUPAC: tricalcium germanium sulfate hexahydro carbonate dodecahydrate)
  104. CarrboyditeQ (hydrotalcite: IMA1974-033) 07.DD.35
  105. Carrollite (spinel, linnaeite: 1852) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: copper dicobalt tetrasulfide)
  106. Caryinite (alluaudite: IMA1980 s.p., 1874) 08.AC.10
  107. Caryochroite (IMA2005-031) 09.HA.65
  108. Caryopilite (IMA1967 s.p., 1889) 09.ED.15
  109. Cascandite (IMA1980-011) 09.DG.07
  110. Caseyite (IMA2019-002) 04.
  111. Cassagnaite (IMA2006-019a) 09.BJ.65
  112. Cassedanneite (IMA1984-063) 07.FC.20
    (IUPAC: pentalead divanadate dichromate monohydrate)
  113. Cassidyite (IMA1966-024) 08.CG.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium nickel diphosphate dihydrate)
  114. Cassiterite (Y: 1832) 04.DB.05
    (IUPAC: tin dioxide)
  115. Castellaroite (IMA2015-071) 08.
  116. Caswellsilverite (IMA1981-012a) 02.FB.05
    (IUPAC: sodium chromium sulfide)
  117. Catalanoite (IMA2002-008) 08.CJ.70
    (IUPAC: disodium hydrogenphosphate octahydrate)
  118. Catamarcaite (IMA2003-020) 02.CB.35b
    (IUPAC: hexacopper germanium tungsten octasulfide)
  119. Catapleiite (Y: 1850) 09.CA.15
    (IUPAC: disodium zirconium (cyclosilicate, Si3O9- 3-membered single ring) dihydrate)
  120. Cattierite (pyrite: 1945) 02.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: cobalt disulfide)
  121. Cattiite (IMA2000-032) 08.CE.50
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium diphosphate docosahydrate)
  122. Cavansite (IMA1967-019) 09.EA.50
  123. Cavoite (IMA2001-024) 04.HE.40
    (IUPAC: calcium trivanadium heptaoxide)
  124. Cayalsite-(Y) (IMA2011-094) 09.
  125. Caysichite-(Y) (IMA1973-044) 09.DJ.15

1.2. Ce – Ch

  1. Cebaite 05.BD.15
    (IUPAC: tribarium diREE pentacarbonate difluoride)
    1. Cebaite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1983) 05.BD.15
    2. Cebaite-(Nd)N (Y: 2000) 05.BD.15
  2. CebolliteQ (Y: 1914) 09.BB.10
    (IUPAC: pentacalcium dialuminium (1.5)oxy tetrahydroxyl (1.5)(sorosilicate, S2O7))
    Note: incomplete description.
  3. Čechite (IMA1980-068) 08.BH.40
    (IUPAC: lead iron(II) vanadate hydroxy)
  4. Čejkaite (IMA1999-045) 05.ED.50
    (IUPAC: tetrasodium uranyl tricarbonate)
  5. Celadonite (mica: IMA1998 s.p., 1847) 09.EC.15
    (IUPAC: potassium magnesium iron(III) phyllosilicate with mica sheets, Si4O10(OH)2)
  6. Celestine (IMA1967 s.p., 1791) 07.AD.35
    (IUPAC: strontium sulfate)
  7. Celsian (Y: 1895) 09.FA.30
  8. Centennialite (IMA2013-110) 03.
  9. Cerchiaraite 09.CF.25
    1. Cerchiaraite-(Al) (cerchiaraite: IMA2012-011) 09.CF.25
    2. Cerchiaraite-(Fe) (cerchiaraite: IMA2012-012) 09.CF.25
    3. Cerchiaraite-(Mn) (cerchiaraite: IMA1999-012) 09.CF.25
  10. Cerianite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1955) 04.DL.05
    (IUPAC: cerium dioxide)
  11. Cerite 09.AG.20
    1. Cerite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1804) 09.AG.20
    2. Cerite-(La) (IMA2001-042) 09.AG.20
  12. CeriumQ (Y: 2002)
  13. Černýite (stannite: IMA1976-057) 02.CB.15a
    (IUPAC: dicopper cadmium tin tetrasulfide)
  14. Cerromojonite (IMA2018-040) 02.
  15. Ceruléite (IMA2007 s.p., 1900) 08.DE.25
    (IUPAC: dicopper heptaluminium tetraarsenate tridecahydroxy (11.5)hydrate)
  16. Cerussite (Y: 1565) 05.AB.15
    (IUPAC: lead carbonate)
  17. Cervandonite-(Ce) (IMA1986-044) 09.BE.92
  18. Cervantite (cervantite: IMA1962 s.p., 1850 Rd) 04.DE.30
    (IUPAC: antimony(III) antimony(V) tetraoxide)
  19. Cervelleite (IMA1986-018) 02.BA.60
    (IUPAC: tetrasilver telluride sulfide)
  20. Cesanite (apatite: IMA1980-023) 07.BD.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trisodium trisulfate hydroxy)
  21. Césarferreiraite (laueite, laueite: IMA2012-099) 08.
    (IUPAC: iron(II) diiron(III) diarsenate octahydrate)
  22. Cesàrolite (Y: 1920) 04.FG.10
    (IUPAC: lead trimanganese(IV) hexaoxide dihydroxy)
  23. Cesbronite (tellurium oxysalt: IMA2017-C, IMA1974-006) 07.A?.
    (IUPAC: tricopper tellurium(VI) tetrahydro tetraoxide)
  24. Cesiodymite (IMA2016-002) 07.
    (IUPAC: cesium potassium pentacopper oxypentasulfate)
  25. Cesiokenopyrochlore (pyrochlore: IMA2016-104) 04.
  26. Cesplumtantite (IMA1985-040) 04.DM.15
    (IUPAC: dicaesium trilead octatantalum tetracosaoxide)
  27. Cetineite (IMA1986-019) 02.MA.05
  28. Chabazite 09.GD.10
    (chain of 6-membered rings – tabular zeolite)
    1. Chabazite-Ca (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1792) 09.GD.10
    2. Chabazite-K (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1997) 09.GD.10
    3. Chabazite-Mg (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA2009-060) 09.GD.10?
    4. Chabazite-Na (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GD.10
    5. Chabazite-Sr (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1999-040) 09.GD.10
  29. Chabournéite (IMA1976-042) 02.HC.05e
  30. Chadwickite (IMA1997-005) 04.JA.60
    (IUPAC: uranyl hydrogenarsenite)
  31. Chaidamuite (IMA1985-011) 07.DC.30
    (IUPAC: zinc iron(III) disulfate hydroxy tetrahydrate)
  32. Chalcanthite (Y: 1853) 07.CB.20
    (IUPAC: copper sulfate pentahydrate)
  33. (Chalcedony: a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite)
  34. Chalcoalumite (Y: 1925) 07.DD.75
    (IUPAC: copper tetraluminium sulfate dodecahydroxy trihydrate)
  35. Chalcocite (Y: old/ 1751) 02.BA.05
    (IUPAC: dicopper sulfide)
  36. Chalcocyanite (Y: 1873) 07.AB.10
    (IUPAC: copper sulfate)
  37. Chalcomenite (Y: 1881) 04.JH.05
    (IUPAC: copper selenium(IV) trioxide dihydrate)
  38. Chalconatronite (Y: 1955) 05.CB.40
    (IUPAC: disodium copper dicarbonate trihydrate)
  39. Chalcophanite (Y: 1875) 04.FL.20
    (IUPAC: zinc trimanganese(IV) heptaoxide trihydrate)
  40. Chalcophyllite (Y: 1801) 08.DF.30
  41. Chalcopyrite (chalcopyrite: 1725?) 02.CB.10a
    (IUPAC: copper(I) iron(III) disulfide)
  42. Chalcosiderite (Y: 1814) 08.DD.15
    (IUPAC: copper hexairon(III) tetraphosphate octahydroxy tetrahydrate)
  43. Chalcostibite (chalcostibite: 1835) 02.HA.05
    (IUPAC: copper antimonide disulfide)
  44. Chalcothallite (IMA1966-008) 02.BD.40
  45. Challacolloite (IMA2004-028) 03.AA.55
    (IUPAC: potassium dilead pentachloride)
  46. Chambersite (IMA1967 s.p., 1962) 06.GA.05
    (Mn2+3B7O13Cl, tecto-heptaborate)
  47. Chaméanite (IMA1980-088) 02.LA.35
  48. Chamosite (chlorite: 1820) 09.EC.55
  49. Chanabayaite (triazolate: IMA2013-065) 10.
  50. Changbaiite (Y: 1978) 04.DF.10
    (IUPAC: lead diniobium hexaoxide)
  51. Changchengite (IMA1995-047) 02.EB.25
    (IUPAC: iridium bismuthide sulfide)
  52. Changoite (IMA1997-041) 07.CC.50
    (IUPAC: disodium zinc disulfate tetrahydrate)
  53. Chantalite (IMA1977-001) 09.AG.55
    (IUPAC: calcium dialuminium nesosilicate tetrahydroxyl)
  54. Chaoite (IMA1968-019) 01.CB.05b
  55. Chapmanite (IMA1968 s.p., 1924) 09.ED.25
    (IUPAC: diron(III) antimony(III) diphyllosilicate (SiO4) hydroxyl)
  56. Charleshatchettite (IMA2015-048) 04.
  57. Charlesite (ettringite: IMA1981-043) 07.DG.15
  58. Charmarite (hydrotalcite: IMA1992-026) 05.DA.40
    (IUPAC: tetramanganese dialuminium dodecahydroxy carbonate trihydrate)
  59. Charoite (IMA1977-019) 09.DG.92
  60. Chatkalite (IMA1981-004) 02.CB.20
    (IUPAC: hexacopper iron ditin octasulfide)
  61. Chayesite (milarite: IMA1987-059) 09.CM.05
  62. Chegemite (IMA2008-038) 09.A?.
    (IUPAC: heptacalcium trinesosilicate trihydroxy)
  63. Chekhovichite (IMA1986-039) 04.JK.35
    (IUPAC: dibismuth(III) tetratellurium(IV) undecaoxide)
  64. Chelkarite (Y: 1968) 06.HA.05
  65. Chenevixite (Y: 1866) 08.DD.05
  66. Chengdeite (auricupride: IMA1994-023) 01.AG.35
    (IUPAC: triridium iron alloy)
  67. Chenguodaite (IMA2004-042a) 02.BA.60
    (IUPAC: nonasilver iron ditelluride tetrasulfide)
  68. Chenite (IMA1983-069) 07.BC.70
    (IUPAC: copper tetralead disulfate hexahydroxy)
  69. Chenmingite (IMA2017-036) 04.
  70. Cheralite (IMA2005-F, 1953) 08.AD.50
    (IUPAC: calcium thorium diphosphate)
  71. Cheremnykhite (vanadate-tellurium oxysalt: IMA1989-017) 08.DL.20
    (IUPAC: trilead trizinc tellurium hexaoxy divanadate)
  72. Cherepanovite (modderite: IMA1984-041) 02.CC.15
    (IUPAC: rhenium arsenide)
  73. Chernikovite (IMA1988 s.p., IMA1985-M) 08.EB.15
  74. Chernovite-(Y) (zircon: IMA1967-027) 08.AD.35
    (IUPAC: yttrium arsenate)
  75. Chernykhite (mica: IMA1972-006) 09.EC.15
  76. Chervetite (IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 08.FA.15
    (IUPAC: dilead divanadium(V) heptaoxide)
  77. Chesnokovite (IMA2006-007) 09.AC.20
    (IUPAC: disodium nesosilicate (SiO2(OH)2) octahydrate)
  78. Chessexite (IMA1981-054) 07.DG.35
  79. Chesterite (IMA1977-010) 09.DF.05
  80. Chestermanite (orthopinakiolite: IMA1986-058) 06.AB.40
  81. Chevkinite-(Ce) (chevkinite: IMA1987 s.p., 1842) 09.BE.70
  82. Chiappinoite-(Y) (IMA2014-040) 09.
  83. Chiavennite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1981-038) 09.GF.25
  84. Chibaite (IMA2008-067) 10.
  85. Childrenite (Y: 1823) 08.DD.20
    (IUPAC: iron(II) aluminium phosphate dihydroxy monohydrate)
  86. Chiluite (IMA1988-001) 07.BD.55
  87. Chinleite-(Y) (IMA2016-017) 07.
  88. Chiolite (Y: 1846) 03.CE.05
  89. Chiyokoite (ettringite: IMA2019-054) 06.
  90. Chirvinskyite (IMA2016-051) 09.B?.
  91. Chistyakovaite (IMA2005-003) 08.EB.20
    (IUPAC: aluminium diuranate diarsenate fluoride (6.5)hydrate)
  92. Chivruaiite (IMA2004-052) 09.DG.45
  93. Chkalovite (Y: 1939) 09.DM.20
  94. Chladniite (IMA1993-010) 08.AC.50
    (IUPAC: disodium calcium heptamagnesium hexaphosphate)
  95. Chloraluminite (Y: 1872) 03.BC.05
    (IUPAC: aluminium trichloride hexahydrate)
  96. Chlorapatite (apatite: IMA2010 s.p., 1860) 08.BN.05
    (IUPAC: pentacalcium triphosphate chloride)
  97. Chlorargyrite (IMA1962 s.p., 1902) 03.AA.15
    (IUPAC: silver(I) chloride)
  98. Chlorartinite (IMA1996-005) 05.DA.10
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium carbonate chloride hydroxy (2.5)hydrate)
  99. Chlorbartonite (IMA2000-048) 02.FC.10
    (IUPAC: hexapotassium tetracosairon hexacosasulfide chloride)
  100. Chlorellestadite (apatite: IMA2017-013, IMA2010 s.p., IMA2008 s.p., IMA1981-B) 09.AH.25
  101. Chloritoid (Y: 1832) 09.AF.85
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dialuminium oxynesosilicate dihydroxyl)
  102. Chlorkyuygenite (IMA2013-C, IMA2012-046) 04.
  103. Chlormagaluminite (hydrotalcite: IMA1980-098) 05.DA.45
    (IUPAC: tetramagnesium dialuminium dodecahydroxy dichloride dihydrate)
  104. Chlormanganokalite (Y: 1906) 03.CJ.05
    (IUPAC: tetrapotassium manganese hexachloride)
  105. Chlormayenite (IMA2013-C, IMA1963-016) 04.CC.20
    (IUPAC: dodecacalcium tetradecaluminium ditricontaoxide dichloride)
  106. Chlorocalcite (Y: 1872) 03.AA.40
    (IUPAC: potassium calcium trichloride)
  107. ChloromagnesiteQ (Y: 1873) 03.AB.20
    (IUPAC: magnesium dichloride)
  108. Chloromenite (IMA1996-048) 04.JG.10
    (IUPAC: nonacopper dioxy tetra(selenium(IV) trioxide) hexachloride)
  109. Chlorophoenicite (Y: 1924) 08.BE.35
  110. Chlorothionite (Y: 1872) 07.BC.25
    (IUPAC: dipotassium copper sulfate dichloride)
  111. Chloroxiphite (Y: 1923) 03.DB.30
    (IUPAC: trilead copper dioxy dichloride dihydroxy)
  112. Choloalite (IMA1980-019) 04.JK.45
  113. Chondrodite (Y: 1817) 09.AF.45
  114. Chongite (IMA2015-039) 08.
  115. Chopinite (olivine: IMA2006-004) 08.AB.15
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium diphosphate)
  116. Chovanite (IMA2009-055) 02.JB.35e
  117. Chrisstanleyite (chrisstanleyite: IMA1996-044) 02.BC.15
    (IUPAC: disilver tripalladium tetraselenide)
  118. Christelite (IMA1995-030) 07.DD.25
    (IUPAC: trizinc dicopper disulfate hexahydroxy tetrahydrate)
  119. Christite (IMA1976-015) 02.HD.15
    (IUPAC: thallium mercury arsenide trisulfide)
  120. Christofschäferite-(Ce) (chevkinite: IMA2011-107) 09.B?.
  121. Chromatite (zircon: IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 07.FA.10
    (IUPAC: calcium chromate (VI))
  122. Chrombismite (IMA1995-044) 04.CC.05
    (IUPAC: hexadecabismuth chromium heptacosaoxide)
  123. Chromceladonite (mica: IMA1999-024) 09.EC.15
  124. Chromferide (alloy: IMA1984-021) 01.AE.15
  125. Chromio-pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., ehimeite (IMA2011-023) Rd] 09.DE.15
  126. Chromite (spinel, spinel: 1845) 04.BB.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) chromate)
  127. Chromium (iron: IMA1980-094) 01.AE.05
  128. Chromium-dravite (IMA1982-055) 09.CK.05
    (IUPAC: sodium (trimagnesium) hexachromium(III) (cyclosilicate, (Si6O18)- 6-membered single ring) triborate tetrahydroxyl)
  129. Chromo-alumino-povondraite (IMA2013-089 with new type material, IMA2009-088 D) 09.CK.05
    (IUPAC: sodium (trichromium) tetraluminium dimagnesium (cyclosilicate, (Si6O18)- 6-membered single ring) triborate oxytrihydroxyl)
  130. Chromphyllite (IMA1995-052) 09.EC.15
  131. Chromschieffelinite (lead-tellurium oxysalt: IMA2011-003) 07.CD.
  132. Chrysoberyl (olivine: 1789) 04.BA.05
    (IUPAC: beryllium dialuminium tetraoxide)
  133. Chrysocolla (IMA1980 s.p., 315 BC) 09.ED.20
  134. Chrysothallite (IMA2013-008) 03.
    (IUPAC: hexapotassium hexacopper thallium(III) heptadecachloride tetrahydroxy monohydrate)
  135. Chrysotile (IMA2007 s.p., 1834 Rd) 09.ED.15
  136. Chubarovite (IMA2014-018) 06.
    (IUPAC: potassium dizinc borate dichloride)
  137. Chudobaite (IMA1962 s.p.) 08.CE.05
    (IUPAC: pentamagnesium diarsenate di(hydrogen arsenate) decahydrate)
  138. Chukanovite (malachite: IMA2005-039) 05.BA.10
    (IUPAC: diiron carbonate dihydroxy)
  139. Chukhrovite 03.CG.10
    1. Chukhrovite-(Ca) (IMA2010-081) 03.CG.
    2. Chukhrovite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1979) 03.CG.10
    3. Chukhrovite-(Nb) (IMA2004-023) 03.CG.10
    4. Chukhrovite-(Y) (IMA1987 s.p., 1960) 03.CG.10
  140. Churchite-(Y) (IMA1987 s.p., 1865) 08.CJ.50
    (IUPAC: yttrium phosphate dihydrate)
  141. Chursinite (IMA1982-047a) 08.AD.60
    (IUPAC: [dimercury] dimercury(II) diarsenate)
  142. Chvaleticeite (IMA1984-059) 07.CB.25
    (IUPAC: manganese sulfate hexahydrate)
  143. Chvilevaite (IMA1987-017) 02.FB.10

1.3. Ci – Co

  1. Cianciulliite (IMA1990-042) 04.FL.55
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium manganese(II) dizinc decahydroxide (2-4)hydrate)
  2. Cinnabar (Theophrastus, 315 BC) 02.CD.15a
    (IUPAC: mercury sulfide)
  3. Ciprianiite (IMA2001-021) 09.DK.20
  4. Ciriottiite (IMA2015-027) 02.
  5. CirroliteQ (Y: 1868) 08.BH.20
  6. Clairite (IMA1982-093) 07.DF.55
    (IUPAC: diammonium triiron(III) tetrasulfate trihydroxyl trihydrate)
  7. Claraite (IMA1981-023) 05.DA.30
    (IUPAC: tricopper(II) carbonate tetrahydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  8. Claringbullite (IMA2015-L, IMA1976-029 Rd) 03.DA.15
    (IUPAC: tetracopper(II) chloride heptahydroxyl)
  9. Clarkeite (Y: 1931) 04.GC.05
    (IUPAC: sodium uranyl oxyhydroxide (n)hydrate)
  10. Claudetite (Y: 1868) 04.CB.45
    (IUPAC: diarsenic trioxide)
  11. Clausthalite (galena, rocksalt: 1832) 02.CD.10
    (IUPAC: lead selenide)
  12. Clearcreekite (IMA1999-003) 05.DC.30
    (IUPAC: tri[dimercury] dicarbonate dihydroxy tetrahydrate)
  13. Clerite (IMA1995-029) 02.HA.20
    (IUPAC: manganese diantimonide tetrasulfide)
  14. Cleusonite (IMA1998-070) 04.CC.40
  15. Cliffordite (uranyl tellurite: IMA1966-046) 04.JK.75
    (IUPAC: uranyl tritellurium(IV) heptaoxide)
  16. Clinoatacamite (IMA1993-060) 03.DA.10b
    (IUPAC: dicopper trihydroxide chloride)
  17. Clinobehoite (IMA1988-024) 04.FA.05b
    (IUPAC: beryllium dihydroxide)
  18. Clinobisvanite (IMA1973-040) 08.AD.65
    (IUPAC: bismuth vanadate)
  19. Clinocervantite (cervantite: IMA1997-017) 04.DE.30
    (IUPAC: antimony(III) antimony(V) tetraoxide)
  20. ClinochalcomeniteN (Y: 1981) 04.JH.10
    (IUPAC: copper selenite dihydrate)
  21. Clinochlore (chlorite: 1851) 09.EC.55
  22. Clinoclase (Y: 1830) 08.BE.20
    (IUPAC: tricopper arsenate trihydroxyl)
  23. Clinoenstatite (pyroxene: IMA1988 s.p., 1906) 09.DA.10
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium inosilicate with 2-periodic single chain, Si2O6)
  24. Clino-ferri-holmquistite 09.D?. [Li-amphibole: IMA2014 s.p., ferri-ottoliniite (IMA2001-067)]
  25. Clino-ferro-ferri-holmquistite 09.D?. [Li-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., ferri-clinoferroholmquistite (IMA2001-066) Rd] 09.DE.25
  26. Clinoferrosilite (pyroxene: IMA1988 s.p., 1935) 09.DA.10
    (IUPAC: iron(II) (½)(inosilicate with 2-periodic single chain, Si2O6))
  27. Clinohedrite (Y: 1866) 09.AE.30
    (IUPAC: calcium zinc nesosilicate monohydrate)
  28. Clinohumite (Y: 1876) 09.AF.55
    (IUPAC: nonamagnesium tetranesosilicate difluoride)
  29. Clinojimthompsonite (IMA1977-012) 09.DF.05
  30. Clinokurchatovite (IMA1982-017) 06.BA.10
    (CaMgB2O5, neso-diborate)
  31. Clinometaborite (IMA2010-022) 06.GD.
    (IUPAC: Oxoborinic acid)
  32. Clino-oscarkempffite (lillianite: IMA2012-086) 02.
  33. Clinophosinaite (IMA1979-083) 09.CF.15
    (IUPAC: trisodium calcium (¼)(cyclosilicate, Si4O12- 4-membered single ring) phosphate)
  34. Clinoptilolite 09.GE.05
    (zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
    1. Clinoptilolite-Ca (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GE.05
    2. Clinoptilolite-K (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1923) 09.GE.05
    3. Clinoptilolite-Na (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1969) 09.GE.05
  35. Clinosafflorite (IMA1970-014) 02.EB.15a
    (IUPAC: cobalt diarsenide)
  36. Clino-suenoite [Mg-Fe-Mn-amphibole: IMA2016-111] 09.D?.
  37. Clinotobermorite (IMA1990-005) 09.DG.10
  38. ClinotyroliteN (Y: 1980) 08.DM.10
  39. ClinoungemachiteQ (Y: 1938) 07.DG.10
    (IUPAC: tripotassium octasodium iron(III) hexasulfate dihydroxyl decahydrate)
  40. Clinozoisite (epidote, clinozoisite: IMA2006 s.p., 1896) 09.BG.05a
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trialuminium sorosilicate (Si2O7) silicate (SiO4) oxyhydroxyl)
  41. Clintonite (mica: IMA1998 s.p., 1834) 09.EC.35
  42. Cloncurryite (IMA2005-060) 08.DC.60
  43. Coalingite (hydrotalcite: IMA1965-011) 05.DA.55
    (IUPAC: decamagnesium diron(III) carbonate tetracosahydroxyl dihydrate)
  44. Cobaltarthurite (IMA2001-052) 08.DC.15
    (IUPAC: cobalt diron(III) diarsenate dihydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  45. Cobaltaustinite (IMA1987-042) 08.BH.35
    (IUPAC: calcium cobalt arsenate hydroxyl)
  46. Cobaltite (cobaltite: 1797) 02.EB.25
    (IUPAC: cobalt sulfa arsenide)
  47. Cobaltkieserite (kieserite: IMA2002-004) 07.CB.05
    (IUPAC: cobalt sulfate monohydrate)
  48. Cobaltkoritnigite (IMA1980-013) 08.CB.20
    (IUPAC: cobalt hydrogenarsenate monohydrate)
  49. Cobaltlotharmeyerite (tsumcorite: IMA1997-027) 08.CG.15
    (IUPAC: calcium dicobalt diarsenate dihydrate)
  50. Cobaltneustädtelite (IMA2000-012) 08.BK.10
  51. Cobaltoblödite (IMA2012-059) 07.
    (IUPAC: disodium cobalt disulfate tetrahydrate)
  52. Cobaltomenite (IMA2007 s.p., 1882) 04.JH.10
    (IUPAC: cobalt selenium(IV) trioxide dihydrate)
  53. Cobaltpentlandite (pentlandite: IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 02.BB.15
    (IUPAC: nonacobalt octasulfide)
  54. Cobalttsumcorite (tsumcorite: IMA1999-029) 08.CG.15
    (IUPAC: lead dicobalt diarsenate dihydrate)
  55. Cobaltzippeite (IMA1971-006) 07.EC.05
    (IUPAC: cobalt diuranyl sulfate dioxy (3.5)hydrate)
  56. Coccinite (Y: 1845) 03.AB.10
    (IUPAC: mercury iodide)
  57. Cochromite (spinel, spinel: IMA1978-049) 04.BB.05
    (IUPAC: cobalt dichromium tetraoxide)
  58. Coconinoite (IMA1965-003) 08.EB.35
  59. Coesite (IMA1962 s.p., 1954) 04.DA.35
    (IUPAC: dioxosilicate)
  60. Coffinite (zircon: 1955) 09.AD.30
  61. Cohenite (carbide: 1889) 01.BA.05
    (IUPAC: triiron carbide)
  62. Coiraite (IMA2005-024) 02.HF.25b
  63. Coldwellite (IMA2014-045) 02.
    (IUPAC: tripalladium disilver sulfide)
  64. Colemanite (Y: 1883) 06.CB.10
  65. Colimaite (IMA2007-045) 02.FB.25
    (IUPAC: tripotassium vanadium tetrasulfide)
  66. Colinowensite (IMA2012-060) 09.
  67. Collinsite (Y: 1927) 08.CG.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium magnesium diphosphate dihydrate)
  68. Coloradoite (sphalerite: 1878) 02.CB.05a
    (IUPAC: mercury telluride)
  69. Colquiriite (IMA1980-015) 03.CB.20
    (CaLiAlF6, neso-aluminofluoride)
  70. Columbite 04.DB.35
    1. Columbite-(Fe) (columbite: IMA2007 s.p., 1805) 04.DB.35
      (IUPAC: iron(II) diniobium hexaoxide)
    2. Columbite-(Mg) (columbite: IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 04.DB.35
      (IUPAC: magnesium diniobium hexaoxide)
    3. Columbite-(Mn) (columbite: IMA2007 s.p., 1892) 04.DB.35
      (IUPAC: manganese(II) diniobium hexaoxide)
  71. Colusite (germanite: 1914) 02.CB.30
    (IUPAC: dodecacopper vanadium arsenide hexadecasulfide)
  72. Comancheite (IMA2013-B, IMA1980-077 Rd) 03.DD.65
  73. Combeite (lovozerite: 1957) 09.CJ.15a
    (IUPAC: disodium dicalcium (½)(cyclosilicate, Si6O18- 6-membered single ring))
  74. Comblainite (hydrotalcite: IMA1978-009) 05.DA.50
    (IUPAC: hexanickel dicobalt(III) carbonate hexadecahydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  75. Compreignacite (IMA1964-026) 04.GB.05
    (IUPAC: dipotassium hexauranyl tetraoxy hexahydroxyl heptahydrate)
  76. Congolite (IMA1971-030) 06.GA.10
    (Fe2+3B7O13Cl, tectoheptaborate)
  77. Conichalcite (Y: 1849) 08.BH.35
    (IUPAC: calcium copper arsenate hydroxyl)
  78. Connellite (Y: 1847) 03.DA.25
  79. Cookeite (chlorite: 1866) 09.EC.55
  80. Coombsite (IMA1989-058) 09.EG.35
  81. Cooperite (Y: 1928) 02.CC.35b
    (IUPAC: platinum sulfide)
  82. Coparsite (IMA1996-064) 08.BE.80
    (IUPAC: tetracopper(II) dioxy arsenate chloride)
  83. Copiapite (Y: 1833) 07.DB.35
    (IUPAC: iron(II) tetrairon(III) hexasulfate dihydroxyl icosahydrate)
  84. Copper (element: old) 01.AA.05
  85. Coquandite (IMA1991-024) 07.DE.35
    (IUPAC: hexantimony(III) octaoxy sulfate hydrate)
  86. Coquimbite (Y: 1833) 07.CB.55
    (IUPAC: diron(III) trisulfate nonahydrate)
  87. Coralloite (IMA2010-012) 08.DC.20
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) dimanganese(III) diarsenate dihydroxyl tetrahydrate)
  88. Corderoite (IMA1973-037) 02.FC.15a
    (IUPAC: trimercury disulfide dichloride)
  89. Cordierite (beryl: 1813) 09.CJ.10
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium trialuminium cycloalumosilicate, AlSi5O18- 6-membered single ring)
  90. Cordylite 05.BD.05
    1. Cordylite-(Ce) (IMA2000-C, IMA1987 s.p., 1901) 05.BD.05
      (IUPAC: sodium barium dicerium tetracarbonate fluoride)
    2. Cordylite-(La) (IMA2010-058) 05.BD.
      (IUPAC: sodium barium dilanthanum tetracarbonate fluoride)
  91. Corkite (alunite, beudandite: IMA1987 s.p.) 08.BL.05
    (IUPAC: lead triiron(III) hexahydro sulfate phosphate)
  92. Cornetite (Y: 1912) 08.BE.15
    (IUPAC: tricopper phosphate trihydroxyl)
  93. Cornubite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 08.BD.30
    (IUPAC: pentacopper diarsenate tetrahydroxyl)
  94. Cornwallite (Y: 1847) 08.BD.05
    (IUPAC: pentacopper diarsenate tetrahydroxyl)
  95. Coronadite (hollandite, coronadite: 1904) 04.DK.05
    (IUPAC: lead hexamanganese(IV) dimanganese(II) hexadecaoxide)
  96. Correianevesite (IMA2013-007) 08.C?.
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dimanganese(II) diphosphate trihydrate)
  97. Corrensite (Y: 1954) 09.EC.60
    1. Low layer charge corrensite (LLC): 1:1 regular interstratification of a trioctahedral chlorite with a trioctahedral vermiculite
    2. High layer charge corrensite (HLC): 1:1 regular interstratification of a trioctahedral chlorite with a trioctahedral smectite
  98. Cortesognoite (2014-029) 09.
  99. Corundum (Y: old/ 1714?) 04.CB.05
    (IUPAC: dialuminium trioxide)
  100. Corvusite (straczekite: 1933) 04.HE.20
  101. Cosalite (Y: 1868) 02.JB.10
    (IUPAC: dilead pentasulfa dibismuthide)
    Note: Cu and Ag might substitute some Pb (Topa, D. and Makovicky, E., 2010).
  102. Coskrenite-(Ce) (sulfate-oxalate: IMA1996-056) 10.AB.65
    (IUPAC: dicerium disulfate oxalate octahydrate)
  103. Cossaite (IMA2009-031) 07.
  104. Costibite (IMA1969-014) 02.EB.10d
    (IUPAC: cobalt antimonide sulfide)
  105. Cotunnite (Y: 1825) 03.DC.85
    (IUPAC: lead(II) chloride)
  106. Coulsonite (spinel, spinel: IMA1962 s.p. Rd) 04.BB.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) divanadium(III) tetraoxide)
  107. CousiniteQ (Y: 1954) 07.HA.10
    Note: incomplete description, might be a Mg-umohoite.
  108. Coutinhoite (IMA2003-025) 09.AK.30
  109. Covellite (Y: 1832) 02.CA.05a
    (IUPAC: copper sulfide)
  110. Cowlesite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1975-016) 09.GG.05
  111. Coyoteite (IMA1978-042) 02.FD.25
    (IUPAC: sodium triiron pentasulfide dihydrate)
  112. Czochralskiite (IMA2015-011) 08.

1.4. Cr – Cy

  1. Crandallite (alunite, crandallite: IMA1999 s.p., 1917 Rd) 08.BL.10
    (IUPAC: calcium trialuminium phosphate hydroxophosphate hexahydroxy)
  2. Cranswickite (IMA2010-016) 07.CB.15
    (IUPAC: magnesium sulfate tetrahydrate)
  3. Crawfordite (bradleyite: IMA1993-030) 05.BF.10
    (IUPAC: trisodium strontium phosphate carbonate)
  4. Creaseyite (IMA1974-044) 09.HH.15
  5. Crednerite (Y: 1849) 04.AB.05
    (IUPAC: copper(II) manganese(II) dioxide)
  6. Creedite (Y: 1916) 03.CG.15
    (IUPAC: tricalcium dialuminium dihydro sulfate octafluoride dihydrate)
  7. Crerarite (rocksalt, galena: IMA1994-003) 02.LB.45
  8. Crichtonite (crichtonite: IMA1980 s.p., 1814) 04.CC.40
  9. Criddleite (IMA1987-037) 02.LA.25
  10. Crimsonite (carminite: IMA2014-095) 08.
    (IUPAC: lead diiron(III) diphosphate dihydroxy)
  11. Cristobalite (cristobalite: 1887) 04.DA.15
    (IUPAC: dioxosilicate)
  12. Crocoite (monazite: 1763) 07.FA.20
    (IUPAC: lead(II) chromate)
  13. Cronstedtite (serpentine: 1821) 09.ED.15
  14. Cronusite (IMA1999-018) 02.FB.05
  15. Crookesite (Y: 1867) 02.BD.50
    (IUPAC: heptacopper thallium tetraselenide)
  16. Crowningshieldite (IMA2018-072) 02.
  17. Cryobostryxite (IMA2014-058) 03.
    (IUPAC: potassium zinc trichloride dihydrate)
  18. Cryolite (double perovskite: 1799) 03.CB.15
    (IUPAC: trisodium hexafluoroaluminate)
  19. Cryolithionite (garnet: 1904) 03.CB.05
  20. Cryptochalcite (cryptochalcite: IMA2014-106) 07.
    (IUPAC: dipotassium pentacopper oxopentasulfate)
  21. Cryptohalite (fluorosilicate: 1872) 03.CH.15
    (IUPAC: diammonium hexafluorosilicate)
  22. Cryptomelane (hollandite, coronadite: IMA1982 s.p.?, 1942) 04.DK.05a
  23. Cryptophyllite (IMA2008-061) 09.
    (IUPAC: dipotassium calcium decaoxotetrasilicate pentahydrate)
  24. Cualstibite (hydrotalcite: IMA1983-068 Rd) 04.FB.10
    (IUPAC: dicopper aluminium antimony dodecahydroxide)
  25. Cuatrocapaite
    1. Cuatrocapaite-(K) (IMA2018-084) 04.
    2. Cuatrocapaite-(NH4) (IMA2018-083) 04.
  26. Cubanite (cubanite: 1843) 02.CB.55a
    (IUPAC: copper diron trisulfide)
  27. Cuboargyrite (galena, rocksalt: IMA1997-004) 02.JA.15
    (IUPAC: silver disulfa antimonide)
  28. Cumengeite (IMA2007 s.p., 1893) 03.DB.20
  29. Cummingtonite [Mg-Fe-Mn-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., 1824 Rd] 09.DE.05
  30. Cupalite (alloy: IMA1983-084) 01.AA.20
    (IUPAC: copper aluminide)
  31. Cuprite (Y: 1845) 04.AA.10
    (IUPAC: dicopper(I) oxide)
  32. CuproaurideQ (Y: 1939) 01.AA.10a
    (IUPAC: tricopper gold alloy)
    Note: it might be auricupride.
  33. Cuprobismutite (cuprobismutite: 1884) 02.JA.10a
  34. Cuprocopiapite (copiapite: 1938) 07.DB.35
    (IUPAC: copper tetrairon hexasulfate dihydroxy icosahydrate)
  35. Cuproiridsite (spinel, linnaeite: IMA1984-016) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: copper diridium tetrasulfide)
  36. Cuprokalininite (spinel, linnaeite: IMA2010-008) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: copper dichromium tetrasulfide)
  37. Cupromakopavonite (pavonite: IMA2005-036) 02.JA.05a
  38. Cupromakovickyite (pavonite: IMA2002-058) 02.JA.05d
  39. Cupromolybdite (vergasovaite: IMA2011-005) 07.
    (IUPAC: tricopper(II) oxo dimolybdate)
  40. Cuproneyite (neyite: IMA2008-053) 02.JB.25i
  41. Cupropavonite (pavonite: IMA1978-033) 02.JA.05a
  42. Cupropearceite (polybasite: IMA2007-046) 02.GB.15
  43. Cupropolybasite (polybasite: IMA2008-004) 02.GB.15
  44. Cuprorhodsite (spinel, linnaeite: IMA1984-017) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: copper dirhodium tetrasulfide)
  45. Cuprorivaite (gillespite: IMA1962 s.p., 1938 Rd) 09.EA.05
    (IUPAC: calcium copper decaoxotetrasilicate)
  46. Cuprosklodowskite (Y: 1933) 09.AK.10
    (IUPAC: copper diuranyl di(hydrotrioxo silicate) hexahydrate)
  47. Cuprospinel (spinel, spinel: IMA1971-020) 04.BB.05
    (IUPAC: copper(II) diron(III) tetraoxide)
  48. Cuprostibite (metalloid alloy: 1969) 02.AA.20
  49. Cuprotungstite (Y: 1869) 07.GB.15
    (IUPAC: tricopper(II) ditungstate dihydroxy)
  50. Curetonite (laueite, laueite: IMA1978-065) 08.BK.15
  51. Curienite (fritzscheite: IMA1967-049) 04.HB.15
    (IUPAC: lead diuranyl divanadate pentahydrate)
  52. Curite (Y: 1921) 04.GB.55
    (IUPAC: trilead octauranyl hexahydro octaoxide trihydrate)
  53. Currierite (IMA2016-030) 08.
  54. Cuspidine (wohlerite: 1876) 09.BE.17
    (IUPAC: octacalcium tetrafluoro heptaoxodisilicate)
  55. Cuzticite (tellurium oxysalt: IMA1980-071) 04.FM.35
    (IUPAC: diron(II) tellurium(VI) hexaoxide trihydrate)
  56. Cyanochroite (Y: 1855) 07.CC.60
    (IUPAC: dipotassium copper disulfate hexahydrate)
  57. Cyanotrichite (cyanotrichite: IMA1967 s.p., 1839) 07.DE.10
    (IUPAC: tetracopper dialuminium sulfate dodecahydroxy diwater)
  58. Cylindrite (cylindrite: 1893) 02.HF.25a
    (IUPAC: iron tripalladium tetratin tetrasulfa diantimonide)
  59. Cymrite (Y: 1949) 09.EG.05
  60. Cyprine (vesuvianite: IMA2015-044) 09.
  61. Cyrilovite (wardite: 1953) 08.DL.10
    (IUPAC: sodium triiron(III) diphosphate tetrahydroxy dihydrate)
  62. Czochralskiite (aphthitalite: IMA2015-011) 08.
    (IUPAC: tetrasodium tricalcium magnesium tetraphosphate)
Subjects: Mineralogy
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