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List of Minerals H (Complete)

This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letter H. The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date. This list contains a mixture of mineral names that have been approved since 1959 and those mineral names believed to still refer to valid mineral species (these are called "grandfathered" species). The data was exported from on 29 April 2005; updated up to 'IMA2018'. The minerals are sorted by name, followed by the structural group ( and ima-cnmnc by, mainly) or chemical class ( and basics), the year of publication (if it's before of an IMA approval procedure), the IMA approval and the Nickel–Strunz code. The first link is to, the second link is to, and the third is to the Handbook of Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America).

chemical class mineralogy

1. H

1.1. Ha – He

Bright, yellow crystals of haineaultite.
Haiweeite and gypsum, Perus, São Paulo (state), Brazil.
Halite crystal-chain, Stassfurt potash deposit, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany; size: 6.7 × 1.9 × 1.7 cm.
Pink halite crystals from Searles Lake, California , US; size: 8.8 × 4.6 × 4.6 cm.
Hanksite from Searles Lake, San Bernardino County, California, USA.
Hausmannite pseudo-octahedrons with pink datolite, Wessels Mine, Kalahari manganese fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa; size: 2.7 × 2.6 × 1.6 cm.
Hauyne from Mayen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany; crystal is about 0.5 cm.
Two intergrown, dark brown color, tetrahedral crystals of helvite, with some small andradite crystals.
Andradite coating hematite, Wessels Mine, Kalahari manganese fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa; 4.2 x 2.8 x 2.4 cm.
Oxidized botryoidal hematite with a distinctive multi-colored patina, from Crowders Mountain iron prospect near Kings Mountain, North Carolina; size: 19.7 × 14.2 × 6.2 cm.
Hemimorphite from Wenshan Mine, Wenshan County, China; size: 12.4 × 6.8 × 3.1 cm.
Hessite, gold from Botez, Alba County, Romania.
Blue-green botryoidal chrysocolla coating a plate of botryoidal heterogenite, from Kolwezi, old Katanga province, Democratic Republic of Congo; size: 14 × 12.6 × 2.4 cm.
Heulandite included by celadonite.
Hübnerite and quartz, from Black Pine Mine, Flint Creek Valley, Philipsburg District, Granite County, Montana, USA.
Hutchinsonite from Quiruvilca Mine, Santiago de Chuco Province, Peru.
Hydroxylherderite crystal (about 2 cm) on albite, from Chhappu, Skardu District, Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan.
  1. Haapalaite (valleriite: IMA1972-021) 02.FD.30
  2. Hafnon (zircon: IMA1974-018) 09.AD.30
    (IUPAC: hafnium tetraoxysilicate)
  3. Hagendorfite (alluaudite: 1954) 08.AC.10
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium manganese(II) diiron(II) triphosphate)
  4. Haggertyite (magnetoferrite: IMA1996-054) 04.CC.45
    (IUPAC: barium hexairon pentatitanium magnesium nonadecaoxide)
  5. Häggite (Y: 1958) 04.HE.25
    (IUPAC: vanadium(III) vanadium(IV) dioxidetrihydroxide)
  6. Haidingerite (Y: 1827) 08.CJ.20
    (IUPAC: calcium hydroxyarsenate monohydrate)
  7. Haigerachite (IMA1997-049) 08.CF.10
    (IUPAC: potassium triiron(III) hexa(dihydroxyphosphate) di(hydroxyphosphate) tetrahydrate)
  8. Haineaultite (IMA1997-015) 09.DG.50
  9. Hainite-(Y) (seidozerite, rinkite: IMA2016 s.p., Y: 1893) 09.BE.22
  10. Haiweeite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 09.AK.25
    (IUPAC: calcium diuranyl dodecaoxypentasilicate dihydroxide hexahydrate)
  11. Hakite-(Hg) (tetrahedrite: IMA2018-K, IMA1970-019) 02.GB.05
  12. Halamishite (phosphide: IMA2013-105) 01.
    (IUPAC: pentanickel tetraphosphide)
  13. Håleniusite-(La) (fluorite: IMA2003-028) 03.DE.05
    (IUPAC: lanthanum oxofluoride)
  14. Halilsarpite (IMA2019-023)
  15. Halite (halite, rocksalt: 1847) 03.AA.20
    (IUPAC: sodium chloride)
  16. Hallimondite (IMA1965-008) 08.EA.10
    (IUPAC: dilead uranyl diarsenate (n)hydrate)
  17. Halloysite 09.ED.10
    1. Halloysite-7A (kaolinite: 1826) 09.ED.10
    2. Halloysite-10A (kaolinite: 1943) 09.ED.
  18. Halotrichite (halotrichite: 1777) 07.CB.85
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dialuminium tetrasulfate docosahydrate)
  19. Halurgite (IMA1967 s.p., 1962) 06.H0.35
  20. Hambergite (Y: 1890) 06.AB.05
    (IUPAC: diberyllium borate hydroxide)
  21. Hammarite (meneghinite: 1924) 02.HB.05a
  22. Hanauerite (IMA2018-045) 02.
    (IUPAC: silver mercury sulfide iodide)
  23. Hanawaltite (IMA1994-036) 03.DD.15
  24. Hancockite (epidote, clinozoisite: IMA2006 s.p., 1899) 09.BG.05a
  25. Hanjiangite (IMA2009-082) 09.E?.
  26. Hanksite (Y: 1885) 07.BD.30
    (IUPAC: potassium docosasodium nonasulfate dicarbonate chloride)
  27. Hannayite (Y: 1878) 08.CH.35
    (IUPAC: diammonium trimagnesium tetra(hydroxyphosphate) octahydrate)
  28. Hannebachite (IMA1983-056) 04.JE.10
    (IUPAC: dicalcium sulfite monohydrate).
  29. Hansblockite (IMA2015-103) 02.
  30. Hansesmarkite (polyoxometalate: IMA2015-067) 04.
  31. Hapkeite (silicide: IMA2003-014) 01.BB.35
    (IUPAC: diiron silicide)
  32. Haradaite (IMA1963-011) 09.DH.15
    (IUPAC: strontium vanadium(IV) heptaoxydisilicate)
  33. Hardystonite (melilite: 1899) 09.BB.10
    (IUPAC: dicalcium zinc heptaoxydisilicate)
  34. Harkerite (Y: 1951) 06.AB.70
  35. Harmotome (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1801) 09.GC.10
  36. Harmunite (post-spinel: IMA2012-045) 04.
    (IUPAC: calcium diiron tetraoxide)
  37. Harrisonite (IMA1991-010) 08.AC.55
    (IUPAC: calcium hexairon(II) di(tetraoxysilicate) diphosphate)
  38. Harstigite (Y: 1886) 09.BF.05
    (IUPAC: hexacalcium tetraberyllium manganese(II) di(tetraoxysilicate) di(heptaoxydisilicate) dihydroxide)
  39. Hartite (Y: 1841) 10.BA.10
  40. Hashemite (baryte: IMA1978-006) 07.FA.15
    (IUPAC: barium chromate(VI))
  41. Hastingsite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., 1896 Rd] 09.DE.15
  42. Hatchite (hatchite: 1912) 02.GC.05
    (IUPAC: silver lead thallium diarsenide pentasulfide)
  43. Hatertite (alluaudite: IMA2012-048) 08.
  44. Hatrurite (Y: 1977) 09.AG.65
    (IUPAC: tricalcium oxo(tetraoxysilicate))
  45. Hauchecornite (hauchecornite: IMA1975-006a, 1893 Rd) 02.BB.10
    (IUPAC: nonanickel bismuth antimonide octasulfide)
  46. Hauckite (IMA1979-012) 07.BB.10
  47. Hauerite (pyrite: 1846) 02.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: manganese disulfide)
  48. Hausmannite (spinel: 1813) 04.BB.10
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) dimanganese(III) tetraoxide)
  49. Haüyne (sodalite: 1807) 09.FB.10
  50. Hawleyite (sphalerite: 1955) 02.CB.05a
    (IUPAC: cadmium sulfide)
  51. Hawthorneite (magnetoferrite: IMA1988-019) 04.CC.45
  52. Haxonite (carbide: IMA1971-001) 01.BA.10
    (IUPAC: triicosa(iron,nickel) hexacarbide)
  53. Haycockite (chalcopyrite: IMA1971-028) 02.CB.10b
    (IUPAC: tetracopper pentairon octasulfide)
  54. Haydeeite (atacamite: IMA2006-046) 03.DA.10c
    (IUPAC: tricopper magnesium hexahydroxide dichloride)
  55. Haynesite (IMA1990-023) 04.JJ.25
    (IUPAC: triuranyl disulfite dihydroxide pentahydrate)
  56. Hazenite (IMA2007-061) 08.CH.40
    (IUPAC: potassium sodium dimagnesium diphosphate tetradecahydrate)
  57. Heazlewoodite (Y: 1897) 02.BB.05
    (IUPAC: trinickel disulfide)
  58. Hechtsbergite (atelestite: IMA1995-050) 08.BO.15
    (IUPAC: dibismuth oxovanadate hydroxide)
  59. Hectorfloresite (IMA1987-050a) 07.BD.60
    (IUPAC: nonasodium iodate tetrasulfate)
  60. HectoriteQ (montmorillonite, smectite: 1941) 09.EC.45
  61. Hedegaardite (whitlockite: IMA2014-069) 08.
  62. Hedenbergite (pyroxene: IMA1988 s.p., 1819) 09.DA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium iron(II) hexaoxydisilicate)
  63. Hedleyite (tetradymite: 1945) 02.DC.05
    (IUPAC: heptabismuth tritelluride)
  64. Hedyphane (apatite: IMA1980 s.p., 1830) 08.BN.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trilead triarsenate chloride)
  65. Heftetjernite (wolframite: IMA2006-056) 04.DB.30
    (IUPAC: scandium tantalum tetraoxide)
  66. Heideite (IMA1973-062) 02.DA.15
  67. Heidornite (Y: 1956) 06.EC.30
  68. Heinrichite (Y: 1958) 08.EB.05
    (IUPAC: barium diuranyl diarsenate decahydrate)
  69. Heisenbergite (IMA2010-076) 04.GA.
    (IUPAC: uranyl dihydroxide monohydrate)
  70. Hejtmanite (seidozerite, bafertisite: IMA1989-038) 09.BE.55
  71. Heklaite (fluorosilicate: IMA2008-052) 03.
    (IUPAC: potassium sodium hexafluorosilicate)
  72. HeliophylliteQ (Y: 1888) 03.DC.65
  73. Hellandite 09.DK.20
    1. Hellandite-(Ce) (IMA2001-019) 09.DK.20
    2. Hellandite-(Y) (IMA2000-F, 1903) 09.DK.20
  74. Hellyerite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 05.CA.20
    (IUPAC: nickel carbonate hexahydrate)
  75. Helmutwinklerite (tsumcorite: IMA1979-010) 08.CG.20
    (IUPAC: lead dizinc diarsenate dihydrate)
  76. Helvine (sodalite: 1804) 09.FB.10
    (IUPAC: triberyllium tetramanganese(II) tri(tetraoxysilicate) sulfide)
  77. Hematite (corundum: IMA1971 s.p., 1546) 04.CB.05
    (IUPAC: diiron trioxide)
  78. Hematolite (hematolite: 1884) 08.BE.45
  79. Hematophanite (perovskite: 1928) 03.DB.35
  80. Hemihedrite (iranite: IMA1967-011) 07.FC.15
    (IUPAC: zinc decalead hexachromate di(tetraoxysilicate) dihydroxide)
  81. Hemimorphite (IMA1962 s.p., 1853) 09.BD.10
    (IUPAC: tetrazinc heptaoxydisilicate dihydroxide monohydrate)
  82. Hemleyite (corundum: IMA2016-085) 09.
    (IUPAC: iron trioxysilicate)
  83. Hemloite (IMA1987-015) 04.JB.60
  84. Hemusite (sphalerite: IMA1968-038) 02.CB.35a
    (IUPAC: tetracopper(I) dicopper(II) tin molybdenum octasulfide)
  85. Hendekasartorite (sartorite: IMA2015-075) 02.
  86. Hendersonite (hewettite: IMA1967 s.p., 1962) 04.HG.50
  87. Hendricksite (mica: IMA1965-027) 09.EC.20
    (IUPAC: potassium trizinc (aluminotrisilicate) decaoxydihydroxide)
  88. Heneuite (IMA1983-057) 08.BO.25
    (IUPAC: calcium pentamagnesium triphosphate carbonate hydroxide)
  89. Henmilite (IMA1981-050) 06.AC.30
    (IUPAC: dicalcium copper di[tetrahydroborate] tetrahydroxide)
  90. Hennomartinite (lawsonite: IMA1992-033) 09.BE.05
    (IUPAC: strontium dimanganese(III) heptaoxydisilicate dihydroxide monohydrate)
  91. Henritermierite (garnet, henritermierite: IMA1968-029) 09.AD.25
    (IUPAC: tricalcium dimanganese(III) di(tetraoxysilicate) tetrahydroxide)
  92. Henryite (IMA1982-094) 02.BA.65
    ((Cu,Ag)3+xTe2, with x ~ 0.40)
  93. Henrymeyerite (hollandite, coronadite: IMA1999-016) 04.DK.05b
    (IUPAC: barium (heptatitanium iron(II)) hexadecaoxide)
  94. Hentschelite (IMA1985-057) 08.BB.40
    (IUPAC: copper diiron(III) diphosphate dihydroxide)
  95. Hephaistosite (IMA2006-043) 03.AA.60
    (IUPAC: thallium dilead pentachloride)
  96. Heptasartorite (sartorite: IMA2015-073) 02.
  97. Herbertsmithite (atacamite: IMA2003-041) 03.DA.10c
    (IUPAC: tricopper zinc hexahydroxide dichloride)
  98. Hercynite (spinel, spinel: 1839) 04.BB.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dialuminium tetraoxide)
  99. Herderite (gadolinite, herderite: 1828) 08.BA.10
    (IUPAC: calcium beryllium phosphate fluoride)
  100. Hereroite (hereroite: IMA2011-027) 08.
  101. Hermannjahnite (zinkosite: IMA2015-050) 07.
    (IUPAC: copper zinc disulfate)
  102. Hermannroseite (adelite: IMA2010-006) 08.BH.35
    (IUPAC: calcium copper phosphate hydroxide)
  103. Herzenbergite (Y: 1935) 02.CD.05
    (IUPAC: tin sulfide)
  104. Hessite (Y: 1843) 02.BA.60
    (IUPAC: disilver telluride)
  105. Hetaerolite (spinel: 1877) 04.BB.10
    (IUPAC: zinc dimanganese(III) tetraoxide)
  106. Heterogenite ("O(OH)" group: IMA1967 s.p., 1872) 04.FE.20
    (IUPAC: hydrocobalt(III) oxide)
  107. HeteromorphiteI (plagionite: 1849) 02.HC.10c
    (IUPAC: heptalead octantimonide nonadecasulfide)
  108. Heterosite (olivine: 1826) 08.AB.10
    (IUPAC: iron(III) phosphate)
  109. Heulandite 09.GE.05
    1. Heulandite-Ba (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA2003-001) 09.GE.05
      (NaBa4(Si27Al9O72)·24H2O, zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
    2. Heulandite-Ca (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GE.05
      (NaCa4(Si27Al9O72)·24H2O, zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
    3. Heulandite-K (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1822) 09.GE.05
      (KCa4(Si27Al9O72)·24H2O, zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
    4. Heulandite-Na (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GE.05
      ((Na,Ca)6(Si,Al)36O72·24H2O, zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
    5. Heulandite-Sr (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GE.05
      (NaSr4(Si27Al9O72)·24H2O, zeolite family, chain of T10O20 tetrahedra)
  110. Hewettite (hewetite: 1914) 04.HE.15
    (IUPAC: calcium hexavanadium(V) hexadecaoxide nonahydrate)
  111. Hexacelsian (dmisteinbergite: IMA2015-045) 09.F?.
    (IUPAC: barium (dialuminium octaoxydisilicate))
  112. Hexaferrum (alloy: IMA1995-032) 01.AG.05
  113. Hexahydrite (hexahydrite: 1911) 07.CB.25
    (IUPAC: magnesium sulfate hexahydrate)
  114. Hexahydroborite (IMA1977-015) 06.AC.25
    (IUPAC: calcium di[tetrahydroborate] dihydrate)
  115. Hexamolybdenum (alloy: IMA2007-029) 01.
  116. HexatestibiopanickeliteN (Y: 1974) 02.CC.30
  117. Heyerdahlite (astrophyllite: IMA2016-108) 09.D?.
  118. HeyiteQ (brackebuschite: IMA1971-042) 08.BK.20
    Note, Uwe Kolitsch: it might be calderonite.
  119. Heyrovskýite (lillianite: IMA1970-022) 02.JB.40b
    (IUPAC: hexalead nonasulfa dibismuthide)
  120. Hezuolinite (chevkinite: IMA2010-045) 09.BE.70

1.2. Hi – Hy

  1. Hiärneite (IMA1996-040) 04.DL.10
  2. Hibbingite (atacamite: IMA1991-036) 03.DA.10a
    (IUPAC: diiron(II) trihydro chloride)
  3. Hibonite 04.CC.45
    1. Hibonite (magnetoferrite: 1956) 04.CC.45
    2. Hibonite-(Fe) (magnetoferrite: IMA2009-027) 04.CC.45
  4. Hidalgoite (alunite, beudantite: IMA1987 s.p., 1953 Rd) 08.BL.05
    (IUPAC: lead trialuminium sulfate arsenate hexahydrate)
  5. Hielscherite (ettringite: IMA2011-037) 07.
  6. Hieratite (fluorosilicate: 1882) 03.CH.15
    (IUPAC: dipotassium hexafluorosilicate)
  7. Hilairite (hilairite: IMA1972-019) 09.DM.10
    (IUPAC: disodium zircon nonaoxo trisilicate trihydrate)
  8. Hilarionite (kaňkite: IMA2011-089) 08.
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) sulfate arsenate hydro hexahydrate)
  9. Hilgardite (hilgardite: 1937) 06.ED.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium nonaoxo pentaborate monohydrate)
  10. Hillebrandite (Y: 1908) 09.DG.40
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trioxo silicate dihydroxyl)
  11. Hillesheimite (günterblassite: IMA2011-080) 09.
  12. Hillite (fairfieldite: IMA2003-005) 08.CG.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium zinc diphosphate dihydrate)
  13. Hingganite 09.AJ.20
    1. Hingganite-(Ce) (gadolinite: IMA2004-004, 1987) 09.AJ.20
      (IUPAC: cerium beryllium nesosilicate hydroxide)
    2. Hingganite-(Nd) (gadolinite: IMA2019-028) 09.AJ.20
    3. Hingganite-(Y) (gadolinite: IMA1981-052) 09.AJ.20
      (IUPAC: yttrium beryllium nesosilicate hydroxide)
    4. Hingganite-(Yb) (gadolinite: IMA1982-041) 09.AJ.20
      (IUPAC: ytterbium beryllium nesosilicate hydroxide)
  14. Hinsdalite (alunite, beudandite: IMA1987 s.p., 1911 Rd) 08.BL.05
    (IUPAC: lead trialuminium sulfate phosphate hexahydro)
  15. Hiortdahlite (wöhlerite: IMA1987 s.p., 1890) 09.BE.17
    1. Hiortdahlite IIN (Y: 1988, 1890) 09.BE.17
  16. Hiroseite (perovskite: IMA2019-019) 09.
    (IUPAC: iron trioxo silicate)
  17. Hisingerite (kaolinite: 1819) 09.ED.10
  18. Hitachiite (tetradymite: IMA2018-027) 02.
  19. Hizenite-(Y) (tengerite: IMA2011-030) 05.
    (IUPAC: dicalcium hexayttrium undecacarbonate tetradecahydrate)
  20. Hjalmarite (amphibole: IMA2017-070) 09.D?.
  21. Hloušekite (lindackerite: IMA2013-048) 08.
  22. Hocartite (stannite: IMA1967-046) 02.CB.15a
    (IUPAC: disilver iron tin tetrasulfide)
  23. Hochelagaite (IMA1983-088) 04.FM.15
    (IUPAC: calcium tetraniobium undecaoxide octahydrate)
  24. Hodgesmithite (ktenasite: IMA2015-112) 07.
    (IUPAC: hexa(copper,zinc) zinc disulfate decahydro trihydrate)
  25. Hodgkinsonite (Y: 1913) 09.AE.20
    (IUPAC: dizinc manganese tetraoxosilicate dihydroxyl)
  26. Hodrušite (cuprobismutite: IMA1969-025) 02.JA.10c
    (IUPAC: tetracopper hexabismuth undecasulfide)
  27. Hoelite (Y: 1922) 10.CA.15
    (IUPAC: 9,10-anthraquinone)
  28. Hoganite (IMA2001-029) 10.AA.35
    (IUPAC: copper diacetate monohydrate)
  29. Hogarthite (lemoynite: IMA2009-043) 09.E?.
  30. Høgtuvaite (sapphirine: IMA1990-051) 09.DH.40
  31. Hohmannite (amarantite: 1888) 07.DB.30
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) oxodisulfate octahydrate)
  32. Holdawayite (IMA1986-001) 05.BA.20
    (IUPAC: hexamanganese(VI) dicarbonate heptahydro (chloride,hydro))
  33. Holdenite (Y: 1927) 08.BE.55
    (IUPAC: hexamanganese(II) trizinc diarsenate tetraoxosilicate octahydroxyl)
  34. Holfertite (IMA2003-009) 04.GB.70
  35. Hollandite (hollandite, coronadite: IMA2012 s.p., 1906 Rd) 04.DK.05a
    (IUPAC: barium hexamanganese(IV) dimanganese(III) hexadecaoxide)
  36. Hollingworthite (ullmannite: IMA1964-029) 02.EB.25
    (IUPAC: rhodium arsenide sulfide)
  37. Hollisterite (alloy: IMA2016-034) 01.
    (IUPAC: trialuminium iron alloy)
  38. Holmquistite [Li-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., IMA1997 s.p., 1913 Rd] 09.DD.05
  39. Holtedahlite (IMA1976-054) 08.BB.20
    (IUPAC: dodecamagnesium hexa(hydro,oxo) (hydroxophosphate,carbonate) pentaphosphate)
  40. Holtite (dumortierite: IMA1969-029 Rd) 09.AJ.10
  41. Holtstamite (garnet: IMA2003-047) 09.AD.25
    (IUPAC: tricalcium dialuminium di(tetraoxosilicate) tetrahydroxyl)
  42. Homilite (gadolinite: 1876) 09.AJ.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium iron(II) decaoxo diboro disilicate)
  43. Honeaite (IMA2015-060) 02.
    (IUPAC: trigold thalium ditelluride)
  44. Honessite (hydrotalcite, woodwardite: IMA1962 s.p., 1956) 07.DD.35
  45. Hongheite (vesuvianite: IMA2017-027) 09.B
  46. Hongshiite (alloy: IMA1988-xxx, 1974) 01.AG.45
    (IUPAC: platinum copper alloy)
  47. Honzaite (burgessite: IMA2014-105) 08.
    (IUPAC: dinickel dihydroxoarsenate pentawater)
  48. Hopeite (hopeite: 1822) 08.CA.30
    (IUPAC: trizinc diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  49. Horákite (IMA2017-033) 08.
  50. Hörnesite (vivianite: 1860) 08.CE.40
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium diarsenate octahydrate)
  51. Horomanite (IMA2007-037) 02.BB.
    (IUPAC: hexairon trinickel octasulfide)
  52. Horváthite-(Y) (IMA1996-032) 05.BD.25
    (IUPAC: sodium yttrium carbonate difluoride)
  53. Hotsonite (IMA1983-033) 08.DF.05
    (IUPAC: pentaluminium sulfate phosphate decahydro octahydrate)
  54. Housleyite (IMA2009-024) 07.
  55. Howardevansite (howardevansite: IMA1987-011) 08.AC.05
    (IUPAC: sodium copper(II) diiron(III) trivanadate)
  56. Howieite (IMA1964-017) 09.DH.65
  57. Howlite (Y: 1868) 06.CB.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium nonaoxo pentaboro silicate pentahydroxyl)
  58. Hsianghualite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1958) 09.GB.05
    (IUPAC: dilithium tricalcium triberyllium tri(tetraoxosilicate) difluoride)
  59. Huanghoite-(Ce) (IMA1967 s.p., 1961) 05.BD.35
    (IUPAC: barium cerium dicarbonate fluoride)
  60. Huangite (alunite, alunite: IMA1991-009) 07.BC.10
  61. Huanzalaite (wolframite: IMA2009-018) 04.DB.30
    (IUPAC: magnesium tungstate)
  62. Hubeite (IMA2000-022) 09.BJ.60
  63. Hübnerite (wolframite: 1865) 04.DB.30
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) tungstate)
  64. Huemulite (decavanadate: IMA1965-012) 04.HG.10
  65. Huenite (IMA2015-122) 07.
    (IUPAC: tetracopper trimolybdate dihydro)
  66. Hügelite (Y: 1913) 08.EC.15
  67. Hughesite (decavanadate: IMA2009-035a) 08.
  68. Huizingite-(Al) (IMA2015-014) 07.
  69. Hulsite (hulsite: 1908) 06.AB.45
  70. Humberstonite (IMA1967-015) 07.DG.10
    (IUPAC: tripotassium heptasodium dimagnesium hexasulfate dinitrate hexahydrate)
  71. Humboldtine (humboldtine: 1821) 10.AB.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) oxalate dihydrate)
  72. Humite (humite: 1813) 09.AF.50
    (IUPAC: heptamagnesium tri(tetraoxosilicate) di(fluoride,hydroxyl))
  73. Hummerite (Y: 1951) 04.HC.10
  74. Hunchunite (alloy: IMA1991-033) 01.AA.25
    (IUPAC: digold lead alloy)
  75. Hundholmenite-(Y) (okanoganite: IMA2006-005) 09.AJ.35
    (IUPAC: magnesium pentaoxo tetraborate tetrahydro heptahydrate)
  76. Hungchaoite (IMA1967 s.p., 1964) 06.DA.20
  77. Huntite (Y: 1953) 05.AB.25
    (IUPAC: calcium trimagnesium tetracarbonate)
  78. Hureaulite (IMA2007 s.p., 1825) 08.CB.10
    (IUPAC: pentamanganese(II) di(hydroxophosphate) diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  79. Hurlbutite (danburite: 1952) 08.AA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium diberyllium diphosphate)
  80. Hutcheonite (garnet, garnet: IMA2013-029) 09.AD.25
    (IUPAC: tricalcium dititanium dodecaoxo dialuminosilicate)
  81. Hutchinsonite (Y: 1905) 02.HD.45
    (IUPAC: lead thallium pentarsenide nonasulfide)
  82. Huttonite (monazite: 1951) 09.AD.35
    (IUPAC: thorium tetraoxosilicate)
  83. HyalophaneI (Y: 1855) 09.FA.30
  84. Hyalotekite (hyalotekite: 1877) 09.CH.05
  85. HydroastrophylliteN (astrophyllite: 2003) 09.DC.05
  86. Hydrobasaluminite (Y: 1948) 07.DE.60
    (IUPAC: tetraluminium sulfate decahydro pentadecahydrate)
  87. Hydrobiotite (corrensite: IMA1983 s.p., 1882 Rd) 09.EC.60
    A 1:1 regular interstratification of biotite and vermiculite layers.
  88. Hydroboracite (Y: 1834) 06.CB.15
  89. Hydrocalumite (hydrotalcite: 1934) 04.FL.10
  90. Hydrocerussite (Y: 1877) 05.BE.10
    (IUPAC: trilead dicarbonate dihydro)
  91. Hydrochlorborite (Y: 1965) 06.DA.30
  92. Hydrodelhayelite (IMA1979-023) 09.EB.10
  93. Hydrodresserite (dundasite: IMA1976-036) 05.DB.15
    (IUPAC: barium dialuminium dicarbonate tetrahydro trihydrate)
  94. Hydroglauberite (IMA1968-026) 07.CD.20
    (IUPAC: decasodium tricalcium octasulfate hexahydrate)
  95. Hydrohalite (Y: 1847) 03.BA.05
    (IUPAC: sodium chloride dihydrate)
  96. Hydrohonessite (hydrotalcite, woodwardite: IMA1980-037a) 07.DD.35
  97. Hydrokenoelsmoreite (pyrochlore, elsmoreite: IMA2010 s.p., IMA2003-059 Rd) 04.DH.15
  98. Hydrokenomicrolite (pyrochlore, microlite: IMA2011-103) 04.D
  99. Hydrokenopyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2017-005) 04.D
  100. Hydrokenoralstonite (pyrochlore: 1871) 03.CF.05
  101. Hydromagnesite (Y: 1828) 05.DA.05
    (IUPAC: pentamagnesium tetracarbonate dihydro tetrahydrate)
  102. Hydrombobomkulite (chalcoalumite: IMA1979-079a) 05.ND.15
  103. Hydroniumjarosite (alunite, alunite: IMA1987 s.p., 1960 Rd) 07.BC.10
  104. Hydroniumpharmacoalumite (pharmacosiderite: IMA2012-050) 08.D
  105. Hydroniumpharmacosiderite (pharmacosiderite: IMA2010-014) 08.DK.10
  106. Hydropascoite (pascoite: IMA2016-032) 04.
  107. Hydropyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2010 s.p., 1977 Rd) 04.DH.15
  108. Hydroromarchite ("O(OH)" group: IMA1969-007) 04.FF.05
    (IUPAC: dihydrotritin(II) dioxide)
  109. HydroscarbroiteQ (Y: 1960) 05.DA.35
  110. Hydrotalcite (hydrotalcite: 1842) 05.DA.50
  111. Hydroterskite (terskite: IMA2015-042) 04.
    (IUPAC: disodium dodecaoxo zirconhexasilicate hexahydroxyl)
  112. Hydrotungstite (Y: 1944) 04.FJ.15
    (IUPAC: tungsten dioxo dihydro monohydrate)
  113. Hydrowoodwardite (hydrotalcite, woodwardite: IMA1996-038) 07.DD.35
  114. Hydroxyapophyllite-(K) (apophyllite: IMA2013 s.p., IMA1978 s.p.) 09.EA.15
  115. Hydroxycalciomicrolite (pyrochlore, microlite: IMA2013-073) 04.D
    (IUPAC: pentadecacalcium ditantalum hexaoxo hydro)
  116. Hydroxycalciopyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2011-026) 04.D
  117. Hydroxycalcioroméite (pyrochlore, roméite: IMA2010 s.p., 1895 Rd) 04.D
  118. Hydroxycancrinite (cancrinite: IMA1990-014) 09.FB.05
  119. Hydroxyferroroméite (pyrochlore, roméite: IMA2016-006) 04.D
  120. Hydroxykenoelsmoreite (pyrochlore, elsmoreite: IMA2016-056) 04.D
  121. Hydroxykenomicrolite (pyrochlore, microlite: IMA2010 s.p., IMA1980-021 Rd) 04.DH.
  122. Hydroxykenopyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2017-030a) 04.D
  123. Hydroxylapatite (apatite: IMA2010 s.p., 1856) 08.BN.05
    (IUPAC: pentacalcium triphosphate hydro)
  124. Hydroxylbastnäsite 05.BD.20a
    (IUPAC: REE hydrocarbonate)
    1. Hydroxylbastnäsite-(Ce) (bastnäsite: IMA1987 s.p., 1964) 05.BD.20a
    2. Hydroxylbastnäsite-(La)N (bastnäsite: 1986) 05.BD.20a
    3. Hydroxylbastnäsite-(Nd) (bastnäsite: IMA1984-060) 05.BD.20a
  125. Hydroxylborite (IMA2005-054) 06.AB.50
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium borate trihydro)
  126. Hydroxylchondrodite (humite: IMA2010-019) 09.AF.45
    (IUPAC: pentamagnesium di(tetraoxosilicate) dihydroxyl)
  127. Hydroxylclinohumite (humite: IMA1998-065) 09.AF.55
    (IUPAC: nonamagnesium tetra(tetraoxosilicate) dihydroxyl)
  128. Hydroxyledgrewite (humite: IMA2011-113) 09.AF.
    (IUPAC: nonacalcium tetra(tetraoxosilicate) dihydroxyl)
  129. Hydroxylellestadite (apatite: IMA2010 s.p., IMA1970-026) 09.AH.25
  130. Hydroxylgugiaite (melilite: IMA2016-009) 09.B?.
  131. Hydroxylhedyphane (apatite: IMA2018-052) 08.BN.
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trilead triarsenate hydroxide)
  132. Hydroxylherderite (gadolinite: IMA2007 s.p., 1894) 08.BA.10
    (IUPAC: calcium beryllium phosphate hydro)
  133. Hydroxylpyromorphite (apatite: IMA2017-075) 08.
    (IUPAC: pentalead triphosphate hydro)
  134. Hydroxylwagnerite (wagnerite: IMA2004-009) 08.BB.15
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium phosphate hydro)
  135. Hydroxymanganopyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2012-005) 04.D
  136. Hydroxynatropyrochlore (pyrochlore, pyrochlore: IMA2017-074) 04.D
  137. Hydrozincite (Y: 1853) 05.BA.15
    (IUPAC: pentazinc dicarbonate hexahydroxy)
  138. Hylbrownite (kanonerovite: IMA2010-054) 08.FC.
  139. Hypercinnabar (IMA1977-D) 02.CD.15b
    (IUPAC: mercury sulfide)
  140. Hyršlite (sartorite: IMA2016-097) 02.
  141. Hyttsjöite (IMA1993-056) 09.EG.60
Subjects: Mineralogy
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