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Mo Siang Online

Mo Siang Online is an MMORPG based on the warring states of ancient China . The game is mainly focused on Martial Arts and Kung Fu, allowing each character to choose 6 fighting styles. At present, Mo Siang only has five English servers and eight Chinese servers with their own language interface.The Korean game developer once released its global server and renamed this game as Titan, but this game used to be called as Dark Story in Korea with its Korean server. In Japan, Mo Siang is called Feats of Arms. After the agent in Japan is replaced, this game is renamed as Crest of Jade. The Japanese game distributor run its Beta on 19th Feb. 2009. From August 2009 on, there is another English version of Mo Siang released, the game agent PlayOMG renames this game as Azuga, Age of Chaos. On the contrary, from September 2009 on, the Japanese game agent of Mo Siang decides to close their server.

mmorpg warring states china

1. Gameplay

Mo Siang is a 3D MMORPG (Massively multi-player online role playing game) with a click and point system, similar to other 3D games such as Cabal, also inclusive of a 360 rotational view of the character, using arrow keys to rotate at a spherical viewpoint and the use of the mousewheel to pan or zoom the camera. Using skills and hotkeying is basic, using keybad or number sequence designated as hotkeys, and allowing the use of F1 - F4 to navigate between the 4 available hotkey bars which the player may preset.

2. Main Features

2.1. Logout System

When players choose to exit the game, their characters have to first be at relaxed mode, either by allowing their character to be out of battle for a short period of time or to press the "z" key by default to revert from and to relaxed and combat mode. As players log out there is also a 5-second counter in which if they are affected by attacks or exit relaxed mode, the log out cancels. This ensures that players cannot hit and run, abusing the PvP system as well as disrupting gameplay.

2.2. PvP System

As players begin to explore towns and maps ranging further from the starting town (Luo Yang), they will realise that every map out of town will be applicable to activate PvP (or player versus player) mode at their free will, with no level restrictions prohibiting players from engaging in combat with others. This is also famously referred to as "going red" ingame as the player adopts a flaming red aura, as well as his username turning into a red font to label a player entering PvP mode. Whilst in PvP mode, the player cannot re-enter a town.

The more kills a player makes within PvP mode, the longer it will take before it wears off and thus the longer he has to wait before he is able to re-enter a town.

Karma System

As a player activates PvP mode by engaging an attack on another player, if he proceeds to kill the player, he will obtain karma points.

Whilst a player is in PvP mode, he is susceptible to attacks from any other player within the vicinity without them having to enter PvP mode. However, he is also allowed to attack any player in the map as well at his own free will, if he wishes to prolong the duration of the PvP status. Other players may attack and go as far as to kill the user which is in PvP mode without raising his or her own karma. The higher a player's karma is, the higher the chance of losing a piece of equipment or having heavier deductions on experience is if the player dies or is killed.

To remove karma points from a character, there are 2 different methods:

  • Activate PvP mode within a map and refrain from attacking any other player whilst in PvP mode; approximately 1 karma point is deducted per hour
  • Kill player until karma count has reached 100, and then talk to an NPC in a town which helps you wash your karma at a price

2.3. Skill Leveling System

Mo Siang's skill levelling does not adopt a regular SP per level system, instead it uses a quantitative count to level up skills. There are 12 levels for a skill, and "real" or "真" skill, where a further wind-like animation for weapon skills and a Chinese word above the character for magic according to the attribution. For metal(thunder) 金, fire 火, water(ice) 水, wood 木, earth 土. Different colors for each element. Fire is red, metal is yellow, water is blue, wood is green, earth is brown. An increased effect is fixated on the real skill. The amount a skill needs to level can be determined by the percentage shown when the skill is selected which is gained each time the skill is used. After level 12 (highest level), the skill which show "End" and there will no longer be a percentage bar, however, it has to be used a random amount of times before "real" level can be obtained. Sometimes only a single use is required, sometimes thousands of times after the skill is used and "real" is not yet reached.

3. Stats

There are only 5 basic stats

  • STR increases physical melee weapon damage
  • AGI increases physical ranged weapon damage
  • CON increases hp and mp capacity, as well as shield
  • INT increases mp capacity slightly as well as the effects of magic (i.e. more damage, increased heal)

4. Character Configuration

according to gender. Face, height, hair, colour, height and width of your character can be changed using selection and the variation of a slider.

5. Offensive Choice

There are 6 basic choices for offense:

  • Spear - these are the hardest hitting AoE but slowest weapon class. Based on STR to deal damage
  • Sword - these are quicker, decently damaging weapons. They are less favoured because they are all rounded weapons which do not particularly excel in any category. STR based.
  • Katana - The most famous weapon for their constant 1 hit KO's. Katanas have a devastatingly unpredictable critical rate which makes them the hardest single target hitting weapons in the game with Don Fong. STR based.
  • Dart - This weapon uses speed and quick hits as well as cumulative poison to its advantage. High levelled dart skill users can envenom their enemies with several poisons as each skill can activate a different poison. This makes them potentially the highest DPS dealers if used properly. DEX based.
  • Bow - This is the preferred DEX based weapon as it has a much more favourable array of skills, as well as dealing raw physical damage rather than being dependant on poison like the darts.
  • Magic (Qi Gong) - All support and offensive magical skills fall into this category. These skills are enhanced by increased INT stats. Qi Gong users are supposedly the most imbalanced in the game, as they have the highest mana capacity as well as the ability to heal (To Na, or self heal) as well as deal ridiculous amounts of damage with max critical weapons (usually darts) mainly with the use of the more damaging fire skills.

There are no designated classes as users can wield any weapon and use any skill they wish.

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