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Coordinates: 37°46′24.89″N 122°24′57.19″W / 37.7735806°N 122.4158861°W / 37.7735806; -122.4158861 Parisoma (/ˈpærɪˈsoʊmə/) is a coworking space and open incubator in the SoMa district of San Francisco founded and managed by the firm Fabernovel. In addition to providing shared work space to approximately 120 members, it also hosts events and classes related to design, business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

fabernovel 37°4624.89″n 122.4158861°w

1. History

1.1. Founding

Parisoma was established in 2008 by Fabernovel - a digital agency founded by Stéphane Distinguin - with the help of Clément Alteresco (FaberNovel), Louis Montagne (af83), Greg Beuthin and Sean Savage The name Parisoma is a combination of "Paris" and "SoMa" as a reference to faberNovel's and af83's Parisian origins, and SoMa – the San Francisco neighborhood (South of Market) where Parisoma was located.[1][2] The founders were inspired by Citizen Space, one of the first coworking spaces in San Francisco, and the BarCamp movement that they also brought to France.[3] The space was envisioned as a way for faberNovel and af83 to be involved in the local entrepreneurial community in the Bay Area.[4][5]

1.2. TEDx Events

TEDxSoMa, an event licensed from TED Conferences LLC, has been held at Parisoma five times since June 2008.[6] TEDx events are independently planned and coordinated conferences consisting of short, cross-disciplinary presentations "focused on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world."[7]

In October 2012, Parisoma hosted TEDxCity2.0,[8] an event taking place simultaneously at hundreds of locations around the world, with the goal of "sharing the powerful narratives of urban innovators and organizers, stewards and artists, builders and taste makers."[9] Speakers included Ron Conway (Chairman of and Special Advisor to SV Angel), Alex Tourk (Principal at GFPA), Bevan Dufty (Director of Hope SF), and Joel Mahoney (Tech Strategist at Code for America).

1.3. Wikipedia SF Hackathon

Participants of the 2012 Wikipedia SF Hackathon.

In January 2012, the Wikimedia Foundation conducted its first-ever Bay Area Hackathon at Parisoma, with 92 attendees learning about Wikimedia technology and building applications integrated with the site. The event kicked off with a speech by Foundation VP of Engineering Erik Möller, followed by a series of tutorials on Wikipedia APIs, user scripts, and mobile apps. Self-organized teams created a number of applications using these tools, which they presented in a demonstration showcase. Judges awarded prizes to the best demos.[10]

1.4. AT&T DevLab

In September, Parisoma in partnership with its parent company faberNovel organized the first AT&T DevLab, a day-long conference for 250 developers. Sessions included tutorials on AT&T's Speech API "Watson," Application Resource Optimization (ARO) technology, and speeches by Eric Ries (author of the best-selling book The Lean Startup), David Weekly (Founder of PBworks), Michael Owens (Founder of Notion), and Guy Rosen (CEO of Onavo). The event was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.[11][12]

1.5. Visit by Mayor of Paris

In September 2012, Parisoma was visited by the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, as part of his efforts to promote cultural and economic ties between Paris and San Francisco.[3][13]

1.6. Rebranding

Parisoma's 11th St. location since March 2011.

In 2009 the space was rebranded as the Parisoma Innovation Loft, adopting a new color scheme and logo and increasing its focus on events. In 2011 the location was moved to a new 10,000 square-foot split-level loft on 11th Street, increasing the space available for coworking and events and adding an education program.[5] In July 2012 it was rebranded as simply Parisoma, adopting a new logo and completing an extensive renovation of the interior.


In March 2013, Parisoma launched a new series of startup showcase events called THINK&ACT. The second edition in May 2013 was called "Driving Revolution" and focused on innovation in driving.[14] The event was covered on the Forbes website.[15]

1.8. Designer as Founder

In April 2013, Parisoma started an event series called Designer as Founder, in which startup founders with design backgrounds speak about their entrepreneurial experience. The inaugural event featured Joe Gebbia, CPO and Co-founder of Airbnb.[16]

1.9. APIdays

In June 2013, FaberNovel (Parisoma's parent company) organized the San Francisco edition of APidays, a global series of conferences on the business of APIs. The conference featured speeches by prominent thinkers in the API world, and was concluded with an API hackathon.[17] Parisoma repeated the 3 day event in 2014, focusing the event around how connected cars are disrupting the auto industry. Keynote speakers included Larry Burns, Kin Lane and Sid Bhatia.

1.10. Other Notable Events

In 2010, Parisoma employees in collaboration with two local developers launched the first mobile app for finding coworking spaces. It utilized public data to provide information on 450 such locations around the world.[4]

In 2011, job-hunting website rated Parisoma the "Best Co-Working Space' in San Francisco.[18]

In 2013, Parisoma was rated one of the "17 Coolest Co-Working Spaces in America" by Business Insider.[19]

2. Services

Parisoma provides three main types of services:

2.1. Coworking

Open space, where coworkers work.

The space currently hosts approximately 120 coworkers from 70 companies in a wide range of fields, including public relations, graphic design, mobile application development, mobile payments, internet radio, web development, gaming, journalism, consulting, and others.

Open space.

Memberships vary in price from open desk space to private offices, and include 24/7/365 access, free Wi-Fi and power, coffee and tea, printing and scanning, free or discounted admission to events and classes, and use of the two on-site conference rooms.[5][20][21][22]

2.2. Events

Fashion blogger Mai Le speaking at a CreativeMornings SF event at PARISOMA.

The space has hosted two to three events per week since its founding in 2008. These include employer-developer fairs, industry-specific mixers, speaker series, CreativeMornings, and meetings of local technology and business groups.[23]

2.3. Education

Large conference room, where classes and meetings are held.

The space hosts one to two classes per week taught by instructors with entrepreneurial experience. These classes are mostly related to design, business and technology in an entrepreneurial context.[19]

3. Member Companies

PARISOMA's member companies.

Some of the notable companies and organizations that have worked out of Parisoma include:[5][24]

  • AwayFind[25]
  • Brightcove
  • Bureau of Trade[26]
  • Butterflive[27]
  • Codenvy[28]
  • DoYouBuzz[29]
  • Ducksboard[30]
  • Eye-Fi
  • Fanzy[31]
  • Global Lives Project
  • GoodPeople[32]
  • Intridea[33]
  • Inovia
  • Jogabo
  • La Poste (France)
  • Learnirvana[34]
  • Major League Soccer
  • Microsoft
  • moduleQ
  • OKCupid
  • Oomea[35]
  • PapayaMobile
  • Penxy[36]
  • Proton Radio
  • Quickpay[37]
  • SiteJabber[39]
  • Tech Cocktail
  • Vidcaster[40]
  • Work4 Labs

4. Future Plans

Parisoma has announced plans to expand to have an additional 7 offices and 48 desks starting in April 2016.[41]


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