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Jason Halbert
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1. Introduction

Jason Halbert (born June 3, 1974) is an American producer, music director,[1][2] musician, engineer and songwriter.[3] He has been Kelly Clarkson's music director since 2003, shortly after her American Idol win.[2][4] He has also served as music director for Nick Carter (musician), Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini[5] in addition to touring as keyboardist for Paulina Rubio and Reba McEntire.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Jason began his music career as keyboardist for DC Talk in 1994. He was also a founding member of the band SonicFlood.[12]

As a record producer Jason has won a Grammy for his contributions to Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" album which won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal album in 2012.[1][13]

As a songwriter, Jason has co-written several songs with Kelly Clarkson, including Catch My Breath [14] and "Cry".[3] "Cry" was also featured in the Glee Season Three episode "Choke", performed by Lea Michele.[15]

In 2016 Jason produced "Piece by Piece" (Idol Version) and also accompanied Kelly Clarkson, on piano for the recording. The song was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Solo Performance category.[16][17][18][19]

Along with Todd Mark Evans, Jason is also part of the Nashville-based duo the Brezhnev Society.[20][21]

Jason has been noted as an early adopter of Ableton Live in his live performances with artists.[22]

2. Discography[1][3][23][24]

Year Artist Album Title Credit Notes
1995 DC Talk Jesus Freak "In the Light" Arranger  
1996 The Gotee Brothers Erace "Celia (Queen of the Senseless World)" Hammond B3  
"New South" Rhodes piano  
1997 DC Talk Welcome to the Freak Show   Keyboards  
Zilch Platinum   Hammond B3, Moog, Synthesizer, Vocals  
1999 Out of Eden No Turning Back   Keyboards  
Sonicflood Sonicflood "Holy One" Writer  
"My Refuge" Writer  
"Carried Away" Writer  
"I Need You" Writer  
2001 Petra Revival   Co-producer, Keyboards, Programming, Background Vocals  
Sonicflood Sonicpraise   Producer, Keyboards, Engineer  
Tim Hughes Here I Am to Worship   Producer, Keyboards, Hammond B3, Programming  
"Here I Am to Worship" Mixer  
Tim Hughes, Paul Oakley, Matt Redman, Neil Wilson All Around the World   Co-producer  
2002 Rita Springer Effortless   Engineer, Mixer  
2004 David Ruis Every Move I Make   Producer, Mixer, Keyboards, Programming  
Kelly Clarkson Breakaway "Beautiful Disaster (live)" Piano  
2005 Bascom Hill Maybe   Hammond B3  
Tremolo Love Is the Greatest Revenge "Evil Town" Hammond B3  
2006 Loni Rose Shine   Keyboards  
Bill Madden Gone   Hammond B3  
2007 Bleu Edmondson Lost Boy   Hammond B3  
Kelly Clarkson My December   Co-producer, Keyboards, Programming  
"Haunted" Writer  
2009 Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted "Cry" Writer  
"Ready" Writer  
2011 Kelly Clarkson Stronger
"You Love Me" Vocal Producer Won the Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy [25]
"Standing in Front of You" Producer
"Hello" Vocal Producer
"Let Me Down" Vocal Producer
"You Can't Win" Vocal Producer
iTunes Session   Producer, Piano  
The Smoakstack Sessions v.1   Producer, Mixer, Programming, Piano, Hammond B3, Warlitzer  
Newsboys Born Again: Miracles Edition "Save Your Life" Producer, Keyboards, Programming  
Rita Springer The Playlist
"Come In" Writer  
"Make You Happy" Producer, Keyboards  
"I Call You" Producer, Keyboards, Programming  
"Over I Go" Producer, Keyboards, Bass  
"Made for This" Mixer  
"The One" Mixer  
"Falling" Producer, Keyboards  
Robert Pierre I'm All In   Mixer  
2012 Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits — Chapter One "Catch My Breath" Writer, Keyboards, Programming [26]  
"People Like Us" Production Manager  
The Smoakstack Sessions v.2   Producer, Mixer  
2013 Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red "Every Christmas" Vocal Producer  
"Ill Be Home For Christmas" Mixer, Piano, Strings, Programming  
2015 Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece "Heartbeat Song" Vocal Producer Nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy [27]
"Someone" Vocal Producer
"Run Run Run" Producer, Keyboards
"War Paint" Producer, Programming, Keyboards, Bass
"Nostalgic" Producer, Programming, Keyboards, Bass
"Good Goes the Bye" Producer, Programming, Keyboards
"Second Wind" Vocal Producer
Ben Haenow Ben Haenow "Second Hand Heart" Vocal Producer  
2016 Kelly Clarkson   "Piece by Piece (Idol Version)" Producer, Piano Nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy [25]
Various Artists The Hamilton Mixtape "It's Quiet Uptown" Producer  
2017 Various Artists The Shack: Music From and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture "Love Goes On" Vocal Producer  
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