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mimoLive is a live video production software developed and published by Boinx Software International GmbH, a German software company that specializes in applications for macOS and iOS. First launched in 2016, mimolive is the successor of BoinxTV first launched in 2008. It is geared towards professional video live switching and broadcasting software.

mimolive boinxtv boinx

1. Overview

mimoLive is for editing, recording, and live streaming video and audio. It provides real-time sources and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting. Transmission of data is primarily done via the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and can be sent to any RTMP supporting destination. It offers native support for streaming services such as YouTube Live, Twitch, BoxCast, Periscope, Screen9, and facebook live.

2. Awards

  • Apple Design Award 2009 Winner[1][2][3][4]
  • 2010 Editors' Pick, Streaming Media Magazine[5]

3. History

First version from 1.0 to 1.9 of the software ot was called BoinxTV. Since Version 2.0[6] the software is called mimoLive. The name mimoLive is an acronym for multiple-input and multiple-output, live, video.

4. Add-ons

For mimoLive several paid and free add-ons are available.[7]

  • Sports Graphics
  • Lower third Pack
  • mimoLive ATEM Controller
  • Custom Layer

4.2. Free Add-Ons

  • Spotlight Layer
  • Magnifying Glass Layer
  • Painter Layer
  • Backgrounds Pack 1
  • QR Code Source
  • Music Track Layer
  • Halloween Layer Pack
  • Twitter PTZ Controller

5. Release History

Version Platform Release date Significant changes
BoinxTV 1.0 Mac November 2008
  • First release of BoinxTV
BoinxTV 1.1 Mac December 2008  
BoinxTV 1.2 Mac April 2009  
BoinxTV 1.3[8] Mac May 2009  
BoinxTV 1.4[9] Mac September 2009
  • Matrox MXO enables BoinxTV to output an SDI signal
  • video input through SDI, HDMI, Component, CVBS and S-Video
BoinxTV 1.5[9] Mac January 2010
  • new render engine
  • improve the rendering on multiple screens with graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA
  • support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
BoinxTV Home Mac January 2011  
BoinxTV 1.8[10] Mac June 2011
  • new Chroma Key Pro filter
  • new Twitpic layer
  • iMedia Browser version 2
BoinxTV 1.9[11] Mac February 2015
  • sync a Blackmagic ATEM switcher with BoinxTV
mimoLive 2.0[12] Mac April 2016
  • First release after the product name changed from BoinxTV to mimoLive.
  • Built-in live streaming to any RTMP-based streaming service (including Wowza, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more)
  • Integrate with SDI playout including an alpha channel using hardware from BlackMagic Design
  • Direct manipulation in layers, to directly adjust all visual elements
  • Frosted glass effects in many layers
  • 64-bit Architecture
  • New Interface, New Features
mimoLive 3.0[13] Mac September 2017
  • added the NDI™ Video Source on the input side as well as the NDI™ Playout on the output side.
  • added Clock Offset option to the Date and Time layer.
  • Made some icons files ready for macOS 10.13.
  • Fixed user interface glitches in the sources repository for macOS 10.13.
mimoLive 4.0[14] Mac March 2018
  • Stream to multiple services at the same time
  • Redesigned Output Destinations
  • Add multiple auxiliary audio output mixes for the editor, moderator, other studio guests and more
  • Interact with viewers by integrating YouTube or Facebook comments, moderated or unmoderated, in the stream with the Comments layer
  • freely configurable multi-views of video sources
  • Quickly adjust the white balance of the video sources with the new Levels filter to better match different cameras
  • Adjust the main window layout (adjust column width, resize layer preview) to support your workflow perfectly
mimoLive 4.1[15] Mac March 2018
  • Control NDI® PTZ Cameras from the Multiviews. Overlays allow you to manually control pan, tilt and zoom as well as set and recall stored positions.
mimoLive 4.2.1[16] Mac July 2018
  • Updated the NDI® framework to version 3.5
  • Updated Black Magic Design framework
  • The output destinations can be controlled via HTTP API
  • Assign any audio mix to the output destinations for Live Streaming, File Recording, NDI® Playout, BMD Playout and Audio Aux.
mimoLive 4.3[17] Mac August 2018
  • Added Social Media source: Grabs comments and reactions data from Facebook Live streams or custom post IDs
  • Added Facebook Reactions layer: Uses the new Social Media Source as a data source for presenting the Facebook Reactions
  • Added a Matte Choker video filter to adjust the alpha channel of video sources
mimoLive 4.4[18] Mac September 2018
  • Added the YouTube account to the Social Media source.
  • Added a Sports Graphics Demo template
mimoLive 4.5[19] Mac November 2018
  • Added new streaming service Periscope
  • Added screen9 streaming service
  • Added support for H264 video codec for mimoCall connections
  • Updated NDI to version 3.7.2
mimoLive 4.6[20] Mac January 2019
  • Added a Zoom In and Zoom Out layer
  • Media File Source settings popup allows selection of a playback region as well as previewing movie files and audio files
  • Updated NDI to version 3.8
mimoLive 4.7[21] Mac February 2019
  • Program Output view can be shown on a Remote Control Surface
  • Movie sources got playback controls right in the layer properties
  • Added a Kiosk Mode in the mimoLive Preferences: Let mimoLive open the Program Out window in fullscreen mode right after loading a document
  • Facebook live streams will be streaming in secure RTMPS streams
  • mimoLive will attempt to use a secure connection if the URL begins with "rtmps://"
  • The Placer layer got an option to switch between the scaling method "Nearest Neighbour" and "Bilinear Cubic" for a better image quality
mimoLive 4.7.1 Mac February 2019
  • Fixed: Important Update for YouTube streamers! Fixed an issue that caused YouTube to ban mimoLive users for the rest of the day.
  • Fixed: Important Update for Facebook streamers! Fixed an issue on some Facebook accounts which wouldn’t allow mimoLive to log into them.
  • Fixed: The custom rendering size for certain video sources weren't restored after reopening the mimoLive document.
  • Fixed: The collapsed state for layer parameter groups weren't restored after reopening the mimoLive document.
  • Fixed: The used keying mode for Blackmagic Design hardware wasn't displayed correctly in the Playout Output Destination UI.
mimoLive 4.7.2 Mac March 2019  
mimoLive 4.7.3 Mac March 2019  
mimoLive 5.0 Mac May 2019
  • New: Layer Sets allow controlling the live state of multiple layers at once, allowing you completely change what's on the program out with just one tap.
  • New: Use the Video Sync Meter layer to measure delays between two video signals.
  • New: Added option to drag & drop (or copy & paste) layers between documents. Associated sources (such as media file sources) will be copied automatically.
  • New: Newly created sources and layers will now automatically assign an account or source if appropriate.
  • Enhancement: Improved Undo for Layer properties and the document dirty state.
  • Enhancement: mimoCall now supports clients with modern browsers like Safari in addition to Google Chrome.
  • Enhancement: The Program Out view in the Multiview layout now has a red border to make it more visible.
mimoLive 5.1 Mac June 2019
  • New: The File Recording output destination is now able to save video or audio from any video or audio source rather than just the Program Out.
  • Enhancement: Graph 3D Layer now can be used with a transparent background.
  • Enhancement: Added a “none” option to account selection in Social Media Sources which helps to keep the mimoLive document clean if you remove a social media account from the mimoLive preferences.
  • Enhancement: Progress is reported more accurately when opening documents.
  • Enhancement: Updated Facebook API to 3.0
  • Fixed: mimoLive became unresponsive after adding too many layers and sources.
  • Fixed: Crash when dragging and dropping a layer with a “none” video source from one document to another.
  • Fixed: When using USB webcams there were pixel artefacts visible in areas with high contrast.
  • Fixed: mimoLive got unresponsive when triggering a Layer Set from the Remote Control if the Layer Set contained a "force off" action.
  • Fixed: Hidden Layer Sets list poped up unexpectedly when resizing the mimoLive document window.
  • Fixed: Web browser source would consume huge amounts of memory when preview was rendered.
mimoLive 5.2 Mac August 2019
  • New: Added an Audio Podcast Template to the document template collection.
  • New: Added native support for X-keys remote control devices by P.I.Engineering.
  • New: Added the option to change the text size in the Remote Control Surface.
  • New: Added a "Reveal in Finder" menu entry in the file chooser popup for layers and sources.
  • Enhancement: Updated source selection menues when a source changed its name.
  • Enhancement: Updated the min and max pixel dimensions for mimoLive video size.
  • Enhancement: Instand Replay layer: Added the option to delay stopping the buffering so that on can click "stop buffering" right at the interesting event but the layer will buffer some more seconds. Also added an option to switch off the replay mode automatically after one run.
  • Enhancement: Basketball Score layer got an input field to define a character for the score divider.
  • Enhancement: In Kiosk mode mimoLive won't ask to save unsaved changed anymore when quitting the app. Unsaved changed are lost.
  • Fixed: Audio and video could get out of sync if the machine is very busy.
  • Fixed: The "Move to Application folder" after download didn't work out.
  • Fixed: The Window Capture Source had a big memory leak when capturing certain 3rd party windows.
  • Fixed: Saving and loading documents with Facebook Streaming destinations generated hidden Social Media Sources.
  • Fixed: Made the "Not licensed" window disappear when a license got installed via email link.
  • Fixed: Close the web browser window of a Web Capture Source and Audio Mix Panel when closing a document.
mimoLive 5.3 Mac October 2019

Major New Features:

  • New: mimoLive™ is now notarized by Apple and ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • New: Facebook changed the policy restricting streaming to different platforms when using the API. Subsequently, mimoLive can now simulcast to multiple platforms including Facebook.
  • New: Streaming to Facebook groups you're a member off is now enabled. A group admin can now add mimoLive to the list of applications with access to that group, enabling all members of that group to stream to the group.
  • New: Added support for X-keys® hardware XK-4, XK-8 and XK-16 by P.I. Engineering.
  • New: Added a preset to the Lower Thirds layer to enable changing the title and subtitle via Remote Control Surface.

Other New Features And Enhancements:

  • New: Added an Audio Video Test source to test the synchrony of video and audio processing.
  • New: Lower Third Vortext Slide: Added an option to align the text at the top.
  • New: Instand Replay: Added an option to keep the buffer after playing it back once.
  • New: Sports Player Table: Added pagination for sports with more than 11 players per team.
  • Enhancement: Updated NDI framework to version 4.0.1
  • Enhancement: Updated the video encoder frame buffer size to drop less frames while recording or streaming.
  • Enhancement: Tweaked UI for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Important Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Manually generated text input buttons on a Remote Control Surface didn't work properly.
  • Fixed: Sports Graphics: Fixed some naming and player displays.
  • Fixed: Login issues with Instagram.
  • Fixed: Crash when an NDI receiver connected to a mimoLive NDI Output Destination.
  • Fixed: Blackmagic Design devices and NDI|HX sources weren't visible in mimoLive because of Apples new privacy policy for apps on macOS.
  • Fixed: Exchanged X-keys Framework to make X-keys devices work on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
mimoLive 5.3.1 Mac October 2019
  • Fixed: mimoLive™ was crashing when started up on macOS 10.15 Catalina with certain video hardware connected.
  • Fixed: Login to Twitch works again.
mimoLive 5.4 Mac Dec 2019
  • New: RTSP Source. This enables many new cameras.
  • New: Implemented an option to submit the public viewing URL of a live stream to Boinx Connect.
  • New: Added “Football Run Of Play” layer to the Sports Graphics package.
  • New: The “Team Data” source, available as part of the Sports Graphics package, now can provide player images to the layers in the bundle.
  • Enhancement: Updated NDI® libraries to version 4.1.
  • Enhancement: A message will pop up if YouTube quota has exceeded for the rest of the day.
  • Enhancement: Improved quality and performance of the “Chroma Keyer Basic” video filter when working with YCrBr encoded video sources.
  • Enhancement: mimoLive warns if the user selects a video device but didn’t grant permission in the macOS System Preferences to access it.
  • Enhancement: Improved loading speed of large documents.
  • Enhancement: Changed PTZ control overlays in the multiview to make them more visible on bright video content.
  • Fixed: Movie files which should have had a fractional frame rate (e.g. 29.97 fps) were written with a variable frame rate.
  • Fixed: NDI® sources that were missing were automatically replaced with ones that were available.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed if a user selected certain USB grabber hardware on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • Fixed: Streaming to streaming services powered by Akamai (e.g. didn’t work.
  • Fixed: The layers included with the “Lower Thirds Pack 1" could have a visual glitch when switching them off.
  • Fixed: The Remote Control Surface could be messed up when working with layers with many variants.
  • Fixed: Sometimes mimoLive crashed at Quit when Remote Control Access was enabled.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed when a document with unknown sources was opened (e.g. when the document was created with a newer version of mimoLive).
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed when deleting an image source that represented an image that was previously replaced.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the YouTube Output Destination reported “not ready” after loading a document.
  • Fixed: Video and audio could get out of sync over time on computers under heavy load.
  • Fixed: Remote Control Surface layout was mirrored for Xkeys HD15.
  • Fixed: Blackmagic Design ATEM mini was ignored as a video input device.
mimoLive 5.4.1 Mac Feb 2020
  • New: YouTube requires that you mark your streams as "made for kids" nor not. Now in the Streaming Output Destination you can check what your stream was set to.
  • New: Added a simple Slide Show Source and Layer that plays back slides from a folder in Finder.
  • New: Static Text layer: Added the Frosted Glass effect as a background option and the option to switch the layer off automatically.
  • New: The stream title and description can now be changed directly in YouTube streaming output destination.
  • New: Added a button to the Comments Window to set it not to be always on top.
  • Fixed: In certain setups the Audio Output Destination played out a buzzz sound after a while.
  • Fixed: Actual release of the Sports Football Run Of Play layer.
  • Fixed: YouTube stream would not start and the user interface would become unresponsive in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: YouTube streaming service would not start sometimes due to a problem with determining the YouTube API quotas.
  • Fixed: If the Audio Only layer was placed below a Background layer the fade out setting wouldn't have an effect.
  • Fixed: Instant Replay layer was omitted in the 5.4 release.
  • Fixed: In rare cases mimoLive would crash if a file recording was started.
  • Fixed: On certain graphics cards the Mask and Overlay video filter didn't render correctly on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Fixed: The selection of the "Don't shows this again" option of the "Output Destination not ready" message was not persistent.
  • Fixed: Xkeys key mapping was broken.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed when entering NDI Sender/Receiver group names in the NDI Monitor Window.
  • Fixed: There were some ancient user interface glitches that we ironed out.
  • Fixed: Various stability improvements.
mimoLive 5.5 Mac Mar 2020
  • New: Added a Last Recording Source that will playback the latest recording of mimoLive.
  • New: Added the option to copy the API Endpoints for several UI elements in the context menus.
  • New: Added the connection state of video and audio hardware devices to the API output of sources.
  • New: Added an option to set the RTMP URL of a Custom Streaming Output Destination via the HTTP API of mimoLive.
  • Enhancement: Added the option to set up the transition duration in the Single Comments layer.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed if you dragged a media file from one Playlist source to another.
  • Fixed: Context menus weren't popping up by control-click anymore.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash when working with Playlist Source media items.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when loading the document with a multiview.
  • Fixed: Fixed some UI glitches.
mimoLive 5.6 Mac May 2020

Important Notes:

  • Facebook has revoked the option for streaming endlessly. Therefore we removed the Ambient Streaming option from the Facebook Streaming Output Destination.
  • We needed to change the Application ID for mimoLive at YouTube therefore you need to re-login to your YouTube account in the mimoLive preferences if you have one set up.
  • If you want to receive YouTube comments automatically you need to set a checkbox in the Live Stream Output Destination.
  • We needed to raise the macOS compatibility level so mimoLive 5.6 can only run on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer.

Major New Features:

  • New: The Remote Control Surface can control the audio volume of layers and sources by a slider.
  • New: Output Destinations can be switch on and off by the Remote Control Surface.
  • New: A new action on the Remote Control Surface lets you cycle through variants of a layer.
  • New: Added the option to choose a separate video source to all Output Destinations as well as the mimoCall source.
  • New: Added some portrait layouts to the Split Screen layer to be used for portrait videos like streaming to Instagram.
  • New: The PIP Window layer can have an image as a mask now.
  • Enhancement: Sources are getting unique names when created.
  • Enhancement: Documents with lots of audio mixes and audio layer are loading much faster now.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: After 5th of May mimoLive crashed when a mimoCaller joined the call.
  • Fixed: Crash when drag&dropping layers with multiple sources to another document.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the Stop Watch layer showed a random time when restarting the clock.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when streaming to Twitch.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when closing a document.
  • Fixed: The Remote Control Surface can get broken when certain layers were used.
  • Fixed: The News Crawler layer didn't want to show certain RSS feeds.
  • Fixed: Crash when hitting CMD-S while loading a document.
  • Fixed: Setting "none" as mask or overlay images in the Mask And Overlay video filter works correctly now.
  • Fixed: There were some glitches when working with BoxCast accounts.
  • Fixed: The YouTube quota demon should be dead now. Like, really dead. Literally.
mimoLive 5.6.1 Mac May 2020
  • Fixed: Connection issues and audio delay problems with mimoCall.
  • Fixed: Audio delay when live streaming.
mimoLive 5.7 Mac Jun 2020

Major New Features:

  • New: Added a Scale & Transform filter to be able to resize, scale, rotate and crop any video source.
  • New: Made animated GIFs work.
  • New: Added a Automation layer to automate stuff in mimoLive.
  • New: Added transitions to the Stop Watch layer.
  • New: Added an option to the ATEM Controller layer to switch to a certain camera when turned on.
  • New: Slideshow layer and source are sorting the images by name now. If new images are dropped into the folder they are displayed immediately.
  • New: Extended the option to align the video sources at the top border in the Presenter 2D-Layer.
  • New: Added a duplicate option to the context menu of sources (right click on a source).
  • New: Updated NDI to version 4.5
  • New: Added a button in the video sources settings of an NDI source to open the remote control panel for this NDI source in a webbrowser.
  • New: Extended the HTTP API to be able to set a video source of a layer image input remotely.
  • New: Added a context menu to the layer paramte buttons to be able to copy the API endpoint to the clipboard.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Worked on audio timing issues.
  • Fixed: When doing ISO recording with File Recording Output Destination the audio source was randomly selected.
  • Fixed: A corrupt FMLE file could crash mimoLive when read in order to configure a Custom RTMP Live Streaming output destination.
  • Fixed: When drag&dropping a Media Playlist source with associated media files those media files weren't copied to the new document and lead to a crash of mimoLive when saving the document.
  • Fixed: Audio gain of sources wasn't restored after document reload.
  • Fixed: mimoLive did hang in rare cases if the mimoLive document was very complex.
  • Fixed: Copy/Paste layers caused an inconsistency in the mimoLive document and lead to undefined behaviour when working with HTTP API.
  • Fixed: Split Screen layer flashed when changed layer variants.
  • Fixed: Video Sync layer: Name tags of selected sources weren't updated correctly.
  • Fixed: In the Lower Third layer the Text Alignment option was hiding when changing the background option.
  • Fixed: The Interview layer unnecessarily consumed lot of CPU performance.
  • Fixed: Using two different YouTube accounts with identical names didn't work.
mimoLive 5.8 Mac Aug 2020

Major New Features:

  • New: The mimoCall Output Destination enables mimoLive-to-mimoLive connections via Internet.
  • New: Create an individual audio mix to be sent back to the mimoCall caller.
  • New: Extended the commands for the Automation layer including if-statements, variables and loops and two commands to control Output Destinations, enabling complex automation inside mimoLive.
  • New: Automation Layer can have global variables now that propagates up the layer stack.
  • New: Added a "Basketball Run Of Play" layer to the Sports Graphics Pack (separate purchase).
  • New: Control PTZ enabled NDI cameras with the new PTZ Controller layer.
  • New: The PIP Window layer now animates between layer variants like the regular PIP layer.
  • New: A sparse filter option in the HTTP API allows to reduce the JSON response drastically to only the data needed.
  • Enhancement: Select the audio mix you want to send out to the Virtual Camera Output Destination.
  • Enhancement: Extended the HTTP API to be able to update layer parameters via a GET command by adding ‘update={}’ to the URL.
  • Enhancement: Added an action gear icon to the Multiview panels to make it more clear how to select different sources.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: The Last Recording Source wasn't properly restored after loading a document.
  • Fixed: The Fullscreen Output destination didn’t turn off properly when the associated display was disconnected.
  • Fixed: mimoLive crashed when trying to record ISO video from a mimoCall but the mimoCall wasn’t connected.
  • Fixed: In rare cases mimoLive crashed when working with a fixed layout in the Multiview Panel.
  • Fixed: The name used to identify the NDI Output from mimoLive on the network caused issues with some other NDI equipment. You can now change the name by renaming the NDI Output Destination.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when using the Virtual Camera plugin.
  • Fixed: A movie source with an effects filter may have glitched in Program Out under special UI conditions.
  • Fixed: Streaming to RTMPS required to insert the port number in the URL, now it's added automatically.
mimoLive 5.8.1 Mac Mar 2020
  • Fixed: Due to external circumstances beyond out control, all mimoLive versions prior to 5.8.1 will no longer launch correctly.
mimoLive 5.9 Mac Dec 2020
  • New Features
  • New: The new Split Screen layer now has controls for scaling and moving the sources to align content, rounded corners and custom layouts giving you unprecedented options. Also fixed the size of text labels.
  • New: mimoLive now can stream to Dacast’s streaming service Limelight.
  • New: Added context menus for easy access to API Endpoints or HTTP URLs for layer parameter of type switches, buttons and text input fields.
  • New: Added a placeholder image for mimoCalls waiting for a connection.
  • New: PIP Window layer: Added new standard border styles to the PIP Window layer (rounded rect, oval, custom mode).
  • New: PIP Window layer: In Custom Mode you can use a mask and an overlay image to create your own border.
  • New: PIP Window layer: You can now rotate the window frame around the Y-axis.
  • Enhancement: Updated mimoCall to improve stability and quality.
  • Enhancement: Updated the in-app help links to point to the new online documentation:
  • Enhancement: Improved performance for the Web Browser Capture source.
mimoLive 5.9.1 Mac Dec 2020
  • New: A 3×3 and 4×4 predefined layout were added to the Multiview. In Automatic mode, you can now show up to 16 sources.


mimoLive 5.10 Mac Feb 2021
  • New: Added an incoming and outgoing transition to the Count Down layer.
  • New: The Auto Video Switcher layer now uses a dissolve transition at the start and end.
  • New: Split Screen Layer: Added a border option that also can be automatically highlighted by the audio levels of the sources or manually by buttons.
  • New: In the Show Settings the file path of the mimoLive document is shown with a “Reveal in Finder” button.
  • New: Right-click on the Start Show button to display a context menu to copy the API Endpoints for controlling the show.
  • New: Now mimoLive can process API calls via the URL handler mimolive2://api/v1/…
  • Enhancement: Added the source type to the HTTP API source attributes. For mimoCall sources, there is also the Call Room ID as well as the connection status.
  • Enhancement: Opening large documents with lots of audio mixes is much faster now.
  • Enhancement: Chroma Key filters: The backdrop option is now more visible in the UI. It enables you to define a background for the chroma keyed source.
  • Enhancement: Option-click on a layer parameter group will collapse all groups below at once.
  • Enhancement: The custom layout in Split-Screen layer changed to base dimensions so it’s easier to enter the right coordinates for each box.
  • Enhancement: Updated NDI® Framework to version 4.6 to enable NDI on Apple Silicon M1 Macs and macOS 11 Big Sur.
mimoLive 5.10.1 Mac Apr 2021
  • New: Added new commands to Layer API Endpoints in the HTTP API: cycleThroughVariantsBackwards, setLiveFirstVariant and setLiveLastVariant.
  • New: Added context menus to the layer input parameter labels to grab some specific HTTP API calls for those parameters.
  • New: Output destinations can be updated via HTTP GET request with an ?update= parameter just like the layers.
  • New: Right-clicking on layer parameter labels gives you access to a context menu to copy HTTP API URLs to control individual parameters.
  • New: Added a “Powered by mimoLive” layer.
  • Enhancement: The context menu items “Copy API URL” for buttons and text input fields creating URLs specific for that layer variant.
  • Enhancement: The URL produced by the “Copy API URL” context menus for changing a layer value contains the current value now.
  • Enhancement: Added a new option to the Split Screen layer to reset the solo mode when going live.
mimoLive 5.11 Mac Jul 2021
  • New: Audio volume controls got a peak indicator.
  • New: Kiosk mode is now a property of the document rather than a global preference setting.
  • New: Added a new document property to control if mimoLive will ask to save unsaved changes.
  • Enhancement: Now a YouTube Login or Boinx Connect Login is authorized via your default internet browser rather than in mimoLive itself.
  • Enhancement: Updated NDI to version 4.6.2.
  • Enhancement: Lower Third layer got a new option to push the background from left or right.
  • Enhancement: Further work on Facebook comments and reactions.



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