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List of Aviation, Aerospace and Aeronautical Abbreviations

This is a list of aviation, aerospace, aeronautical and avionics abbreviations.

avionics aviation aeronautical

1. A

Abbreviation Term Note
A/A Air to air TACAN function  
A/C aircraft[1]  
A/D aerodrome  
A/F autofeather  
A/FD Airport/Facility Directory  
A/P Autopilot  
AAE above aerodrome elevation[1] In aviation, above aerodrome level (AAL), or above aerodrome elevation (AAE), denotes that an altitude is given above the nearest aerodrome or airport.
AAIB Air Accidents Investigation Branch United Kingdom
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring  
AAO assumed adverse obstacle  
AAS airport advisory service[1]  
AC advisory circular[2] Information and guidance publication
ACAM aircraft continuous airworthiness monitoring  
ACARS Aircraft Communication and Addressing Reporting System  
ACAS airborne collision avoidance system  
ACC area control centre[1]  
ACC active clearance control Turbine engine system
ACC Accessory In gas turbine engine
ACE Actuator control electronics  
ACFT aircraft  
ACI Airports Council International  
ACM air cycle machine Part of A/C air conditioning system
ACMS aircraft condition monitoring system  
ACP Audio Control Panel  
ACR Avionic Communication Router  
ACS1 Airman Certification Standards[3] FAA pilot testing
ACS2 Audio control system  
ACU1 air condition unit  
ACU2 alternator control unit[2] Protection from alternator over-voltage.
AD airworthiness directive  
ADA advisory area  
ADAHRS air data attitude heading reference system  
ADC air data computer  
ADD acceptable deferred defect  
ADF automatic direction finder Navigation equipment
ADI Attitude Director Indicator  
ADIRS Air Data Inertial Reference System  
ADIRU Air Data Inertial Reference Unit  
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone  
ADJ Adjustment Mechanical term
ADM1 aeronautical decision-making Piloting term of judgment
ADM2 air data module  
ADS1 air data system  
ADS2 automatic dependent surveillance  
ADS-A Automatic dependent surveillance – address  
ADS-B Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast  
ADS-C Automatic dependent surveillance – contract  
ADV Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen "German Airports Association"
AEA Association of European Airlines  
AESA Active electronically scanned array  
AFCS automatic flight control system  
AFD autopilot flight director  
AFDC autopilot flight director computer  
AFDS autopilot flight director system  
AFDX Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet  
AFE above field elevation  
AFIS airborne flight information system also called automatic flight information service
AFM aircraft flight manual  
AFS aeronautical fixed service  
AFT Aft The direction against the aircraft movement  
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network  
AGACS Automatic ground–air communications system also known as ATCSS or data link
AGB accessory gear box mainly used in turbine engine
AGC automatic gain control  
AGDL air–ground data link  
AGL above ground level  
AHC attitude heading control  
AHRS Attitude and heading reference system  
AIDS aircraft integrated data system  
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual  
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication  
AIRAC aeronautical information regulation and control  
AIRMET Airmen's Meteorological Advisory[4] in-flight advisory given over 126.7
AIXM aeronautical information exchange model  
ALI Airworthiness Limitation Item  
ALS approach lighting system  
ALT Altitude  
ALT Alternate  
ALUM Aluminum  
AND Aircraft Nose Down  
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance (EASA)  
AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer  
AME Aviation Medical Examiner  
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual  
AMO Approved Maintenance Organization  
AMSL above mean sea level  
AMP aircraft maintenance program  
AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technician  
ANSP air navigation service provider  
ANSP Authorization of Aircraft Network Security Program (FAA)  
ANPT Aeronautical national pipe taper  
ANSOG Airport Network Security Operator Guidance (Boeing)  
A/O Air oil In turbine engines
AOA angle of attack  
AOC air operator's certificate  
AOG aircraft on ground  
AOM aircraft operations manual  
AOM airport/aerodrome operating minima  
AP autopilot  
A/P airplane (US), aeroplane (ICAO)  
APP Appendix  
APPL Application  
APPROX Approximately  
APT airport  
APU auxiliary power unit  
APV approach procedure with vertical guidance  
AR airworthiness review  
AR authorization required  
AR As required  
ARC airworthiness review certificate  
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Inc.  
ARO airport reservation office  
ARP aerodrome reference point  
ARTCC air route traffic control centers  
ASAS Airborne Separation Assurance System  
ASDA Accelerate Stop Distance Available  
ASI airspeed indicator  
ASL above sea level[1]  
ASLO Aircraft Security Logging Overview  
ASM airspace management  
ASM available seat miles  
assy assembly  
A/S Anti-Skid  
A/T autothrottle  
A/THR Autothrust  
ATA Air Transport Association  
ATC air traffic control  
ATD actual time of departure equivalent to off-block time[5]
ATF aerodrome traffic frequency  
ATFM air traffic flow management  
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service  
ATM Air traffic management  
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication Network  
ATO Approved Training Organisation  
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence  
ATQP Alternative Training and Qualification Programme  
ATS air traffic service  
AVAIL available  
AWBS Aviation weather briefing service[4] Available at designated FSS's
AWG American Wire Gage The larger the size number, the smaller the wire diameter.
AWIS Aviation weather information service[4] Available at FSS
AWOS Automated weather observation system[4] Automated METAR reporting system
AWWS Aviation weather web site[6] In Canada

2. B

Abbreviation Term Note
BC back course  
BCAA Belgian Civil Aviation Authority  
BDC bottom dead centre[1] Piston engine
BFL balanced field length  
BHP brake horsepower[1]  
BITE Built-In Test Equipment  
BL Butt Line  
BME Bridge Mounted Equipment  
B/P Blue Print  
BPR bypass ratio  
BOM bill of material  
BTV Brake-to-Vacate System A new feature introduced by Airbus A380
BWC bird watch condition  
BVID Barely Visible Impact Damage  
BVR Beyond Visual Range  

3. C

Abbreviation Term Note
C2 command and control  
CA Captain  
CAA Civil Aviation Authority  
CAM cockpit area microphone Part of a cockpit voice recorder
CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition  
CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation  
CAMP Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (FAA)  
CANSO Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation  
CAP cabin attendant panel  
CAR civil aviation regulation  
CARs civil aviation regulations[7][8]  
CARS Canadian Aviation Regulations  
CAS calibrated airspeed  
CASS Commercial Air Service Standards  
CASS continuing analysis and surveillance system  
CAT clear air turbulence[1]  
CAT Commercial Air Transport  
CAW continuing airworthiness (EASA)  
CBT computer based training  
CCRs closed circuit mixed gas rebreathers  
CCRs constant current regulators  
CDCCL critical design configuration control limitation  
CDI course deviation indicator  
CDL configuration deviation list  
CDU control/display unit  
CFIT controlled flight into terrain  
CFG constant frequency generator  
CFR Code of Federal Regulations  
CG center of gravity  
CH Course Heading  
CHDO certificate-holding district office (FAA)  
CHT Cylinder Head Temperature (Piston engine aviation)  
CI cost index  
CL check list a flight deck manual
CMC central maintenance computer  
CMM component maintenance manual  
CMO Certificate Management Office FAA
CMV converted meteorological visibility  
CMPA complex motor-powered aircraft  
CofA Certificate of airworthiness  
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf  
CPDLC controller–pilot data link communications  
CPR Changed product rule EASA
CRD Comment-response document (EASA) Part of rule making process
CRES Corrosion resistant steel  
CS certification specification (EASA)  
CSD constant speed drive  
CSO cycles since overhaul  
CSS cabin services system  
CSU constant speed unit  
CSCT Configuration Item Signer Crater Tool Boeing
CTAF common traffic advisory frequency  
CTR controlled traffic region/control zone  
CVR cockpit voice recorder  
CWS control wheel steering  

4. D

Abbreviation Term Note
D Compass Deviation  
DA density altitude  
DA/H decision altitude/height (rel. to THR) See instrument landing system  
DAH design approval holder (EASA)  
DBER damaged beyond economic repair  
DER departure end of runway  
DER Designated Engineering Representative  
DEU display electronic unit  
DG directional gyro  
DGPS differential GPS[1]  
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulation  
DIA diameter  
DLR German Aerospace Center / Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.  
DME distance measuring equipment  
DME Designated Mechanic Examiner[2] A person appointed by the FAA
DMI deferred maintenance item  
DO design organization  
DOA design organization approval EASA
DOM design organization manual  
DODAR diagnose, options, decide, act/assign, review  
DOW dry operational weight  
DP Departure Procedures  
DR dead reckoning  
DTO declared training organisation  
DUATS Direct User Access Terminal Service  

5. E

Abbreviation Term
EA engineering authorisation
EADI Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator
EAS equivalent airspeed[1]
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EAT expected approach time[1]
EBOM engineering Bill of Material
EBU engine build-up
EC engineering control (also E/C)
ECAM electronic centralised aircraft monitor
ECET end of civil evening twilight
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECS Environmental control system
EDR engineering data record
EDTO extended diversion time operations
EEC electronic engine control
EET estimated elapsed time
EFB electronic flight bag
EFC expect further clearance
EFFRA engine failure flap retraction altitude
EFIS electronic flight instrument system
EFP engine failure procedure
EFS elevator feel shift
EFTO engine failure on take-off
EGPWS enhanced ground proximity warning system
EGT exhaust gas temperature
EHM engine health monitoring
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EICAS engine-indicating and crew-alerting system
E-LSA experimental light-sport aircraft
ELAC elevator and aileron computer
ELOS Equivalent Level of Safety
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EMAS engineered materials arresting system
EMDP electric motor driven pump
ENCASIA European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities
EOBT estimated off-blocktime
EPA European part approval (EASA)
EPR engine pressure ratio
ERM engineering request for maintenance
ESA emergency safe altitude
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure[1]
ETE estimated time en route[1]
ETL effective translational lift
ETOPS Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards, see ETOPS
ETSO European Technical Standard Order, issued by EASA; see TSO
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EVAS emergency vision assurance system
EW Empty Weight

6. F

Abbreviation Term Note
FAA U.S. Department of Transportations' Federal Aviation Administration Organisation
FADEC full authority digital engine control Engine equipment
FAC Flight Augmentation computer Avionics
FAF final approach fix  
FAF [first available flight] Airline operations
FANS future air navigation system Avionics
FAP final approach point  
FAP forward attendant panel Aircraft equipment
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation FAA regulation
FAR/AIM Federal Aviation Regulation /
Aeronautical Information Manual
bundle of FAA regulations and Aeronautical Manual[9]
FAROS final approach runway occupancy signal  
FATO final approach and take off  
FB Winds aloft World Meteorological Organization abbrev. see also FD
FBO fixed-base operator Airfield operations
FBS fixed base simulator Flight crew training
FBW fly-by-wire  
FC flight crew  
FCF functional flight check Check functionality after maintenance
FCOM flight crew operating manual Aircraft operations
FCTM flight crew training manual  
FCU fuel control unit In turbine engines
FD flight director Avionics
FD upper winds and temperature forecast[1] US and Canada abbrev. See also FB
FDM flight data monitoring Operations planning
FDR flight data recorder (also known as black box) Avionics
FDTL flight duty time limitations  
FEP final end point  
FFDZ free fall drop zone (parachutists)  
FFS full flight simulator Flight crew training
FIC flight information centre  
FIDO Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation Airfield operations
FIKI Flight Into Known Icing Aircraft operations
FIR flight information region ATC
FIS Federal Inspection Services  
FISE flight information service enroute  
FL flight level ATC
FM frequency modulation Example: FM immunity
FMA flight mode annunciator Equipment
FMC flight management computer (part of a FMS) Avionics
FMGC flight Management and guidance computer Avionics
FMS flight management system Avionics
F/O First Officer Flight crew
FOD foreign object damage Airfield operations
FOO flight operation officer Person
FOQA flight operational quality assurance  
FPA flight path angle  
FPL filed flight plan ATC
FPM feet per minute  
FSDO Flight Standards District Office (FAA)  
FSF Flight Safety Foundation Organisation
FSIMS Flight Standards Information Management System (FAA)  
FSS flight service station  
FTD flight training device Flight crew training
FTL flight time limitations  
FVU flux valve unit Equipment

7. G

Abbreviation Term Note
GA general aviation  
G/A or GA go-around aborted landing procedure
GBST ground-based, software tool airfield operations
GCA Ground-controlled approach airfield operations
GCU generator control unit  
GEA Ground effect area  
GLOC g-induced loss of consciousness "g" is acceleration relevant to the acceleration caused by gravity
GM guidance material (EASA)  
GMM general maintenance manual  
GND ground airfield operations
GP glide path see instrument landing system
GPP general practices and procedures  
GPS Global Positioning System avionics
GPU Ground Power Unit Aerospace Ground Equipment
GPWS ground proximity warning system avionics
G/S glideslope avionics
GS groundspeed  
GSE ground support equipment aerospace ground equipment
GUMPS Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Propeller, Seat belts/Switches mental checklist before landing

8. H

Abbreviation Term Note
H Heavy (in the context of wake turbulence categories)  
H High  
HAT Height Above Touchdown  
HAZMAT Hazardous Material  
HBCS High Bandwidth Connectivity System  
HDG Heading Navigation
HDI Horizontal Deviation Indicator  
HFE Human Factors Engineering[10]  
HFES Human Factors and Ergonomics Society  
HIGE Hover In Ground Effect  
HIRL High Intensity Runway lighting Airfield operations
HIRO High Intensity Runway Operation Airfield operations
HIRTA High Intensity Radio Transmission Area  
HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service  
HL Height loss  
HLD hold Maintain same altitude or speed or direction
HMG hydraulic motor generator  
HMU hydro-mechanical unit In turbine engine
HOGE Hover Out of Ground Effect Helicopter operations
HPA human-powered aircraft Aircraft type
HPC high pressure compressor In turbine engine
HPT high pressure turbine In turbine engines
HPTACC high pressure turbine active clearance control Mainly used in turbofan engines
HSI horizontal situation indicator Avionics
HUD head-up display Avionics
HUM Human Remains  
HW headwind  
HYD hydraulic Aircraft equipment
HYDIM hydraulic interface module  

9. I

Abbreviation Term Note
IB Inboard  
IAC instrument approach chart  
IAF initial approach fix  
IAP instrument approach procedure  
IAS indicated airspeed  
IATA International Air Transport Association  
ICA Instructions for Continuous Airworthiness  
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization  
ICAS International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences  
ICD Interface Control Document  
ICO idle cut-off  
ICTS Ice Contaminated Tailplane Stall  
IDG integrated drive generator Combination of a CSD and generator in a single case
IDT identify (XPDR)  
IEPR integrated engine pressure ratio  
IETM interactive electronic technical manual  
IF intermediate approach fix  
IFA International Federation of Airworthiness  
IFATCA International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations  
IFE In Flight Entertainment  
IFP instrument flight procedure  
IFR instrument flight rules  
IFSD in-flight shutdown  
IGV Inlet guide vane  
ILS instrument landing system  
IMC instrument meteorological conditions  
IML Inside Mold Line  
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog (e.g. by Boeing, Airbus)  
IR Initial Release  
IRS inertial reference system  
IRT instrument rating test  
IRVR instrumented runway visual range  
ISA International Standard Atmosphere  
ISFD integrated standby flight display  
ISIS integrated standby instrument system  
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations  
ITT interstage turbine temperature  

10. J

Abbreviation Term
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements

11. K

Abbreviation Term
KCAS knots calibrated airspeed
KIAS knots indicated airspeed
KRE key risk element
KTAS knots true airspeed

12. L

Abbreviation Term Note
L Light in the context of wake turbulence categories
LAHSO Land And Hold Short Operations  
LAME licensed aircraft maintenance engineer  
LCC low-cost carrier  
LCG load classification group  
LCN load classification number  
LDA landing distance available  
LDA localizer type directional aid  
LHO live human organs  
LIR Loading Instruction Report  
LKP last known position  
LLC Life Limited Component  
LLP Life Limited Part EASA, ICAO
LLZ localizer (ILS)  
LM land and marine  
LNAV lateral navigation  
LOA letter of authorization FAA
LOC loss of control; localizer  
LOFT line-oriented flight training  
LOM limitation of movement  
LOM locator outer marker  
LOTC loss of thrust control  
LPC low pressure compressor In turbine engines
LPT low pressure turbine  
LPTACC low pressure turbine active clearance control Mainly used in turbofan engines
LPV localizer performance with vertical guidance  
LRC long range cruise  
LRU line-replaceable unit  
LSAP loadable software aircraft part (EASA) introduced in RMP for technical records
LSAS longitudinal stability augmentation system  
LTC line training captain  
LTP landing threshold point  
LVP low visibility procedures  
LW landing weight  
LZ landing zone  

13. M

Abbreviation Term
M medium (in the context of wake turbulence categories)
MAC mean aerodynamic chord
MAC mid-air collision
MAP missed approach point or manifold absolute pressure
MATS Manual of Air Traffic Services
MBC Main Base Check
MCAS Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System
MCC Multi Crew Coordination
MCDU multifunction control display unit
MCH Manufacturer Certificate Holder (TCCA); see also PAH and POA
MCP mode control panel
MCT maximum continuous thrust
MCDU multi control display unit
MDA minimum descent altitude
MDDR maintenance deferred defect record
MDH minimum descent height
MDM multi-disciplinary measure (EASA)
ME Manufacturing Engineer
MEA Minimum En-route Altitude
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEF maximum elevation figure
MMEL master minimum equipment list
MEL minimum equipment list
MEP multi-engine piston
METAR meteorological aerodrome report (METAR)
MFD multi-function display
MFRA minimum flap retraction altitude
MH magnetic heading
ML maintenance laptop
MLDW maximum landing weight
MLG Main Landing Gear
MLS microwave landing system
MM middle marker
MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude
MOE maintenance organisation exposition
MORA Minimum Off Route Altitude
MP manifold pressure
MPL multi-crew pilot license
MRB Material Review Board
MRO maintenance, repair, overhaul
MRO maintenance and repair organization
MROT Minimum Runway Occupancy Time
MRP Material Resources Planning
MRW maximum ramp weight
MSA minimum safe altitude / minimum sector altitude
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSL mean sea level
MSLW Max. Structural Landing Weight
MSTOW Max. Structural Take-off Weight
MTOW maximum take-off weight
MSZFW Max. Structural Zero Fuel Weight
MVA Minimum Vectoring Altitude
MX Maintenance
MZFW maximum zero-fuel weight

14. N

Abbreviation Term Note
NADP noise abatement departure procedure  
NDB non-directional beacon  
NDT non-destructive testing  
NGS nitrogen generation system  
NHA next higher assembly  
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology  
NLG nose landing gear  
NLR Netherlands Aerospace Research Centre  
NNC non-normal checklist  
NORDO no radio  
NOTAM notice to airmen  
NOTAR no tail rotor[2] helicopter control system
NPA non-precision approach  
NPA notice of proposed amendment (EASA)  
NPRM notice of proposed rulemaking (FAA)  
NRR noise reduction rating hearing protector attenuation
NRTC nonroutine task card  
NTZ no-transgression zone  

15. N Numbers (Turbines)

Abbreviation Term Note
N compressor speed[1] N1, N2, etc. refers to specific compressor spool (in the order that air passes over them).
Ng gas generator speed[1]  
Nh high rotor speed[1]  
Np power turbine speed[1]  
Nr rotor speed (helicopters) Np and Nr are typically shown on the same gauge with two needles, both expressed in percent, so that the pilot can tell if the power turbine is driving the rotor or if it is freewheeling.

16. O

Abbreviation Term
OAT outside air temperature
OBE overcome by events
OBS omni-bearing selector
OCA obstacle clearance altitude
OCCM on condition / condition monitored components
OCH obstacle clearance height
OEI one engine inoperative
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OGV outlet guide vane
OHM overhaul manual
OIS obstacle identification surface
OM outer marker
OML outer mold line
ONS onboard network system
ONAT Onboard Network Access Terminal
OTS out of service
OPC operational check
OPS/CHK operational check
OW operational weight

17. P

PJA || Parachute Jumping Area

Abbreviation Term
P (as a prefix:) prohibited airspace
PA pressure altitude
PAH production approval holder (FAA); see also POA and MCH
PANS-OPS procedures for air navigation services – aircraft operations
PAOG Pre Aircraft on Ground
PAPI precision approach path indicator
PAR precision approach radar
PATWAS Pilot's Automatic Telephone Weather Answering Service[4]
PAX passenger
PBCS performance-based communication and surveillance
PBD place bearing distance (RNAV waypoint)
PBE Protective Breathing Equipment
PBN Performance-Based Navigation
PC proficiency check
PCN pavement classification number
PDA performance degradation allowance
PDAS public domain aeronautical software
PDG procedure design gradient
PDM pilot decision making
PDU power drive unit (flap actuation)
PET point of equal time
PF pilot flying
PFAF precision final approach fix
PFD primary flight display
PIC Pilot In Command
PICUS Pilot In Command, under supervision[11]
PIO Pilot Induced Oscillations
PIP performance improvement package
PIREP Pilot Report
PJE Parachute jumping exercise
PM pilot monitoring
PMA Parts Manufacturer Approval
PMG Permanent magnet generator
PN part number (also P/N)
PNF pilot not flying
PNR Point of No Return
POA Production Organisation Approval (EASA); see also PAH and MHC
POB persons on board
POF Principles Of Flight
POH Pilot's Operating Handbook
PPL private pilot licence
PPR prior permission required
PS passenger step
PSR point of safe return
PSR power supply reset
PSR primary surveillance radar
PSU passenger service unit
PTCU power transfer Control unit
PTF permit to fly
PTT push to talk
PYLD payload

18. Q

Abbreviation Term
QAR quick access recorder
QCM quality and compliance monitoring
QEC quick engine change
QFE the Q-code for: Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation (or at runway threshold)
QNE the Q-code for pressure altitude
QNH the Q-code for: Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground, i.e. altitude above MSL
QRA quick reaction alert
QRH quick reference handbook

19. R

Abbreviation Term Note
R (as a prefix:) restricted airspace  
RA radio altitude or radar altimeter  
RA resolution advisory (in the context of TCAS)  
RAAS Runway Awareness and Advisory System  
RAAS remote airport advisory service  
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring  
RAREPS Weather Radar Reports[4] Provided by Air Traffic Controllers
RAS rectified air speed  
RA(T) restricted area (temporary)  
RAT ram air turbine  
RCO remote communications outlet  
RDH reference datum height for ILS  
REO Repair engineering order  
RFF rescue and fire fighting  
RFI recreational flight instructor  
RGB reduction gear box  
RIA regulatory impact assessment (EASA)  
RII required inspection items  
RMI radio magnetic indicator  
RMP Radio Management Panel  
RMT rule making task (EASA)  
RNAV area navigation  
RNP required navigation performance  
RPL Recreational Pilot Licence  
RPL repetitive flight planning  
RPT regular public transport  
RQR Required  
RSA runway safety area  
RSR en-route surveillance radar  
RT radiotelephony  
RTB return to base  
RTF radiotelephony  
RTL rudder travel limiting  
RTO rejected take-off  
RTOW regulatory take-off weight  
RVDT rotary variable differential transformer In a turbine engine
RVR runway visual range  
RVSM reduced vertical separation minima  
RW ramp weight  
RWY runway  

20. S

Abbreviation Term
SAR Surveillance Approach Radar
SAS stability augmentation system
SAT Saturated Air Temperature
SB service bulletin
SC special condition
SCAP Standard Computerized Airplane Performance
SCCM senior cabin crew member
SDF Simplified directional facility
SEP Safety and Emergency Procedures
SEP single-engine piston
SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research
SESMA Special Event Search and Master Analysis
SFCC Slat Flap Control Computer
SFO Senior First Officer
SFOC Special Flight Operating Certificate
SID standard instrument departure
SIGMET Significant Meteorological Information
SLPC single lever power control
SM service manual
SMM safety management document (ICAO)
SMOH Since major overhaul
SMR surface movement radar
SMT software maintenance tool
SN serial number
SOC start of climb at missed approach
SODPRO simultaneous opposite direction parallel runway operations
SOG speed over ground (same as ground speed)
SOP standard operating procedure
SOW Statement of Work
SR sunrise
SRM structural repair manual
SS sunset
STAR standard terminal arrival route
STC supplemental type certificate
STOL short take-off and landing[1]
STS speed trim system
SVFR Special visual flight rules

21. T

Abbreviation Term Note
TA traffic advisory (see TCAS)  
TAA terminal arrival area  
TAC thrust asymmetry compensation  
TACAN tactical air navigation  
TAF terminal aerodrome forecast  
TAI thermal anti-ice  
TAM total airport management  
TAR terminal approach radar  
TAS true airspeed  
TAT total air temperature  
TAWS terrain awareness and warning system  
TBO time between overhauls  
TBV transient bleed valve In turbine engines
TC towering cumulus  
TC turn coordinator  
TC True Course  
TC type certificate  
TCA terminal control area  
TCAS traffic collision avoidance system  
TCCA Transport Canada's Civil Aviation  
TCDS type certificate data sheet  
TCH threshold crossing height  
TCI thrust computer indicator  
TCU terminal control unit Air traffic control
TDZ touchdown zone  
TERPS terminal procedures  
TFC traffic  
TFR temporary flight restriction Airspace
TGB transfer gearbox  
TGL temporary guidance leaflet  
TGL(S) touch-and-go landing(s)  
THLD threshold  
TH True Heading  
THR runway threshold  
THS trimmable horizontal stabilizer, see tailplane  
TIT turbine inlet temperature  
TLD time-limited dispatch  
TLB technical logbook (EASA)  
TLS transponder landing system  
TMA terminal manoeuvring area (Europe)/terminal control area (USA and Canada)  
TMG touring motor glider
TML Toolbox Mobile Library (Boeing)  
TMZ transponder mandatory zone  
TOC Top of Climb (also known as T/C)  
TOD top of descent  
TODA take-off distance available  
TO/GA take-off/go around  
TOP take-off power  
TOR take-off runway  
TORA take-off runway available  
TOW take-off weight  
TOWS take-off warning system  
TR transformer rectifier  
TR thrust reversers  
TP turning point at missed approach  
TRA temporary reserved area (airspace)  
TRACON terminal radar approach control  
TRE type rating examiner  
TRP thrust rating panel  
TSO technical standard order[2] FAA specification of quality standard.
TTAF total time air frame  
TTSN total time since new  
TTSO total time since overhaul  
TWB Transcribed Weather Broadcasts[4] Abbreviated area forecast
TWC tail wind component  
TWLU Terminal Wireless LAN Unit  
TWR tower  
TWY taxiway  

22. U

Abbreviation Term Note
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System[12]  
UAV unmanned air vehicle commonly called 'drones'
UHF ultra-high frequency  
UIR upper information region  
UTC Universal Time Coordinated indicates time zones

23. V

Abbreviation Term Note
V magnetic variation  
V&V video & vision[13]  
VASI visual approach slope indicator  
VBV variable bleed valve in turbine engines
VCR visual control room  
VCS vehicle control service  
VDP visual descent point  
VFR visual flight rules  
VG vortex generator  
VGM voice generator module see AWOS
VHF very high frequency  
VID visible impact damage  
VIGV variable inlet guide vane  
VMC visual meteorological conditions  
VNAV vertical navigation  
VNC VFR navigation chart  
VOR VHF omni-directional range  
VRS vortex ring state helicopter flight phenomenon
VSCF variable speed constant frequency electricity generation system
VSI vertical speed indicator  
VSV variable stator vane in a turbine engine
VTA VFR terminal area chart[1]  
VTOL vertical take-off and landing[1]  
VVI vertical velocity indicator same as VSI

24. V Speeds

Abbreviation Term
V1 speed at or above which takeoff cannot be safely interrupted
V2 speed at or above which takeoff can be done with 1 engine out
Va maneuvering speed
Vfe maximum flaps extended speed
Vle maximum landing gear extension speed
Vlo maximum landing gear operating speed
Vlof lift-off speed
Vmc minimum control speed
Vmca velocity of minimum control in the air
Vmcg velocity of minimum control on ground
Vmo maximum operating speed
Vne never-exceed speed
Vno normal operating speed limit
Vr rotate speed
Vra rough air speed
Vref reference touchdown speed
Vs stall speed
Vso stall speed in landing configuration
Vx best angle of climb speed
Vy best rate of climb speed

25. W

Abbreviation Term
WAC World Aeronautical Chart
WAT weight, altitude, temperature: variables that affect takeoff performance
W&B Weight & Balance
WCA Wind Correction Angle
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual
WEF with effect from
WOCL window of circadian low
WOFW weight-off-wheels, indicates aircraft is off ground since lift off
WONW weight-on-wheels, indicates aircraft is on ground since touch down
WS wind shear
WTC Wake Turbulence Category
Wx weather[1]

26. X

Abbreviation Term
XC cross-country[1]
XMIT transmit
XPDR transponder
XPNDR transponder

27. Y

Abbreviation Term
Y yaw or yaw angle
Y/D yaw damper

28. Z

Abbreviation Term
Z Zulu Time (UTC)
ZFT zero-fuel time
ZFW zero-fuel weight
ZULU Zulu Time (UTC)


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