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List of Oldest Surviving Ships

This is a list of the oldest ships in the world which have survived to this day without significantly losing their original form. It includes warships, yachts, tall ships, and vessels recovered during archaeological excavations. It does not include reconstructions or replicas, partially complete wreckage, or ships which have been located but remain underwater. For example, the Mary Rose, whose remains consist only of a partial hull, is not included here. Vessels listed are sorted by date of launching as most accurately known.

warships yachts wreckage

1. Oldest Ships

Names Year of construction Type Country/area of origin Current location LOA Displacement (tons) Notes
Pesse canoe 8040 BC[1] Canoe Netherlands, Europe Assen, Netherlands 9.75 ft (2.97 m)   Believed to be the oldest boat in existence
Dufuna canoe 8500 BP (6550 BC)[2] Canoe Nigeria, Africa Yobe State, Nigeria 28 ft (8.5 m)   Oldest boat discovered in Africa, second oldest boat worldwide
Khufu ship 2500 BC Ritual barge Egypt Giza, Egypt 142 ft (43 m)   Oldest known intact ship[3]
Dover Bronze Age boat 1500 BC Seagoing boat United Kingdom Dover, United Kingdom 31 ft (9.4 m)   Oldest known seagoing vessel[4]
Ma'agan Michael ship 400-500 BC Trade ship Israel Ma'agan Michael 37 ft (11 m) 25  
Kyrenia ship 400-300 BC Trade ship Cyprus Kyrenia 47 ft (14 m)    
Hjortspring boat 400-300 BC[5]   Denmark National Museum of Denmark 18 m   Oldest known clinker built vessel
Nydam Boat 320-310 BC   Denmark Gottorf Castle, Germany 23 m    
Sea of Galilee Boat 50 BC - 70 AD Fishing boat Israel Sea of Galilee 27 ft (8.2 m)    
Arles Rhône 3 1st century River trading vessel Ancient Rome Arles, France 31 m (102 ft)    
Salme ships 700-750 Viking ship Estonia Tallinn, Estonia     Legendarily tied to King Ingvar of Sweden.
Oseberg ship 820[6] Viking ship Vestfold Oslo, Norway 71 ft (22 m)    
Gokstad ship 900[7] Viking ship Vestfold Oslo, Norway 76 ft (23 m)   Uncovered by digging in 1880
Skuldelev 2 1042 Viking ship Dublin Roskilde, Denmark 98 ft (30 m)   Second largest Viking ship discovered.
Bremen cog 1380[8] Trading cog Germany Bremerhaven, Germany 79 ft (24 m) 130  
Vasa 1627[9] Sailing warship Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 226 ft (69 m) 1330 Sank 1628; salvaged 1961
HMS Victory May 7, 1765[10] 1st Rate ship-of-the-line United Kingdom Portsmouth, England 228 ft (69 m) 3500 Oldest commissioned naval vessel
USS Philadelphia 1776[11] Sailing warship United States Washington, D.C. 53 ft (16 m) 32 Sank 1776; salvaged 1935
Peggy 1789[12] Private yacht Isle of Man Castletown, Isle of Man 27 ft (8.2 m)   Oldest surviving Manx ship; also the oldest surviving schooner
USS Constitution 1797[13] Sailing warship United States Boston, Massachusetts 203.3 ft (62.0 m) 2200 Oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat
Tilikum after 1800[14] Dugout canoe Canada Victoria, British Columbia 38 ft (12 m)    
HMS Trincomalee 1817[15] Sailing frigate India Hartlepool, England 150.45 ft (45.86 m)    
HMS Unicorn 1824[16] Sailing frigate United Kingdom Dundee, Scotland 151.9 ft (46.3 m)    
Charles W. Morgan 1841[17] Whaler United States Mystic, Connecticut 113 ft (34 m)   Oldest surviving merchant ship; also the only surviving wooden whaling ship
Dom Fernando II e Glória 1843[18] Frigate Portuguese India Almada, Portugal 284 ft (87 m) 1800 Last sailing frigate of the Portuguese Navy
SS Great Britain 1843[19] Ocean liner United Kingdom Bristol, England 322 ft (98 m) 3700 First iron-hulled steamship to cross the Atlantic
Brandtaucher 1850[20] Submarine Germany Dresden, Germany 27 ft (8.2 m)   Location of first recorded submarine escape
Edwin Fox 1853[21] Merchant Ship India Picton, New Zealand 157 ft (48 m) 830 Only remaining Australian convict ship
USS Constellation 1854[22] Sailing warship United States Baltimore, Maryland 199 ft (61 m) 1570 Reconstructed in 1854 using materials from USS Constellation (1797)
Skibladner 1856[23] paddle steamer Norway Gjøvik, Norway 164 ft (50 m)    
Jylland 1860[24] Frigate Denmark Ebeltoft, Denmark 233 ft (71 m)    
HMS Warrior 1860[25] Ironclad United Kingdom Portsmouth, England 420 ft (130 m) 10,100 First armour-plated, iron-hulled warship
BAP Puno 1861 Hospital ship United Kingdom Lake Titicaca, Perú 100 ft (30 m)   Laid down as river gunboat Yapura, converted into hospital ship late 1970s.
CSS H. L. Hunley 1863[26] Submarine Confederate States of America Charleston, South Carolina 40 ft (12 m) 8 First submarine to sink an enemy warship
Star of India 1863[27] Windjammer Isle of Man San Diego, California 278 ft (85 m)   Oldest ship in regular use
City of Adelaide 1864[28] Clipper United Kingdom Adelaide, South Australia 244 ft (74 m) 800 Oldest surviving clipper ship
Al Mahroussa 1865[29] Motor Yacht United Kingdom Alexandria, Egypt 478 ft (146 m) 3762 Royal Yacht built for Isma'il Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt. Renamed El Horriya for some time, it was renamed back to Al Mahroussa in September 2000 by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
Huascar 1865[30] Monitor United Kingdom Talcahuano, Chile 219 ft (67 m) 1300 Oldest vessel of the Chilean Navy
HNLMS Buffel 1868[30] Ironclad United Kingdom Rotterdam, Netherlands 196 ft (60 m) 2600  
HNLMS Schorpioen 1868[30] Ironclad France Den Helder, Netherlands 196 ft (60 m) 2400  
SS Enköping 1868[31] Steam ship Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 99 ft (30 m)   Built as a steam passenger ferry. Now motorised, but still in passenger service.
Cutty Sark 1869[32] Clipper United Kingdom Greenwich, England 280 ft (85 m) 2100 Extensively restored 2007–2012
Lewis R. French 1871[33] Schooner United States Camden, Maine 101 ft

(31 m)

  Active freight carrier until 1971 at which time was refit for passenger use. Active member of Camden, Maine Schooner fleet. She is the last schooner remaining of thousands built in Maine during the 19th century.
SMS Leitha 1871[34] River monitor Austria-Hungary Budapest, Hungary 166 ft (51 m)   Only surviving ship of the Austro-Hungarian Navy
Gjøa 1872[35] Sloop Norway Oslo, Norway 70 ft (21 m)   First vessel to transit the Northwest Passage.
Meiji Maru 1873[36] Lighthouse tender Japan Tokyo, Japan 249.3 ft (76.0 m)    
HNoMS Rap 1873[37] Torpedo boat United Kingdom Horten, Norway 60 ft (18 m) 8  
ARA Uruguay 1874[38] Corvette United Kingdom Buenos Aires, Argentina 150 ft (46 m) 600  
James Craig 1874 Tall Ship Scotland Sydney, Australia 70m 646 net Iron-hulled merchant ship restored by Sydney Heritage fleet, has a motor in but still sails under own power multiple times a month
HSwMS Sölve 1875[39] Monitor Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden 131 ft (40 m) 500  
Elissa 1877[40] Barque United Kingdom Galveston, Texas 141 ft (43 m) 600  
Governor Stone 1877 Schooner United States Panama City, Florida 39 ft (12 m)    
SY Lady of the Lake 1877[41] Steam yacht United Kingdom Ullswater, England 97 ft (30 m)   Built for passenger service on Ullswater, in the English Lake District. Now motorised, but still in service.
Falls of Clyde 1878[42] Windjammer United Kingdom Honolulu, Hawaii 280 ft (85 m) 1800 Only surviving sail-driven oil tanker
HMS Gannet 1878[43] Sloop-of-war United Kingdom Chatham, England 170 ft (52 m) 1100  
Lady Elizabeth 1879[44] Barque United Kingdom Stanley, Falkland Islands 223 ft (68 m) 1200 Beached since 1936
Joseph Conrad 1882 Sailing ship Denmark Mystic, Connecticut 118 ft (36 m)    
BAE Abdon Calderon 1884[45] Gunboat United Kingdom Guayaquil, Ecuador 131 ft (40 m) 300  
Coronet 1885[46] Schooner Yacht United States Newport, Rhode Island 190 ft (58 m) 230 a wooden-hull schooner yacht built in 1885 in Brooklyn, New York for racing, is one of the oldest and largest schooner yachts in the world
Partridge 1885[47] Gaff Cutter United Kingdom La Ciotat, France 71.78 ft (21.88 m) 28 Partridge is the oldest, fully functioning classic racing yacht in the world and was built by John Beavor-Webb. She is based at Classic Works in La Ciotat, France.[48]
Polly Woodside 1885[49] Barque Belfast Melbourne, Australia 192 ft (59 m) 1100 Polly Woodside is typical of thousands of smaller iron barques built in the last days of sail, intended for deep water trade around the world and designed to be operated as economically as possible.
Balclutha 1886[50] Full-rigged ship United Kingdom San Francisco , California 301 ft (92 m) 4100  
Sigyn 1887 Barque Gothenburg, Sweden Turku, Finland 189 ft (57.5 m)   Last remaining wooden barque used for trade across the oceans.
af Chapman 1888[51] Full-rigged ship United Kingdom Stockholm, Sweden 290 ft (88 m)    
Arthur Foss 1889[52] Tugboat United States Seattle, Washington (state) 129 ft (39 m)   Likely oldest wooden tugboat afloat
MY Raven 1889[53] Steam yacht United Kingdom Ullswater, England 112 ft (34 m)   Built for passenger service on Ullswater, in the English Lake District. Now motorised, but still in service.
Fram 1892[54] Schooner Norway Oslo, Norway 128 ft (39 m) 402 Sailed farther north and south than any other wooden vessel
USS Olympia 1892[55] Protected cruiser United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 344 ft (105 m) 6300 Only surviving ship from the Spanish–American War
Turbinia 1894[56] Experimental steamship United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne, England 102 ft (31 m) 45 First turbine-powered ship
Vridni 1894[57] Tugboat Austria-Hungary Split, Croatia 42 ft (13 m) 10  
C.A. Thayer 1895[58] Schooner United States San Francisco , California 219 ft (67 m) 500  
Belem 1896[59] Barque France Nantes, France 190 ft (58 m) 500  
Glenlee 1896[60] Barque United Kingdom Glasgow, Scotland 246 ft (75 m) 3000  
ARA Presidente Sarmiento 1897[61] Training ship United Kingdom Buenos Aires, Argentina 267 ft (81 m) 3000  
William B. Tennison 1899 Bugeye United States Solomons Island, Maryland 60.5 ft.   Built as a sailing bugeye at Crab Island MD in 1899 converted to engine power in 1912. Still operating as a US Coast Guard Licensed Passenger Vessel. The Tennison is a National Historic Landmark operated by The Calvert Marine Museum.
Mikasa 1900 Pre-dreadnought battleship United Kingdom Yokosuka, Japan 432 ft (132 m) 15140 The last remaining example of a pre-dreadnought battleship.
MV Chauncy Maples 1901 Motor ship United Kingdom Malawi 126 ft (38 m) 250 Africa's oldest motor ship[62]
Gazela 1901 Barquentine Portugal Philadelphia 177 ft (54 m) 652 Museum ship
Aurora 1903 Protected Cruiser Russia Saint Petersburg 416 ft (127 m) 6731 Museum Ship
Hercules 1907 Tugboat United States San Francisco 151 ft (46 m) 409 Museum Ship
SS Nyanza 1907 cargo ship United Kingdom Kenya   812 Although delerict, she still retains her original engines and boilers
Dar Pomorza 1910 Frigate Germany Poland 267 ft

(81,5 m)

2500 Museum ship in Gdynia (Poland)
Georgios Averof 1910 Armored Cruiser Greece Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece 459.7 ft (140.1 m) 10200 Museum Ship open for tours
SS Nomadic 1911 Tender Belfast Belfast 220 ft (67 m) 1273 The last remaining White Star Line ship.
MV Cartela 1912 Ferry Australia Hobart, Tasmania 123 ft (37 m) 260 Continuous operation, now under restoration returning to steam. W.W.1. R.A.N.
Chacon 1912 Fishing Boat United States Chugiak, Alaska 72 ft (22 m) 100 Memorial
May Queen 1912 Barge Australia Hobart, Tasmania 69 ft (21 m) 90 Restored afloat display of the Tasmanian Maritime Museum Constitution Dock, Hobart.
CSS Acadia 1913 Hydrographic Surveying Ship Canada Halifax, Canada 182 ft (55 m) 1700 Also a former Canadian Navy Patrol Vessel
Kommuna 1913 Salvage Vessel Russia Sevastopol, Russia 315 ft (96 m)   Oldest ship in actual active service with any navy (USS Constitution and HMS Victory are older, but have only "ceremonial" role).
SS Rusinga 1913 cargo ship United Kingdom Kenya 220 ft (67 m) 1300 Still operational as of 2005[63]
Statsraad Lehmkuhl 1914 School sailing ship Bergen, norway        
HMS Caroline 1914 Light Cruiser United Kingdom Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 420 ft (128.0 m) 3750 Only remaining ship from the Battle of Jutland. Was second oldest ship in the Royal Navy when decommissioned in 2011. Currently undergoing major restoration
USS Texas 1914 Dreadnought Era World War I Battleship United States San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, Texas 573 ft (175 m) 27,000 The last remaining World War I era dreadnought battleship. Also one of six remaining ships that served in World War I and World War II
MV Liemba 1915 cargo ship German Empire Tanzania 234.25 ft (71.40 m) 1575 Scuttled during the Battle for Lake Tanganyika during the First World War, she was later raised by the British and is still an active ferry to this day
HMS M33 1915 Monitor United Kingdom Portsmouth, England 177 ft (54 m) 580 Museum Ship
SS Klondike 1921 Sternwheeler Canada Whitehorse, Yukon 210 ft (64 m) 1226.25 Museum Ship open for tours
STS Sedov 1921 Barque Germany Russia 117.5 ft (35.8 m) 7400 Sail Training Vessel
PS Sudan 1921[64] paddle steamer Scotland River Nile 228 ft (69 m) 600 Currently used for River cruises along the Nile River[65]
SS Delphine 1921 Steam Ship United States Monaco 257.8 ft (78.6 m( 1961  


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