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HandWiki. List of Minerals L (Complete). Encyclopedia. Available at: Accessed April 14, 2024.
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List of Minerals L (Complete)

This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letter L. The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date. This list contains a mixture of mineral names that have been approved since 1959 and those mineral names believed to still refer to valid mineral species (these are called "grandfathered" species). The list is divided into groups: The data was exported from on 29 April 2005; updated up to 'IMA2018'. The minerals are sorted by name, followed by the structural group ( and ima-cnmnc by, mainly) or chemical class ( and basics), the year of publication (if it's before of an IMA approval procedure), the IMA approval and the Nickel–Strunz code. The first link is to, the second link is to, and the third is to the Handbook of Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America).

chemical class mineralogy

1. L

1.1. La – Le

Polished labradorite from Madagascar
Lammerite (dark green) and lavendulan (turquoise-blue), two rare copper arsenates from El Guanaco mine, Antofagasta Province, Chile; size 5.0 × 3.6 × 2.6 cm
Langite from the Grandfontaine-les-Minières Mine, Schirmeck, Bruche valley, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
Latiumite, a rare phyllosilicate, from Cava di Campagnano, Campagnano di Roma, Italy; size 4.6 × 3.8 × 2.8 cm
Lavendulan, an uncommon copper arsenate from the Meskani Mine, Isfahan province, Iran; size 3.9 × 3.5 × 2.6 cm
Lazulite, Färbergraben, Werfen, Austria; largest crystal is about 1.2 cm
Lazurite on marble, Sar-e-Sang District, Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Leadhillite, Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona; size: 3.2 × 3.1 × 2.1 cm
Legrandite and limonite, from Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Leiteite, a zinc arsenate, colored umber-red by inclusions of ludlockite, a lead arsenate. Tsumeb, Namibia; size: 2.8 × 1.8 × 1.2 cm
Lemanskiite, a copper arsenate, Abundancia Mine, Antofagasta Province, Chile; size: 6.3 × 3.3 × 3.1 cm
Lavender lepidolite from the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande District, San Diego County, California, US; size: 4.8 x 3.9 x 3.5 cm
Leucophanite, large crystal from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; size: 2.1 cm x 2.1 cm x 0.8 cm
Libethenite from Kambove, Central area, Katanga Copper Crescent, Katanga , Democratic Republic of Congo
Ludlamite from the Blackbird Mine, Blackbird District, Lemhi County, Idaho, USA
  1. Laachite (zirconolite: IMA2012-100) 04.
  2. Labuntsovite 09.CE.30e
    1. Labuntsovite-Fe (labuntsovite: IMA1998-051a) 09.CE.30e
    2. Labuntsovite-Mg (labuntsovite: IMA1998-050a) 09.CE.30e
    3. Labuntsovite-Mn (labuntsovite: IMA2000 s.p., 1955) 09.CE.30e
  3. Labyrinthite (eudialyte: IMA2002-065) 09.CO.10
  4. Lacroixite (titanite: 1914) 08.BH.10
    (IUPAC: sodium aluminium phosphate fluoride)
  5. Laffittite (IMA1973-031) 02.GA.35
    (IUPAC: silver mercury arsenide trisulfide)
  6. Laflammeite (IMA2000-014) 02.BC.60
    (IUPAC: tripalladium dilead disulfide)
  7. Laforêtite (chalcopyrite: IMA1995-006) 02.CB.10a
    (IUPAC: silver indium disulfide)
  8. Lafossaite (IMA2003-032) 03.AA.25
    (IUPAC: thallium chloride)
  9. Lagalyite (IMA2016-106) 04.
  10. Lahnsteinite (ktenasite: IMA2012-002) 07.
    (IUPAC: tetrazinc sulfate hexahydroxide trihydrate)
  11. Laihunite (IMA1988-xxx, 1976) 09.AC.05
  12. Laitakarite (tetradymite: IMA1967 s.p., 1959) 02.DC.05
    (IUPAC: tetrabismuth triselenide)
  13. Lakargiite (oxide perovskite: IMA2007-014) 04.CC.30
    (IUPAC: calcium zirconium trioxide)
  14. Lakebogaite (IMA2007-001) 08.EA.20
  15. Lalondeite (gyrolite: IMA2002-026) 09.EE.85
  16. Lammerite (IMA1980-016) 08.AB.30
    (IUPAC: tricopper diarsenate)
    1. Lammerite-beta (lammerite-β: IMA2009-002) 08.AB.30
      (IUPAC: tricopper diarsenate)
  17. Lamprophyllite (seidozerite, lamprophyllite: 1894) 09.BE.25
    (IUPAC: trisodium (strontium sodium) trititanium heptaoxodisilicate dioxidedihydroxide)
  18. Lanarkite (Y: 1832) 07.BD.40
    (IUPAC: dilead oxide sulfate)
  19. Landauite (crichtonite: IMA1965-033) 04.CC.40
  20. Landesite (reddingite: IMA1964 s.p., 1930 Rd) 08.CC.05
    (IUPAC: nonamanganese(II) triiron(III) octaphosphate trihydroxide nonahydrate)
  21. Långbanite (IMA1971 s.p., 1888) 09.AG.10
  22. Långbanshyttanite (IMA2010-071) 08.
    (IUPAC: dilead dimanganese magnesium diarsenate tetrahydroxide hexahydrate)
  23. Langbeinite (langbeinite: 1891) 07.AC.10
    (IUPAC: dipotassium dimagnesium trisulfate)
  24. Langhofite (IMA2019-005) 07.
  25. Langisite (nickeline: IMA1968-023) 02.CC.05
    (IUPAC: cobalt arsenide)
  26. Langite (Y: 1864) 07.DD.10
    (IUPAC: tetracopper sulfate hexahydroxide dihydrate)
  27. Lanmuchangite (alum: IMA2001-018) 07.CC.20
    (IUPAC: thallium aluminium disulfate dodecahydrate)
  28. Lannonite (IMA1979-069) 07.DF.40
  29. Lansfordite (Y: 1888) 05.CA.10
    (IUPAC: magnesium carbonate pentahydrate)
  30. Lanthanite 05.CC.25
    (IUPAC: diREE tricarbonate octahydrate)
    1. Lanthanite-(Ce) (lanthanite: IMA1983-055) 05.CC.25
    2. Lanthanite-(La) (lanthanite: IMA1987 s.p., 1845) 05.CC.25
    3. Lanthanite-(Nd) (lanthanite: IMA1979-074) 05.CC.25
  31. Lapeyreite (IMA2003-023b) 08.
    (IUPAC: tricopper oxydi(hydroxoarsenate) monohydrate)
  32. Laphamite (orpiment: IMA1985-021) 02.FA.30
    (IUPAC: diarsenic triselenide)
  33. Lapieite (IMA1983-002) 02.GA.25
    (IUPAC: copper nickel antimonide trisulfide)
  34. Laplandite-(Ce) (IMA1974-005) 09.DJ.10
  35. Laptevite-(Ce) (IMA2011-081) 09.
  36. Larderellite (larderellite: 1854) 06.EB.05
  37. Larisaite (IMA2002-061) 04.JH.25
  38. Larnite (Y: 1929) 09.AD.05
    (IUPAC: β-dicalcium (silicate tetraoxide))
  39. Larosite (IMA1971-014) 02.LB.35
  40. Larsenite (Y: 1928) 09.AB.10
    (IUPAC: lead zinc (silicate tetraoxide))
  41. Lasalite (lasalite: IMA2007-005) 04.HC.05
  42. Lasnierite (IMA2017-084) 08.
  43. Latiumite (latiumite: 1953) 09.EG.45
  44. Latrappite (double perovskite: IMA1964-019) 04.CC.30
  45. Laueite (laueite, laueite: 1954) 08.DC.30
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) diiron(III) diphosphate dihydroxide octahydrate)
  46. Laumontite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1805) 09.GB.10
  47. Launayite (madocite: IMA1966-021) 02.LB.30
  48. Lauraniite (IMA2019-049)
  49. Laurelite (IMA1988-020a) 03.DC.20
    (IUPAC: heptalead dodecafluoride dichloride)
  50. Laurentianite (IMA2010-018) 09.
  51. Laurentthomasite (milarite: IMA2018-157) 09.
  52. Laurionite (Y: 1887) 03.DC.05
    (IUPAC: lead chloride hydroxide)
  53. Laurite (pyrite: 1866) 02.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: ruthenium disulfide)
  54. Lausenite (Y: 1928) 07.CB.70
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) trisulfate pentahydrate)
  55. Lautarite (Y: 1891) 04.KA.05
    (IUPAC: calcium diiodate)
  56. Lautenthalite (devilline: IMA1983-029) 07.DE.70
    (IUPAC: lead tetracopper disulfate hexahydroxide trihydrate)
  57. Lautite (Y: 1881) 02.CB.40
    (IUPAC: copper arsenide sulfide)
  58. Lavendulan (lavendulan: 1837) 08.DG.05
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium pentacopper tetraarsenate chloride pentahydrate)
  59. Låvenite (wöhlerite: 1884) 09.BE.17
  60. Laverovite (astrophyllite: IMA2017-009b) 09.DC.
  61. Lavinskyite (plancheite: IMA2012-028) 09.
  62. Lavoisierite (ardennite: IMA2012-009) 09.
  63. Lavrentievite (IMA1984-020) 02.FC.15a
    (IUPAC: trimercury disulfide dichloride)
  64. Lawrencite (Y: 1845) 03.AB.20
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dichloride)
  65. Lawsonbauerite (IMA1979-004) 07.DD.40
    (IUPAC: nonamanganese(II) tetrazinc disulfate docosahydroxide octahydrate)
  66. Lawsonite (lawsonite: 1895) 09.BE.05
    (IUPAC: calcium dialuminium (disilicate heptaoxide) dihydroxide monohydrate)
  67. Lazaraskeite (IMA2018-137) 10.
    (IUPAC: bis(glycolato)copper(II))
  68. Lazarenkoite (IMA1980-076) 04.JC.10
    (IUPAC: calcium iron(III) triarsenic(III) heptaoxide trihydrate)
  69. Lazaridisite (IMA2012-043) 07.
    (IUPAC: tri(cadmium sulfate) tetrahydrate)
  70. Lazulite (IMA1967 s.p., 1795) 08.BB.40
    (IUPAC: magnesium dialuminium diphosphate dihydroxide)
  71. LazuriteQ (Y: 1891) 09.FB.10
    Note: all known lazurites seem to be a variety of haüyne (Moore & Woodside, 2014)
  72. Lead (19th century for native lead, probably) 01.AA.05
  73. Leadamalgam (amalgam: IMA1981-042) 01.AD.30
    (IUPAC: mercury dilead amalgam)
  74. Leadhillite (Y: 1832) 05.BF.40
    (IUPAC: tetralead sulfate dicarbonate dihydroxide)
  75. LechatelieriteQ (Y: 1915) 04.DA.30
    (IUPAC: dioxosilicate)
  76. Lecontite (Y: 1858) 07.CD.15
    (IUPAC: ammonium sodium sulfate dihydrate)
  77. Lecoqite-(Y) (IMA2008-069) 05.
    (IUPAC: sodium yttrium carbonate hexahydrate)
  78. Leesite (IMA2016-064) 04.
  79. Lefontite (IMA2014-075) 08.
    (IUPAC: diiron dialuminium beryllium diphosphate hexahydroxide)
  80. Legrandite (Y: 1932) 08.DC.10
    (IUPAC: dizinc arsenate hydroxide monohydrate)
  81. Leguernite (IMA2013-051) 07.A0.
  82. Lehmannite (arsmirandite: IMA2017-057a) 08.
  83. Lehnerite (8.EB.10: IMA1986-032) 08.EB.10
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) diuranyl diphosphate octahydrate)
  84. Leifite (leifite: IMA2002 s.p., 1915 Rd) 09.EH.25
  85. Leightonite (Y: 1938) 07.CC.70
    (IUPAC: dipotassium dicalcium copper tetrasulfate dihydrate)
  86. Leisingite (tellurium oxysalt: IMA1995-011) 04.FL.65
    (IUPAC: copper dimagnesium tellurium(VI) hexaoxide hexahydrate)
  87. Leiteite (IMA1976-026) 04.JA.05
    (IUPAC: zinc diarsenic(III) tetraoxide)
  88. Lemanskiite (IMA1999-037) 08.DG.05
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium pentacopper tetraarsenate chloride pentahydrate)
  89. Lemmleinite 09.CE.30d
    1. Lemmleinite-Ba (labuntsovite: IMA1998-052a) 09.CE.30d
    2. Lemmleinite-K (labuntsovite: IMA1997-003) 09.CE.30d
  90. Lemoynite (lemoynite: IMA1968-013) 09.DP.35
  91. Lenaite (chalcopyrite: IMA1994-008) 02.CB.10a
    (IUPAC: silver iron disulfide)
  92. Lengenbachite (cylindrite: 1905) 02.HF.30
  93. Leningradite (IMA1988-014) 08.BH.65
    (IUPAC: lead tricopper divanadate dichloride)
  94. Lennilenapeite (stilpnomelane: IMA1982-085) 09.EG.40
  95. Lenoblite (IMA1970-002) 04.HG.60
    (IUPAC: divanadium(IV) tetraoxide dihydrate)
  96. Leogangite (IMA1998-032) 08.CC.15
    (IUPAC: decacopper tetrarsenate tetrasulfate hexahydroxide octahydrate)
  97. Leonardsenite (weberite: IMA2011-059) 03.
    (IUPAC: magnesium aluminium pentafluoride dihydrate)
  98. Leonite (Y: 1896) 07.CC.55
    (IUPAC: dipotassium magnesium disulfate tetrahydrate)
  99. Leoszilardite (IMA2015-128) 05.
    (IUPAC: hexasodium magnesium diuranyl hexacarbonate hexahydrate)
  100. Lepageite (arsenite-antimonite: IMA2018-028) 04.
  101. Lepersonnite-(Gd) (IMA1981-036) 05.EG.10
  102. Lepidocrocite (lepidocrocite: IMA1980 s.p., 1944) 04.FE.15
    (IUPAC: hydro γ-iron(III) oxide)
  103. Lepidolite, mica series (Y: 1905) 09.EC.20
    Note: polylithionite-trilithionite series.
  104. Lepkhenelmite-Zn (labuntsovite: IMA2003-003) 09.CE.30c
  105. Lermontovite (Y: 1957) 08.DN.15
    (IUPAC: uranium(IV) phosphate hydroxide monohydrate)
  106. Letovicite (Y: 1932) 07.AD.20
    (IUPAC: triammonium sulfate hydrogensulfate)
  107. Leucite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1791) 09.GB.05
  108. Leucophanite (Y: 1842) 09.DH.05
  109. Leucophoenicite (humite: 1899) 09.AF.60
    (IUPAC: heptamanganese(II) tri(silicate tetraoxide) dihydroxide)
  110. Leucophosphite (Y: 1932) 08.DH.10
    (IUPAC: potassium diiron(III) diphosphate hydroxide dihydrate)
  111. Leucosphenite (Y: 1901) 09.DP.15
  112. Leucostaurite (hilgardite: IMA2007-047) 06.EA.05
  113. Levantite (latiumite: IMA2017-010) 09.
  114. Leverettite (atacamite: IMA2013-011) 03.
    (IUPAC: tricopper cobalt dichloride hexahydroxide)
  115. Levinsonite-(Y) (sulfate-oxalate: IMA1996-057) 10.AB.70
  116. Lévyclaudite (cylindrite: IMA1989-034) 02.HF.25a
  117. Lévyne 09.GD.15
    1. Lévyne-Ca (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1825) 09.GD.15
    2. Lévyne-Na (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p.) 09.GD.15
  118. Leydetite (leydetite: IMA2012-065) 07.
    (IUPAC: iron uranyl disulfate undecahydrate)

1.2. Li – Ly

Libethenite crystals to 3 mm, Kambove, Haut-Katanga District, Democratic Republic of Congo
Liddicoatite, a tourmaline, from Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar. Polished slab, 5.8 × 4.7 × 0.4 cm.
  1. Liandratite (IMA1975-039) 04.DH.35
    (IUPAC: uranium(VI) diniobium octaoxide)
  2. Liberite (IMA1967 s.p., 1964) 09.AA.10
    (IUPAC: dilithium beryllium tetraoxosilicate)
  3. Libethenite (andalusite: 1789) 08.BB.30
    (IUPAC: dicopper phosphate hydroxide)
  4. LiddicoatiteH 09.CK.05
    (Note: no type material available, formally discredited 2011; former liddicoatite was renamed fluor-liddicoatite)
  5. Liebauite (IMA1990-040) 09.DO.25
    (IUPAC: tricalcium pentacopper hexacosaoxide nonasilicate)
  6. Liebenbergite (olivine: IMA1972-033) 09.AC.05
    (IUPAC: dinickel tetraoxosilicate)
  7. Liebermannite (lingunite: IMA2013-128) 09.FA.
    (IUPAC: potassium sodium octaoxide trisilicate)
  8. Liebigite (Y: 1848) 05.ED.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium uranyl tricarbonate undecahydrate)
  9. Likasite (Y: 1955) 05.ND.05
    (IUPAC: tricopper nitrate pentahydroxide dihydrate)
  10. Lileyite (seidozerite, lamprophyllite: IMA2011-021) 09.BE.25
  11. Lillianite (lillianite: 1890) 02.JB.40a
  12. Lime (Y: 1882) 04.AB.25
    (IUPAC: calcium oxide)
  13. Limousinite (beryllophosphate zeolite: IMA2019-011) 07.
  14. Linarite (linarite: 1822) 07.BC.65
    (IUPAC: lead copper sulfate dihydroxide)
  15. Lindackerite (lindacherite: IMA1995 s.p. Rd, 1853) 08.CE.30
    (IUPAC: pentacopper diarsenate dihydroxoarsenate nonahydrate)
  16. Lindbergite (humboltine: IMA2003-029) 10.AB.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) oxalate dihydrate)
  17. Lindgrenite (Y: 1935) 07.GB.05
    (IUPAC: tricopper dimolybdate(VI) dihydroxide)
  18. Lindqvistite (IMA1991-038) 04.CC.45
    (IUPAC: dilead manganese(II) hexadecairon(III) heptacosaoxide)
  19. Lindsleyite (crichtonite: IMA1982-086) 04.CC.40
  20. Lindströmite (meneghinite: IMA1975-005a) 02.HB.05a
  21. Línekite (IMA2012-066) 05.
    (IUPAC: dipotassium tricalcium di[uranyl tricarbonate] heptahydrate)
  22. Lingbaoite (IMA2018-138)
  23. Lingunite (lingunite: IMA2004-054) 09.FA.70
    (IUPAC: sodium aluminium octaoxide trisilicate)
  24. Linnaeite (spinel, linnaeite: 1845) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: cobalt(II) dicobalt(III) tetrasulfide)
  25. Lintisite (IMA1989-025) 09.DB.15
    (IUPAC: trisodium lithium dititanium dioxide tetra(trioxide silicate) dihydrate)
  26. Linzhiite (silicide: IMA2010-011) 01.BB.20
    (IUPAC: iron disilicide)
  27. Liottite (cancrinite-sodalite: IMA1975-036) 09.FB.05
  28. Lipscombite (Y: 1953) 08.BB.90
    (IUPAC: iron(II) diiron(III) diphosphate dihydroxide)
  29. Lipuite (IMA2014-085) 09.
  30. Liroconite (Y: 1822) 08.DF.20
    (IUPAC: dicopper aluminium arsenate tetrahydroxide tetrahydrate)
  31. Lisetite (IMA1985-017) 09.FA.55
    (IUPAC: disodium calcium tetraluminium tetra(tetraoxide silicate))
  32. Lishizhenite (IMA1989-002) 07.CB.75
    (IUPAC: zinc diiron(III) tetrasulfate tetradecahydrate)
  33. Lisiguangite (IMA2007-003) 02.GA.25
    (IUPAC: copper platinum bismuth trisulfide)
  34. Lisitsynite (IMA2000-008) 09.FA.25
    (IUPAC: potassium boron hexaoxide disilicate)
  35. Liskeardite (Y: 1874) 08.DF.10
  36. Lislkirchnerite (IMA2015-064) 05.N?.
    (IUPAC: hexalead aluminium octahydroxide dichloride pentanitrate dihydrate)
  37. Litharge (Y: 1917) 04.AC.20
    (IUPAC: lead oxide)
  38. Lithiomarsturite (rhodonite: IMA1988-035) 09.DK.05
  39. Lithiophilite (olivine: 1878) 08.AB.10
    (IUPAC: lithium manganese(II) phosphate)
  40. Lithiophorite (Y: 1870) 04.FE.25
  41. Lithiophosphate (Y: 1957) 08.AA.20
    (IUPAC: trilithium phosphate)
  42. Lithiotantite (IMA1982-022) 04.DB.40
    (IUPAC: lithium tritantalum octaoxide)
  43. Lithiowodginite (wodginite: IMA1988-011) 04.DB.40
    (IUPAC: lithium tritantalum octaoxide)
  44. Lithosite (IMA1982-049) 09.GB.05
    (IUPAC: tripotassium dialuminium dodecaoxide tetrasilicate hydroxide)
  45. Litidionite (IMA2014-C, 1880) 09.DG.70
    (IUPAC: potassium sodium copper decaoxide tetrasilicate)
  46. Litochlebite (watkinsonite: IMA2009-036) 02.HB.20e
    (IUPAC: disilver lead tetrabismuth octaselenide)
  47. Litvinskite (lovozerite: IMA1999-017) 09.CJ.15a
  48. Liudongshengite (IMA2019-044)
  49. Liuite (corundum: IMA2017-042a) 04.CB.
    (IUPAC: iron titanium trioxide)
  50. Liveingite (sartorite: 1902) 02.HC.05c
  51. Liversidgeite (IMA2008-048) 08.
    (IUPAC: hexazinc tetraphosphate heptahydrate)
  52. Livingstonite (Y: 1874) 02.JA.05i
  53. Lizardite (serpentine: 1956) 09.ED.15
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium pentaoxide disilicate tetrahydroxide)
  54. Llantenesite (spangolite: IMA2018-111) 07.
    (IUPAC: hexacopper selenate dodecahydroxide chlorine trihydrate)
  55. Lobanovite (astrophyllite, devitoite: IMA2015-B, 1963) 09.DC.05
  56. Lokkaite-(Y) (tengerite: IMA1969-045) 05.CC.15
    (IUPAC: calcium tetrayttrium heptacarbonate nonahydrate)
  57. Löllingite (löllingite: 1845) 02.EB.15a
    (IUPAC: iron diarsenide)
  58. Lombardoite (brackebuschite: IMA2016-058) 08.
    (IUPAC: dibarium manganese(III) diarsenate hydroxide)
  59. Lomonosovite (seidozerite, murmanite: IMA1967 s.p., 1950) 09.BE.32
    (IUPAC: hexasodium dititanium disodium dititanium di(heptaoxo disilicate) diphosphate tetraoxide)
  60. Londonite (rhodizite: IMA1999-014) 06.GC.05
    (IUPAC: cesium tetraberyllium tetraluminium (undecaboron beryllium) octacosaoxide)
  61. Lonecreekite (alum: IMA1982-063) 07.CC.20
    (IUPAC: ammonium iron(III) disulfate dodecahydrate)
  62. Lonsdaleite (IMA1966-044) 01.CB.10b
    (Note: pseudohexagonal allotrope of carbon (Németh et al., 2014). Meteoric lonsdaleite might be valid)
  63. Loparite-(Ce) (oxide perovskite: IMA1987 s.p., 1923) 04.CC.35
  64. Lopatkaite (IMA2012-083) 02.
  65. Lópezite (IMA2007 s.p., 1937) 07.FD.05
    (IUPAC: potassium dichromate(VI))
  66. Lorándite (2007 s.p., 1894) 02.HD.05
    (IUPAC: thallium arsenide disulfide)
  67. Loranskite-(Y) (IMA1987 s.p., 1899) 04.DG.05
    (Note: an ill-defined material)
  68. Lorenzenite (Y: 1901) 09.DB.10
    (IUPAC: disodium dititanium trioxide (hexaoxide disilicate))
  69. Loseyite (Y: 1929) 05.BA.30
    (IUPAC: tetramanganese(II) trizinc dicarbonate decahydoxide)
  70. Lotharmeyerite (tsumcorite: IMA1982-060 Rd) 08.CG.15
    (IUPAC: calcium dizinc diarsenate dihydrate)
  71. Loudounite (IMA1982-013) 09.HF.10
  72. Loughlinite (IMA1967 s.p., 1960) 09.EE.25
  73. Lourenswalsite (IMA1987-005) 09.EJ.05
  74. Lovdarite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1972-009) 09.GF.15
  75. Loveringite (crichtonite: IMA1977-023) 04.CC.40
  76. Lovozerite (lovozerite: 1939) 09.CJ.15a
  77. Löweite (Y: 1847) 07.CC.45
    (IUPAC: dodecasodium heptamagnesium tridecasulfate pentadecahydrate)
  78. Luanheite (amalgam: IMA1983-083) 01.AD.15b
    (IUPAC: trisilver mercury amalgam)
  79. Luanshiweiite (mica: IMA2011-102) 09.E?.
  80. Luberoite (IMA1990-047) 02.BC.35
    (IUPAC: pentaplatinum tetraselenide)
  81. Lucabindiite (IMA2011-010) 08.
  82. Lucasite-(Ce) (IMA1986-020) 04.DH.10
    (IUPAC: cerium dititanium pentaoxide hydroxide)
  83. Lucchesiite (tourmaline: IMA2015-043) 09.
  84. Luddenite (IMA1981-032) 09.HH.10
  85. Ludjibaite (IMA1987-009) 08.BD.25
    (IUPAC: pentacopper diphosphate tetrahydroxide)
  86. Ludlamite (Y: 1885) 08.CD.20
    (IUPAC: triiron(II) diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  87. Ludlockite (IMA1969-046) 04.JA.45
    (IUPAC: lead tetrairon(III) decarsenic(III) docosaoxide)
  88. Ludwigite (ludwigite: 1874) 06.AB.30
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium iron(III) dioxyborate)
  89. Lueshite (oxide perovskite: IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 04.CC.30
    (IUPAC: sodium niobium trioxide)
  90. Luetheite (chenevixite: IMA1976-011) 08.DD.05
    (IUPAC: dicopper dialuminium diarsenate tetrahydroxide monohydrate)
  91. Luinaite-(OH) (tourmaline: IMA2009-046) 09.CK.05
  92. Lukechangite-(Ce) (IMA1996-033) 05.BD.05
    (IUPAC: trisodium dicerium tetracarbonate fluoride)
  93. Lukkulaisvaaraite (IMA2013-115) 02.
  94. Lukrahnite (tsumcorite: IMA1999-030) 08.CG.20
  95. Lulzacite (IMA1998-039) 08.BK.25
    (IUPAC: distrontium triiron(II) tetraluminium tetraphosphate decahydroxide)
  96. Lumsdenite (vanarsite: IMA2018-092) 04.
  97. Lüneburgite (Y: 1870) 06.AC.60
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium [diborate hexahydroxide diphosphate] hexahydrate)
  98. Lunijianlaite (corrensite: IMA1989-056) 09.EC.60
    Note: a regular 1:1 interstratification of cookeite and pyrophyllite.
  99. Lun'okite (overite: IMA1982-058) 08.
    (IUPAC: magnesium manganese(II) aluminium diphosphate hydroxide tetrahydrate)
  100. Luobusaite (silicide: IMA2005-052a) 01.BB.25
  101. Luogufengite (IMA2016-005) 04.
    (IUPAC: diiron trioxide)
  102. Lusernaite-(Y) (IMA2011-108) 05.
    (IUPAC: tetrayttrium aluminium dicarbonate undeca(hydroxide,fluoride) hexahydrate)
  103. Lussierite (IMA2018-101) 08.
    (IUPAC: decasodium [uranyl tetrasulfate] disulfate triwater)
  104. Luxembourgite (IMA2018-154) 02.
  105. Luzonite (stannite: 1874) 02.KA.10
    (IUPAC: tricopper arsenide tetrasulfide)
  106. Lyonsite (IMA1986-041) 08.AB.40
    (IUPAC: tricopper(II) tetrairon(III) hexavanadate)
Subjects: Geology
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