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Studio One

Studio One is a digital audio workstation (DAW) application, used to create, record, mix and master music and other audio, with functionality also available for video. Initially developed as a successor to the KRISTAL Audio Engine, it was acquired by PreSonus and first released in 2009 for macOS and Microsoft Windows. In addition to the commercial editions of the software (known as Studio One Artist and Studio One Professional), PreSonus also distributes a free edition, with reduced functionality (known as Studio One Prime). The Professional edition is also available as part of the PreSonus Sphere monthly subscription program.

digital audio daw kristal

1. History

1.1. Early Development and Release (2004–2011)

Studio One originally began development under the name K2, as a follow-up to the KRISTAL Audio Engine.[1] Although development for this follow-up began in 2004,[2] it transitioned in 2006 to a cooperation between PreSonus and KristalLabs Software Ltd., a start-up founded by former Steinberg employees Wolfgang Kundrus and Matthias Juwan.[3] Kundrus was one of the developers for initial versions of Cubase, and established concepts for the first version of Nuendo.[4] Juwan was the author of the original KRISTAL Audio Engine, wrote the specification for version 3 of the VST plug-in standard, and had also worked on multiple Steinberg products, including Cubase, Nuendo, and HALion.[5]

KristalLabs then became part of PreSonus in 2009,[3] and the former KristalLabs logo was used as the basis for the logo of Studio One.[6]

The first version of Studio One was announced on 1 April 2009 at Musikmesse,[7][8] and released on 27 September 2009.[9][10] The final update for Studio One version 1 (v1.6.5) was released in July 2011.[11][12]

1.2. Versions 2 & 3 (2011–2018)

Version 2 of Studio One was announced on 17 October 2011,[13][14] and released on 31 October 2011 (alongside the 2.0.2 update).[15] This release of the software introduced multiple enhancements, including integration with Celemony Melodyne, transient detection & quantization, groove extraction, multi-track comping, folder tracks, multi-track MIDI editing, an updated browser, and new plug-ins.[16]

The integration of Studio One version 2 with Melodyne was achieved via the creation of a new plug-in extension, known as Audio Random Access (ARA). This extension, developed jointly by PreSonus and Celemony, allows an audio plug-in to appear as an integrated part of the application.[17]

Version 3 of Studio One was released on 20 May 2015.[18] The new features included an arranger track, scratchpads for idea experimentation, the ability to chain together different effects and instruments, MIDI note effects, new plug-ins, and the ability to use curves in automation.[19]

1.3. Versions 4 & 5 (2018–2022)

Following teaser images on social media websites in the preceding weeks,[20] version 4 of Studio One was announced via a YouTube live stream event on 22 May 2018, and released simultaneously.[21][22] New features in version 4 included a chord track (with chord detection, transposition and chord substitution options), a dedicated drum editing interface, expanded drum machine & sampler plug-ins, AAF-format import/export functionality (to exchange data with other DAW applications), and support for version 2 of the ARA plug-in extension.[22]

Almost exactly a year later, on 21 May 2019, this functionality was expanded further with the live stream announcement and simultaneous release of version 4.5.[23] New functionality introduced with version 4.5 included input channel gain staging and phase/polarity options, a built-in plug-in manager, M4A (AAC/ALAC) support, video export options, new grouping options, RMS metering, pre-fader metering, CPU multi-core optimization, and expanded macro features, alongside a new add-on for batch audio conversion & processing.[24][25]

The release of version 4.6 was preceded by a launch party event, hosted by PreSonus at the Red Bull Studios building in London.[26] Its release on 10 December 2019 included a re-designed and expanded version of the 'Ampire' guitar amplifier and effects plugin (including new effects pedal options), a re-designed content browser, and new templates & macros for podcast production.[27][28]

Version 5 of Studio One, described as "ten years in the making", was announced via live-stream video on 7 July 2020. Features added in this new version included a full score editor (with features similar to that of PreSonus' notation software, Notion), a 'Show’ interface focused on supporting live performances, MIDI support enhancements (such as polyphonic expression, custom ROLI device support, and the ability to use MTC & MMC to synchronize Studio One with external clocks). Version 5 also added support for recording in 64-bit floating-point WAV format, bringing the maximum precision for recording & processing to 64-bit/384 kHz and thereby making Studio One one of the highest-resolution audio production and mastering applications available.[29][30][31] Version 5.4 of the software, released in September 2021, added native support for Apple computers with Apple silicon chips, thereby providing improved performance on such machines (which would previously have run the application via 'Rosetta 2' emulation).[32]

1.4. Version 6 (2022–Present)

Version 6 of the software (the first following PreSonus' acquisition by Fender in 2021) was both announced and released on 29 September 2022.[33] The new release included enhancements focused on making the application "simpler [and] more intuitive" (as previously alluded to by Fender CEO, Andy Mooney),[33] such as "smart" templates, additional UI customization, song lyric support, and cloud-based collaboration (via their PreSonus Sphere subscription service).[33] Following the launch, Evan Jones, Fender CMO, stated that the company was "fully invested in supporting the continued expansion and adoption of Studio One as the total solution for professional and committed at-home creators."[33]

2. Features

2.1. Standard DAW Features

In addition to its other functionality, Studio One includes fundamental features which are common across most digital audio workstation software, such as the functionality found in multi-track recorders and audio mixing consoles, plus additional functions not possible with analog recording (such as undoing previous actions, editing without loss of information, use of virtual instruments, etc.).[34]

2.2. Editions

Studio One is available in 3 editions, each with a different license cost (if any) and set of features. The Professional edition is also available as part of the PreSonus Sphere monthly subscription program, which also includes other PreSonus software, such as Notion, and all of its available plug-ins.[35]

  Studio One Prime Studio One Artist Studio One Professional
Pricing Free[36] One-Time Purchase / Free with PreSonus Hardware[37] One-Time Purchase[38] or PreSonus Sphere[35]
Audio Processing 32-Bit[38] 32-Bit[38] 64-Bit[38]
Native Plug-Ins 10 (approx.)[39] 35 (approx.)[39] 45 (approx.)[39]
Input / Output Support 2 In / 2 Out[39] Unlimited[39] Unlimited[39]
Maximum Track/Bus Count Unlimited[38] Unlimited[38] Unlimited[38]
WAV/AIFF Export Yes[39] Yes[39] Yes[39]
M4A (AAC/ALAC) Support Yes[39] Yes[39] Yes[39]
Audio Transient Detection No[39] Yes[39] Yes[40]
SoundCloud Export/Import No[39] Yes[39] Yes[41]
Custom Macro Support No[39] Yes[39] Yes[42]
Side-by-Side Notion Support No[39] Yes[39] Yes[43]
VST/VST2/VST3 Plug-In Support No[38] Yes (Version 5 and Above)[31] Yes[34]
ReWire Plug-In Support No[38] Yes (Version 5 and Above)[31] Yes[34]
Studio One Remote Support No[44] Yes (Version 5 and Above)[31] Yes[45]
Integrated Celemony Melodyne No[39] Trial Version[46] Yes[46]
FLAC/MP3 Export No[39] Add-On Available[47] Yes[34]
Audio Unit Plug-In Support No[38] Add-On Available[38] Yes[34]
Video Track Support No[39] No[39] Yes[39]
Video Export No[39] No[39] Yes[39]
Batch Audio Processing Add-On Available[48] Add-On Available[48] Add-On Available[48]

2.3. Other Features

The other core features of Studio One include the following:

  • A multi-touch interface with drag-and-drop functionality and support for multiple screens, including HDPI displays.[19]
  • A separate Project-level interface, which contains tools for mastering, managing the metadata of, and exporting one or more songs simultaneously, including options for creating Red Book Standard CDs or disk images (Professional Edition only).[49]
  • A separate Show-level interface, designed for use in coordinating the entirety of live performances from a single location.[50]
  • Real-time audio time-stretching features.[51]
  • Integrated music score editor.[29]
  • Multiple automation patterns for tracks and plug-ins, including straight lines, exponential/parabolic curves, square waves, triangle waves, sine waves, etc.[52]
  • Support for the ARA/ARA2 extension for audio plug-ins, allowing them to closely integrate as part of the application.[17]
  • A chord track, with automatic chord detection from audio or MIDI tracks, and options for chord transposition and substitution (Professional Edition only).[22]
  • An arranger track, for navigating song sections and re-arranging them via drag-and-drop.[19]
  • A lyrics track, for attaching song lyrics to notese, either word by word or syllable by syllable (Professional Edition only).[33]
  • Scratch pads, for users to experiment with different song layouts without impacting the original version (Professional Edition only).[19]
  • Undo functionality across the mixing process, including for plug-ins, virtual instruments, routing, effects chains, and others.[53]
  • The ability to create chains of virtual instruments and/or effects (Professional Edition only).[19]
  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression / Poly Pressure.[29]
  • Support for MTC and MMC, to synchronize Studio One with external clocks.[31]
  • MIDI note-level effects, such as an arpeggiator and a chord generator.[19]
  • A dedicated interface for editing programmed drums, including configurable kit piece names for each note pitch.[22]
  • Mix Engine effects: plug-ins that can be used to modify/bypass/replace the standard mixing processes for a specific bus/channel (Professional Edition only).[54]
  • Support for users to switch to the keyboard shortcuts from other DAW software, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and Sonar.[55][56]
  • Compatibility with the Mackie Control Universal communications protocol (which combines functionality from Mackie Control, Logic Control and HUI[57]), for interfacing with audio control surfaces.[58][59]
  • Compatibility with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MkII series keyboards.[60]

2.4. Add-Ons

Introduced with version 2.6.2 in January 2014, add-ons are optional items, developed either by PreSonus, or by third-parties, which can be acquired separately from the PreSonus store to expand the capabilities of Studio One. This can include new functionality (often known as 'extensions'), plug-ins, virtual instrument presets, loops, and other assets.[47] Example add-on functionality includes the Audio Batch Converter (released alongside version 4.5), which allows for the offline conversion and processing of multiple audio files simultaneously, including the use of both native and third-party plug-ins.[48]

Add-ons are also available to expand Studio One Artist to include other functionality from the Professional edition, including VST/AU/ReWire plug-in support, MP3 support, and Studio One Remote support.[38][47]

2.5. Studio One Remote

A mix window in Studio One Remote; running on iPad.

Introduced alongside Studio One version 3 in 2015, Studio One Remote is an app for wirelessly controlling Studio One via a tablet device connected to the same network.[45] Whilst originally released for the Apple iPad, Remote was subsequently released for Microsoft Windows & Surface tablets (February 2016),[61] and for Android tablets (June 2017).[62] It uses PreSonus' own UCNET protocol, which is used for network connectivity and remote control across multiple PreSonus products.[45]

Aspects of Studio One functionality which can be controlled via Remote include:[45]

  • The mixing console, including inserts, sends, inputs, outputs, and cue mixes.
  • The transport bar and timeline ruler, including markers and arranger sections.
  • Track macro controls.
  • Plug-in parameters.

2.6. Studio One Exchange

Studio One Exchange (previously known as PreSonus Exchange when it was first released in January 2012, alongside version 2.0.4[63][64]) is a service which allows registered Studio One users to exchange plug-in presets, MIDI files and other resources from directly within the application.[65] The Studio One Browser allows users to explore, preview, download, and review items uploaded to this service by other users, as well as upload their own.[66]

A re-designed version of Exchange, referred to as 'Exchange 2.0' was released as part of Studio One v4.6 on 10 December 2019.[27]

3. Reception

Studio One has received mostly positive reviews since its initial release. Common areas of praise include rapid workflow, cost-effectiveness, and usability.[19][67][68][69][70][71]

Studio One won the Japanese V.G.P. (Visual Grand Prix) 'Gold' award for three consecutive years, in 2011, 2012, and 2013.[72]

In 2012, readers of Resolution Magazine named Studio One (version 2) as the Resolution Award winner in the 'DAW' category.[73][74]

In 2013, Studio One (version 2.5) won a M.I.P.A. (Musikmesse International Press Awards) award in the 'Best Recording Software' category.[75][76] Other awards received in 2013 included the Visual Grand Prix Audio Excellence award (in the 'DAW' category), the ProSoundWeb & Live Sound International, Readers’ Choice Award, and Audio Media's 'Gear of the Year' award, and the C.I.F. (Customers in Focus) award from the music studio website[77][78][79][80][81][82]

In 2016, Studio One (version 3) won Music and Sound Retailer's award for 'Best Multitrack Recorder/Recording & Mixing Software of 2015' at NAMM.[83][84]

4. Release History

Year Date Version Key Features
2009 Version 1
27 September 1.0.0 Initial version.[9][10]
15 October 1.0.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[85][86]
2 December 1.0.2 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[87][88]
2010 28 April 1.5.0 QuickTime video support, enhanced drag & drop functionality, REX2 file support, SoundCloud integration, enhanced automation, dynamic timestretching, MIDI improvements.[89][90]
23 June 1.5.1 MIDI recording offset.[91]
2 August 1.5.2 Bug fixes.[92][93]
28 September 1.6.0 Infinite nested buses, Mackie HUI support, VST 3.1 support.[59][94]
18 November 1.6.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[95]
2011 3 January 1.6.2 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[96]
30 January 1.6.3 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[97]
9 March 1.6.4 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[98][99]
26 July 1.6.5 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[11][12][100]
Version 2
31 October 2.0.0 ARA support, Melodyne integration, transient detection & quantization, groove extraction, multi-track comping, folder tracks, multi-track MIDI editing, new plug-ins, updated browser.[13][14][16]
31 October 2.0.2 Bug fixes.[15][101]
13 December 2.0.3 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[102]
2012 18 January 2.0.4 PreSonus Exchange integration.[63][64]
11 April 2.0.5 Ability to assign MIDI CC messages to any command, updated Ampire XT plug-in, playback stop marker, macro toolbar.[103][104]
12 June 2.0.6 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[105]
12 September 2.0.7 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[106][107]
2 December 2.5.0 Comping improvements, folder track editing, enhanced track transform, updated Ampire XT plug-in, enhanced automation, updated audio export, ability to re-record from buses.[108][109]
2013 25 February 2.5.1 Ability to enable muted tracks in stem export, loop mode for Sample One plug-in.[110]
23 May 2.5.2 Bug fixes.[111]
29 August 2.6.0 Integration with StudioLive AI-series mixing consoles, integration with Nimbit, updated start page, Fat Channel plug-in, updated MIDI engine, displays for CD time and relative song position on the Project page.[112][113]
30 October 2.6.1 Bug fixes.[114]
2014 23 January 2.6.2 Add-on support.[47]
15 July 2.6.3 Ability to drag & drop audio to third-party plug-ins, CAF file support, ability to drag & drop slices to the quantize grid.[115][116]
5 November 2.6.4 Increased recording buffer, 64-bit processing by default for Mac, stereo mode in Fat Channel plug-in.[117]
8 December 2.6.5 Support for new SoundCloud API.[118]
2015 Version 3
20 May 3.0.0 Arranger track, scratchpads, updated browser, chains for effects & virtual instruments, note-level MIDI effects, macro controls, new plug-ins, automation curves, Studio One Remote.[18][19]
26 June 3.0.1 Updated manual, enhanced multi-touch.[119]
5 August 3.0.2 Studio One Prime edition.[120]
6 October 3.1.0 Integration with Studio 192 interfaces, option to colorize track controls.[121][122]
16 December 3.1.1 Plug-in search context menu, ability to filter hidden plug-ins from search, enlarged instrument channel output list.[123]
2016 25 February 3.2.0 Mix engine effects, VCA faders.[54][124]
30 March 3.2.1 Pass-through mode for mix engine effects, mix engine effects for downstream buses, show/hide VCA targets.[125][126]
19 May 3.2.2 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[127]
9 June 3.2.3 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[128][129]
25 August 3.3.0 Ability to disable tracks / instruments / plug-ins, enhanced multi-track drum editing, MIDI editing improvements, single-click options for global effects on/off, Notion 6 integration, new video engine.[130]
6 September 3.3.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[131]
29 November 3.3.2 FaderPort 8 integration, ability to copy automation via copy/paste of events, ability to access QWERTY keyboard software device via Caps Lock key.[132]
19 December 3.3.3 Bug fixes.[133]
2017 21 February 3.3.4 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[134]
23 May 3.5.0 Full mixer & plug-in undo, native low-latency software monitoring, updated CPU multi-processing, Fat Channel XT plug-in, file-independent track markers on the Project page, Project-level loudness metering.[53][135]
27 June 3.5.1 Reduced virtual instrument latency, updated CPU balancing, updated quick-zoom, updated mixer undo.[136]
26 September 3.5.2 Arranger track for Prime & Artist editions, updated song information window, blacklist for incompatible VST3 plug-ins.[137][138]
28 November 3.5.3 FaderPort 16 support.[139]
4 December 3.5.4 Bug fixes.[140]
2018 30 January 3.5.5 Cakewalk Sonar shortcut setting.[141][142]
28 March 3.5.6 PreSonus Studio 1810 & 1824 support, PreSonus StudioLive III DAW remote support, macro option for channel renaming.[143][144]
Version 4
22 May 4.0.0 Chord track, chord detection/transposition/substitution, drum & pattern editors, expanded drum machine (Impact XT) & sampler (SampleOne XT) plug-ins, AAF-format import/export, import from existing songs, ARA version 2 support, new GUI customization options.[22]
10 July 4.0.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes, Studio One Prime version 4.[145]
13 September 4.1.0 Support for PreSonus ATOM Pad Controller, new Pipeline XT routing plug-in, tempo automation, new 'Time Scale' tool for manual tempo mapping, expanded note repeat feature, expanded AAF export options.[146][147]
30 October 4.1.1 Usability improvements (including new features for the ATOM controller) & bug fixes.[148][149]
2019 15 January 4.1.2 New incremental version save option, support for volume/gain automation in AAF export, bug fixes.[150][151]
22 January 4.1.3 Support for PreSonus' USB-C audio interfaces, bug fixes.[152][153]
26 March 4.1.4 Support for PreSonus' StudioLive S-Series mixing consoles, bug fixes.[154][155]
21 May 4.5.0 Input channel gain staging & polarity, plug-in manager, M4A (AAC/ALAC) support, video export, RMS metering, pre-fader metering, CPU multi-core optimization, macro expansions, batch audio conversion/processing add-on.[24][25]
29 May 4.5.1 Bug fixes.[156]
11 July 4.5.2 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[157][158]
3 September 4.5.3 Support for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MkII keyboards. Usability improvements & bug fixes.[60]
17 September 4.5.4 Bug fixes.[159]
19 November 4.5.5 Expanded FaderPort 8/16 support & bug fixes.[160]
10 December 4.6.0 Re-designed & 'Ampire' guitar amplifier and effects plugin, new effects pedal plugin, re-designed content browser, new templates & macros for podcast production.[27][28]
2020 21 January 4.6.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[161]
3 June 4.6.2 Expanded ARA functionality for chords (increasing compatibility with version 5 of Melodyne) and bug fixes.[162]
Version 5
7 July 5.0.0 Score editor, 'Show Page' for live performances, polyphonic expression support, custom ROLI device support, support for recording in 64-bit floating-point WAV.[29][30]
11 August 5.0.1 Bug fixes.[163][164]
1 September 5.0.2 Bug fixes.[165]
20 October 5.1.0 Retrospective recording. Usability improvements & bug fixes.[166]
17 November 5.1.1 Support for PreSonus Revelator microphone. Usability improvements & bug fixes.[167]
2021 19 January 5.1.2 Improved ARA integration for VocAlign, bug fixes.[168]
9 March 5.2.0 "Sound Variations" system for managing articulations. Revised score view with drum notation and tabulature. New Studio One Remote features. Usability improvements.[169][170]
27 April 5.2.1 Bug fixes.[171]
29 June 5.3.0 Sound variations system enhancements. Conversion from chord track to note events.[172][173]
14 September 5.4.0 Native Apple silicon support. Performance optimizations for plug-ins & mix FX. autosave improvements. Usability improvements & bug fixes.[32]
14 October 5.4.1 Bug fixes.[174]
2022 11 January 5.5.0 Automation, gain envelopes, and listening bus for mastering projects. Target peak and loudness settings. Chord extraction from MIDI data. Bulk export for digital formats. MIDI strum patterns.[175][176]
22 February 5.5.1 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[177]
5 April 5.5.2 Usability improvements & bug fixes.[178]
Version 6
29 September 6.0.0 "Smart" templates, UI customization, lyrics track, cloud-based collaboration (via PreSonus Sphere), new plugins including de-esser and vocoder.[33]


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