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Artificial Intelligence in CORONA Virus

AI is the most demanding field of the world. It is playing a vital role in many aspects like prediction of any pandemic or making any vaccine faster.

Artificial intelligence corona virus Role

1. Introduction

As coronavirus has spread all over the world,medical staff and many security agencies are  trying to handle it . So far AI boom is  happening all over the world and it is accelerating very quickly. So far 81.12 lakhs cases are there and more than  4.39 lakhs are causalities (16 Jun 2020 ). According to experts it is very difficult to handle this virus with the mask. The only thing which can help us is the advancement in AI.

2. The Founction of AI in CORONA Virus

2.1 AI Can Predict the Pedanmic

AI was the first thing  that predict the pandemic of coronavirus.  A Company Bluedot which purpose is to monitor infectious diseases around the world through machine language. On December 30th,2019 ,Bluedot sent outbreak warning letters to their alert clients including government,hospitals and businesses.

World Health Organization (WHO) is also one of the clients of Bluedot who receive warning letters. But they did not react until January 9th, 2020. Besides that an automated service called healthmap at Boston Children’s Hospital also caught that signs. Other than this, human team at Bluedot and AI found the outbreak on the same day. Beside the valuable prediction, diagnostic tool for vaccine is in their early stages.

2.2. AI Can Speed up the Vaccine Process

AI helps us by predicting the pandemic and it can also help  to develop the vaccine. It’s vaccine development process is faster than ever. In china, scientists recreated a genome sequence of virus in one month. To know how useful is it, it took many months to create a genome sequence of SARS virus in 2003. We could identify drug to test it on humans by having a exact genome sequence.

Last year a drug has been entirely created by the help AI. Team at Flinders university in Australia claimed to have a advance influenza vaccine using  AI a program called SAM. Therefore, this was the first time the whole vaccine is discovered by it.

2.3. AI Can Minimiza the Death Rate

As AI can help us to reduce the pandemic by prediction but it can also help  to reduce the death rate. By predicting the affected area it can restrict people to avoid to travel there. By handling the outbreak with it,it can help the doctor by creating less burden on them. It also inform proper care procedures to patient. Beside the people this virus has affected many of the medical staff of the hospitals. To reduce the burden on doctors it can help them  by robots. In china they are using robots to diagnose  the patient and they are using AI ambulance to get rid of high traffic.


AI has a capability of detecting the natural disaster like earthquake, fires and flood before its happening. It can also detect which area needs the most number of rescue teams. In china where this virus originated,AI  helped to detect the spread of the virus.It  can also predict where the disease  might be traveling  to . Chinese launched a mobile application where they can check they have traveled with coronavirus patient or not. Even they are using drones to monitor their traffic, crowds and a city crowded places. It can also help to figure out those people who are not using mask in coronavirus.

2.5. AI Can Help to Detect Coronavirus Patients

AI can help us to detect the patients by many methods. Some of these methods including automatically measuring people temperature in public by the help of sensors. It can also diagnose coronavirus infections from chest x-ray scans. Already these deep learning  tools are being used in hospitals to screen mild cases. In future,this  technology might predict which patient likely to need a ventilator.

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