Erythrocytes in Atherothrombotic Stroke
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  • Release Date: 2023-03-29
  • erythrocyte
  • ischemic stroke
  • atherothrombosis
  • lipotoxicity
  • glucotoxicity
  • homocysteine
  • immunometabolism
  • neuroinflammation
Video Introduction

This video is adapted from 10.3390/neurolint15010011

Stroke constitutes the second highest cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide while also impacting the world economy, triggering substantial financial burden in national health systems. High levels of blood glucose, homocysteine, and cholesterol are causative factors for atherothrombosis. These molecules induce erythrocyte dysfunction, which can culminate in atherosclerosis, thrombosis, thrombus stabilization, and post-stroke hypoxia. Glucose, toxic lipids, and homocysteine result in erythrocyte oxidative stress. This leads to phosphatidylserine exposure, promoting phagocytosis.

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