The Role of Identity in Eating Behaviors
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  • Release Date: 2022-08-31
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This video is adapted from 10.3390/nu14173456

Identity is a complex part of ourselves, and it is a part of our lives everyday. Identity is a well-researched concept in psychology and anthropology but is under-utilized in public health research, and even less understood within the context of eating behavior change. We sought out to understand the scope of what was known about how identity is related to eating behavior across disciplines, including a variety of methods. What we found was that in every study included in our review (n=100), identity was shown to have a significant relationship to eating behavior, but that there was a wide range in robustness of the tools used to measure identity. The most robust included internal assessments of the subjective importance of identity as multifold, changeable, and potentially more salient and accessible manifestations of other well-researched constructs such as social norms, goal motivations, and life changes. As we move forward towards culturally sensitive approaches in public health, we hope that researchers, clinicians, and those hoping to improve their own personal health will consider the impact of their own complex identities and internal values on health behaviors. We encourage assessments of the subjective and internal significance of identity when looking towards relationships between health behaviors and identity, and not just characterizations that are purely sociodemographic in nature.

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