Waste Plastic Catalytic Pyrolysis
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  • Release Date: 2022-08-31
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Pyrolysis refers to the thermal breakdown of organic materials upon heat application under inert conditions. Generally, pyrolysis is a process with immense potential leading to the production of valuable petrochemical products sourced from waste plastics and/or other organic materials. As such, this process has continued to make waves in the plastic world for years now, with thermal pyrolysis serving as a fundamental process. With this process, the reliability of petroleum/crude oil for energy generation can be reduced and/or altered. Additionally, with pyrolysis, the environmental challenges resulting from waste plastics can be addressed in an eco-friendly manner. Operating temperatures linked to thermal pyrolysis with waste plastics as feedstock can reach up to 627 °C and beyond. High reaction temperatures, among other operating factors, pave the way to utilising catalysts to cut down on high energy inputs and for product optimisation, among other reasons. A catalyst can be any material that enhances a reaction rate without necessarily being used during the process.


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