Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetes Therapy | Interview with Dr. Ouliana Ziouzenkova
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  • Release Date: 2022-08-18
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Video interview with Dr. Ouliana Ziouzenkova from Department of Human Sciences, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. Her research focus on "Vitamin A and its Role in  Thermogenesis as the Basis for Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetes Therapy". 

Thermogenic crosstalk occurs between adipocytes from different species.
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Induction of innervation by encapsulated adipocytes with engineered vitamin A metabolism.
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Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 a1 regulates energy metabolism in adipocytes from different species.
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Encapsulation Thermogenic Preadipocytes for Transplantation into Adipose Tissue Depots.
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Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1: friend or foe to female metabolism?
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The prolonged survival of fibroblasts with forced lipid catabolism in visceral fat following encapsulation in alginate-poly-L-lysine.
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Retinaldehyde represses adipogenesis and diet-induced obesity.
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