Argonaut Class Reactor: History
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The Argonaut class reactor is a design of small nuclear research reactor. Many have been built throughout the world, over a wide range of power levels. Its functions are to teach nuclear reactor theory, nuclear physics and for use in engineering laboratory experiments.

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1. Description

The original Argonaut (Argonne Nuclear Assembly for University Training) was built at Argonne National Laboratory and went critical for the first time on February 9, 1957.[1] It was shut down in 1972. This reactor was rated for 10 kilowatts.[2][3]

List of Argonaut-class research reactors in the world[4][5]
Country Facility Name Institution Thermal Power (kW) Status First criticality Final shutdown References
Australia MOATA Australian Atomic Energy Commission 100 Decommissioned 01/04/1961 31/05/1995 [6]
Austria Siemens Argonaut Reaktor-Graz (SAR-Graz) Graz University of Technology 10 Decommissioned 17/05/1965 31/08/2004 [7][8]
Brazil Argonauta Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN) 0.2 Operational 20/02/1965 [9][10]
France Ulysse CEA 100 Under decommissioning 23/07/1961 12/1997 [11][12]
France Réacteur Université de Strasbourg (RUS) University of Strasbourg 100 Decommissioned 1967 12/1997 [13]
Germany Rossendorfer Ringzonen Reaktor (RRR) Strahlenschutz, Analytik und Entsorgung Rossendorf e.V. 1 Decommissioned 16/12/1962 25/09/1991 [14][15]
Germany Schnell-Thermischen Argonaut-Reaktor (STARK) Karlsruher Institut für Technologie 0.01 Decommissioned 11/01/1963 03/1976 [14]
Germany AEG Prüfreaktor (PR-10) Kraftwerk Union AG (KWU) 0.18 Decommissioned 27/01/1961 1976 [14]
Germany Siemens Argonaut Reactor (SAR) Technical University of Munich 1 Decommissioned 31/10/1968 20/03/1968 [14]
Italy Reattore Bologna Due (RB-2) AGIP Nucleare 10 Decommissioned 28/05/1963 12/1980 [16]
Japan University Test Reactor (UTR) Kinki University 0.001 Operational 11/11/1961 [17][18][19]
Netherlands Low Flux Reactor (LFR) Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group 30 Decommissioned 28/08/1960 12/2010 [20][21][22]
Netherlands Atoomreactor THE NEderland (ATHENE) Eindhoven University of Technology 10 Decommissioned 03/02/1969 1973 [23][24][25]
Spain Argos Research Reactor Polytechnic University of Catalonia 1 Decommissioned 11/06/1962 06/09/1977 [26][27][28][29]
Spain Argonaut Reactor Bilbao (ARBI) University School of Technical Industrial Engineering of Bilbao 10 Decommissioned 26/02/1962 1974 [30]
Taiwan Tsing Hua Argonaut Reactor (THAR) National Tsing Hua University 10 Decommissioned 20/04/1974 05/1991 [31][32]
UK Neutron Source Thermal Reactor (NESTOR) AEE Winfrith 30 Decommissioned 01/01/1961 06/1995 [33][34]
UK Jason Royal Naval College 10 Decommissioned 30/09/1959 07/1996 [35][36]
UK UTR-300 Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre 300 Decommissioned 01/06/1963 09/1995 [37][38][39]
UK UTR-B Queen Mary University of London 100 Decommissioned 10/06/1968 04/1982 [40][41]
UK Universities Research Reactor University of Liverpool Victoria University of Manchester 300 Decommissioned 07/07/1964 07/1991 [42][43]
USA University of Florida Training Reactor (UFTR) University of Florida 100 Operational 28/05/1959 [44]
USA UTR Test Reactor American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation 0.015 Decommissioned 01/12/1961 1963 [45]
USA University Teaching and Research Reactor (UTR-1) American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation 0.001 Decommissioned 01/02/1958 1960 [46]
USA Juggernaut Argonne National Laboratory 250 Decommissioned 11/01/1962 04/1970 [47][48]
USA UTR-10 Virginia Tech 100 Decommissioned 01/12/1959 1984 [49][50]
USA UTR-10 Iowa State University 10 Decommissioned 01/10/1959 05/1998 [51]
USA UWNR University of Washington 100 Decommissioned 01/04/1961 06/1988  
USA UCLA R1 UCLA 100 Decommissioned 01/10/1960 01/1984 [52]

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