Ferroelastic Twinning in Minerals: Comparison
Please note this is a comparison between versions V2 by Nora Tang and V1 by Ekhard K. H. Salje.

Ferroelastic twinning in minerals is a very common phenomenon. The twin laws follow simple symmetry rules and they are observed in minerals, like feldspar, palmierite, leucite, perovskite, and so forth. The major discovery over the last two decades was that the thin areas between the twins yield characteristic physical and chemical properties, but not the twins themselves. Research greatly focusses on these twin walls (or ‘twin boundaries’); therefore, because they possess different crystal structures and generate a large variety of ‘emerging’ properties. Research on wall properties has largely overshadowed research on twin domains. 

  • twin wall
  • twin boundary
  • minerals
  • emerging properties
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