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Putnik, P. Sustainable and innovative processing for safe (healthy) foods. Encyclopedia. Available online: (accessed on 26 May 2024).
Putnik P. Sustainable and innovative processing for safe (healthy) foods. Encyclopedia. Available at: Accessed May 26, 2024.
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Sustainable and innovative processing for safe (healthy) foods

Sustainable and innovative technologies involving high-pressure processing (HPP), high-pressure homogenization (HPH), high-pressure carbon dioxide (HPCD), pulsed electric fields (PEF), ultrasounds (US), and microwaves (MV), among others, as well as traditional methods of food treatment like heating, fermentation, and drying or smoking are increasingly applied in food preservation and the modification of selected physicochemical or sensory properties. The aim of this Special Issue is to highlight new challenges in the treatment of food for obtaining traditional or new but safe products, including functional foods, with high or modified nutritional (bioaccessibility and bioavailability) and sensory values.

Antioxidants Bioacessibility Bioavailability Chemometrics Extraction Food safety and quality Food authenticity Innovative and non-conventional techniques Polyphenols Preservation

Functional food products are an important segment of international markets as it is closely related to healthy lifestyles of various populations [1], [2], [3]. For the production of functional foods, great importance is placed on raw materials that are obtained from natural origins as plants [4], [5] that can be treated, processed or extracted with advanced industrial methods [6], [7]. Accordingly, such materials are often extracted from the plants by advanced or conventional approaches and tested to have good acceptance for consumption [7], [8], [9], [10], [11].

Fairly frequently advanced food technologies are designed to include principles of sustainability that are able to provide foods with native sensory characteristics [12], while retaining the health benefits and economic feasibility [13]. Hence, it is not surprising that great demand for functional foods worldwide reached its current high level that will have the tendency towards future expansions [14]. One of the most interesting categories for the functional food segment of the market represents the production of functional fruit juices [4] and snacks [15] due to their convenience for consumption and general popularity among consumers [16], [17].

During the production of any safe and healthy (functional) foods, special attention is given on retention of biologically active compounds [18], and microbial inactivation [19] with avoidance of conventional thermal treatments. For example, pasteurization and similar processing procedures lead to degrading effects on the nutritional value of foods in terms of its valuable but heat-sensitive compounds (e.g. vitamins, polyphenols, organosulphur compounds) that possess great physiological (functional) properties and benefits to human health.

Sustainable and advanced food technologies involve (but not limited to) high-pressure processing, high-pressure carbon dioxide, pulsed electric fields, ultrasound, adsorption, microwave, and others are among the approaches that are well aligned with the concepts of the Food Quality 4.0. When high standards of such quality assurance are combined with powerful computer IT abilities, great potential is created for improvements of traceability, food safety, shelf-life extension and quality assurance in food manufacturing [6], [17], [19], [20], [21], [22]


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