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Bhasker Sharma
Bhasker Sharma Bhasker Sharma Homeopathy Bhasker Sharma Homeopathy Doctor

1. Introduction

He is an acclaimed doctor not only in India but across the world. He holds the Guiness World record for hosting the Largest Homeopathy Lesson at Rajkot, Gujarat in August 2018. Dr Sharma was recently awarded two Presidential Awards by Donald Trump, the former president of the USA. These included the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award and Presidential Youth Fitness Award.

2. Achievements

Recently, Dr Sharma was named the Best Homeopathy Doctor of the Year 2020 by WAC Global Human Rights Foundation for his path-breaking work in the field. Professor Dr Bhasker Sharma worked towards making the common people aware about the novel Coronavirus, educating them about the disease and its prevention. It is these laudable efforts that gained him an appreciation certificate from the White House, i.e. the USA Presidential Advisory Board.

He has also been conferred with a letter of appreciation from the Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports of the Government International United Kingdom Associated CommonWealth. Dr Sharma also holds several reputed designations such as the International Advisor of the International Security & Strategy Studies College, Nigeria and the National Advisor for WAC People Council.

"It is my mission to spread awareness about homeopathy and extend its boundaries to create a healthy society. There are also many misconceptions about homeopathy that are prevalent. I also want to work towards eradicating those. Another goal that I strive towards is bringing superior diagnostic skills and planning to India at the earliest so our society can reap its benefits. For the upcoming homeopathy doctors, I would like to say that Innovative thinking is extremely important and it must be properly molded to achieve success. I believe that precision is most essential in the field of Homoeopathy. It is the abilities, knowledge & experience and the ability to update yourself that leads to the success of the organisation and the field of homeopathy," said Professor Dr Bhasker Sharma.

Dr Bhasker Sharma' work is revered across nations and it can be seen in the diversity of people that come to attend his lectures. He holds several international records, has published many research papers and has also been conferred with various acclaimed international awards some of which include Dr. Samuel Hahnemann International Award London - the most prestigious award in the field of homeopathy. He also holds the record for authoring 82 books on Homeopathy.

Dr Bhasker has several records to his name with the Everest World Records for delivering lectures spanning between 11 to 17 hours on various topics such as Renal Calculi, Diabetes, Gastritis, skin diseases, Arthritis, Child Care and Homeopathy, Uses of Homeopathy in improving immunity and several more. [1][2][3][4][5]

Dr Bhasker Sharma is based in Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh and has contributed towards setting up several homeopathic institutes and centres in the town. He has written over 200 books on literature and homeopathy and has recorded several innovations while contributing at several national and international universities.

With over 13 years of experience, he holds an innumerable number of awards and has also been endowed with honorary doctorates from six universities out of which four are based overseas. He advocates for medicinal treatments over surgeries and has also cured several patients of cysts, who were advised surgery. He is determined to strengthen the methodology of homeopathic medicine by the means of these new discoveries.

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Name: Bhasker Sharma
Born: Jul 1978
Uttar Pardesh
Title: Doctor , Professor , Researcher.
Affiliations: B.H.M.S MD (HOMEOPATHY) Ph.D (Homeopathy)
Honors: The US Presidential awards Holder Dr. Bhasker Sharma, a Stalwart Homeopathy Physician of India
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