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HandWiki. List of Aircraft of World War II. Encyclopedia. Available online: (accessed on 24 June 2024).
HandWiki. List of Aircraft of World War II. Encyclopedia. Available at: Accessed June 24, 2024.
HandWiki. "List of Aircraft of World War II" Encyclopedia, (accessed June 24, 2024).
HandWiki. (2022, November 08). List of Aircraft of World War II. In Encyclopedia.
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List of Aircraft of World War II

The list of aircraft of World War II includes all the aircraft used by those countries which were at war during World War II from the period between their joining the conflict and the conflict ending for them. Aircraft developed but not used operationally in the war are in the prototypes section at the end. Prototypes for aircraft that entered service under a different design number are ignored in favour of the service version. The date the aircraft entered service, or was first flown if the service date is unknown or it did not enter service follows the name, followed by the country of origin and major wartime users. Aircraft used for multiple roles are generally only listed under their primary role unless specialized versions were built for other roles in significant numbers. Aircraft used by neutral countries such as Spain , Switzerland and Sweden (or countries which did no significant fighting such as most of those in South America) are not included.

prototypes aircraft operationally

1. Operational Aircraft

1.1. Fighter Aircraft

Biplane fighters

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Avia B-534 1935 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Slovakia
Avia BH-33 1927 Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia
Armstrong Whitworth Scimitar 1936 UK Norway
Blériot-SPAD S.510 1936 France  
Boeing P-12 1930 US Brazil, China, Philippines, Thailand
Bristol Bulldog 1929 UK Denmark, Finland
Curtiss Hawk II 1932 US China
Curtiss Hawk III 1933 US China, Thailand
Fiat CR.30 1932 Italy Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy
Fiat CR.32 1934 Italy Italy, Hungary, China
Fiat CR.42 1939 Italy Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary
Gloster Gamecock II/Kukko 1925 UK Finland
Gloster Gauntlet 1935 UK UK, Denmark, Finland
Gloster Gladiator/Sea Gladiator 1937 UK UK, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Lithuania, Norway
Grumman Goblin[1] 1933 US Canada
Grumman F2F carrier fighter 1935 US Us
Grumman F3F carrier fighter 1936 US  
Hawker Demon 1931 UK UK, Australia
Hawker Fury 1931 UK Yugoslavia, South Africa
Hawker Nimrod carrier fighter 1933 UK Denmark
Heinkel He 51 1935 Germany Germany, Bulgaria
IMAM Ro.44 floatplane fighter 1937 Italy  
Kawasaki Ki-10[2] 1935 Japan  
Kochyerigin DI-6 1934 USSR  
Koolhoven F.K.52 1939 Netherlands Netherlands, Finland
Polikarpov I-5 1931 USSR  
Polikarpov I-15 & I-15bis 1934 USSR USSR, China, Finland
Polikarpov I-153 1939 USSR USSR, China, Finland
Prachadhipok 1929 Siam (Thailand)  

Single-engined, single-seat monoplane fighters and fighter bombers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Ambrosini SAI.207 1942 Italy  
Ansaldo A.120 1925 Italy Italy, Lithuania
Arsenal VG-33 1940 France  
Avia B-135 1941 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria
Bell P-39 Airacobra 1941 US US, Australia, France, UK, USSR
Bell P-63 Kingcobra 1942 US US, USSR
Bloch MB.150–157 1940 France France, Greece, Romania
Boeing P-26 Peashooter 1933 US US, China, Philippines
Breda Ba.27 1933 Italy China
Brewster F2A Buffalo 1939 US US, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK
CAC Boomerang 1943 Australia  
Caudron C.714 1940 France France, Finland, Poland
Curtiss P-36 Hawk/Mohawk 1938 US US, Brazil, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Thailand, UK
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk/Tomahawk/Kittyhawk 1939 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USSR
Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon 1939 US China, Netherlands
Dewoitine D.500/D.510 1935 France France, China, Lithuania
Dewoitine D.520 1940 France France, Bulgaria, Italy
Fiat G.50 1938 Italy Italy, Finland, Croatia
Fiat G.55 1943 Italy  
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 1941 Germany Germany, Hungary, Romania
Focke-Wulf Ta 152 1945 Germany  
Fokker D.XXI 1936 Netherlands Netherlands, Denmark, Finland
Grumman F4F/FM Wildcat/Martlet[3] 1940 US US, UK
Grumman F6F Hellcat/Gannet[3] 1943 US US, UK
Grumman F8F Bearcat[3][4] 1945 US  
Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane 1937 UK UK, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, India, New Zealand, USSR
Hawker Tempest 1944 UK UK, New Zealand
Hawker Typhoon 1940 UK UK, Canada, New Zealand
Heinkel He 112 1937 Germany Germany, Hungary, Romania
IAR 80/IAR 81 1941 Romania  
Ikarus IK-2 1935 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Croatia
Kawanishi N1K/N1K-J 1943 Japan  
Kawasaki Ki-61 1942 Japan  
Kawasaki Ki-100 1945 Japan  
Koolhoven F.K.58 1940 Netherlands Netherlands, France
Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-1 1940 USSR  
Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3 1941 USSR USSR, Finland
Lavochkin La-5 1942 USSR  
Lavochkin La-7 1944 USSR  
Loire 46 1936 France  
Macchi C.200 1939 Italy  
Macchi C.202 1941 Italy Italy, Croatia, Germany
Macchi C.205 1943 Italy Italy, Croatia, Germany
MÁVAG Héja 1941 Hungary  
Messerschmitt Bf 109 1937 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Yugoslavia
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1 1940 USSR  
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 1941 USSR  
Mitsubishi A5M[3][5] 1936 Japan  
Mitsubishi A6M Zero[3] 1940 Japan  
Mitsubishi J2M 1942 Japan  
Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 1939 France France, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Poland
Nakajima A6M2-N floatplane fighter 1942 Japan  
Nakajima Ki-27 1937 Japan Japan, Manchukuo, Thailand
Nakajima Ki-43 1941 Japan Japan, Manchukuo, Thailand
Nakajima Ki-44 1942 Japan  
Nakajima Ki-84 1943 Japan  
North American P-51 Mustang 1942 US US, Australia, Canada, China, France, South Africa, UK, USSR
Polikarpov I-16 1934 USSR USSR, China, Finland
PZL P.7 1933 Poland  
PZL P.11 1934 Poland Poland, Romania
PZL P.24 1936 Poland Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
Reggiane Re.2000 1940 Italy Sweden, Hungary, Italy
Reggiane Re.2001 1941 Italy  
Reggiane Re.2005 1943 Italy Italy, Germany
Republic P-43 Lancer 1941 US US, Australia, China
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 1942 US US, Brazil, France, Mexico, UK, USSR
Rogožarski IK-3 1940 Yugoslavia  
Seversky P-35 1937 US US, Philippines
Supermarine Seafire[3] 1942 UK  
Supermarine Spitfire 1938 UK UK, Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, US, USSR
VL Myrsky 1943 Finland  
Vought F4U/FG Corsair[3] 1942 US US, UK, New Zealand
Vultee P-66 Vanguard 1941 US US, China
Yakovlev Yak-1 1940 USSR USSR, France
Yakovlev Yak-3 1944 USSR USSR, France
Yakovlev Yak-7/Yak-7B 1942 USSR USSR, France
Yakovlev Yak-9 1942 USSR USSR, France

Heavy fighters (multi-engined or multi-seat) and night fighters

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Bell YFM-1 Airacuda[2] flying cruiser 1940 US  
Blackburn Roc turret fighter 1939 UK  
Blackburn Skua fighter/dive bomber 1938 UK  
Boulton Paul Defiant turret fighter 1939 UK  
Bristol Beaufighter 1940 UK Australia, South Africa, US
Bristol Blenheim night fighter 1937 UK Canada
de Havilland Mosquito night fighter/fighter bomber 1941 UK Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US
Dornier Do 215 night fighter 1939 Germany Hungary
Dornier Do 217 night fighter 1941 Germany Italy
Dornier Do 335 1944 Germany  
Douglas P-70 Havoc night fighter 1941 US UK
Fairey Firefly [6] 1941 UK  
Fairey Fulmar[3] 1940 UK  
Focke-Wulf Ta 154 night fighter 1944 Germany  
Fokker G.I 1939 Netherlands  
Grumman F7F Tigercat carrier night fighter 1944 US  
Heinkel He 219 night fighter 1943 Germany  
IMAM Ro.57 1943 Italy  
Junkers Ju 88 night fighter 1940 Germany  
Junkers Ju 388 night fighter 1944 Germany  
Kawasaki Ki-45 night fighter 1942 Japan  
Kawasaki Ki-102 twin-engine fighter 1945 Japan  
Lockheed P-38 Lightning 1941 US China
Messerschmitt Bf 110 1937 Germany Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Iraq, Romania
Messerschmitt Me 210 1943 Germany Hungary
Messerschmitt Me 410 1943 Germany  
Mitsubishi Ki-109 bomber interceptor 1945 Japan  
Nakajima J1N night fighter/interceptor 1942 Japan  
Northrop P-61 Black Widow night fighter 1944 US  
Petlyakov Pe-3 1941 USSR Finland
Potez 630 1938 France Greece, Romania
Westland Welkin high altitude interceptor 1944 UK  
Westland Whirlwind 1940 UK  

Jet- and rocket- propelled fighters

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Bell P-59 Airacomet 1944 US  
Gloster Meteor 1944 UK  
Heinkel He 162 1945 Germany  
Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star 1945 US  
Messerschmitt Me 163 rocket interceptor 1944 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 262 1944 Germany  
Ryan FR Fireball mixed power carrier fighter 1945 US  

1.2. Bomber and Attack Aircraft

Medium and heavy bombers, and maritime patrol

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Number Built Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Amiot 143 1936 138 France  
Amiot 354 1940 ca. 86 France France, Germany
Arado Ar 234 jet bomber 1944 214 Germany  
Arkhangelsky Ar-2 1940 ca. 190 USSR  
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley 1937 1,814 UK  
Avia F.39 1932 18 Czechoslovakia  
Avro Anson 1936 11,020 UK UK, Canada, Finland, Greece, Iraq
Avro Lancaster 1942 7,377 UK UK, Australia, Canada
Avro Manchester 1940 202 UK  
Blackburn Botha 1939 580 UK  
Bloch MB.131 1938 143 France  
Bloch MB.170 1940 88 France  
Bloch MB.200 1935 332 France France, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany
Bloch MB.210 1937 ca. 300 France  
Blohm & Voss BV 142 maritime patrol[7] 1940 4 Germany  
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 1940 12,731 US US, Canada, UK
Boeing B-29 Superfortress 1944 3,970 US  
Breda Ba.88 1938 149 Italy  
Bristol Beaufort 1940 1,821 UK UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa
Bristol Blenheim/Bolingbroke/Bisley[8] 1937 4,422 UK UK, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Yugoslavia
CANT Z.1007 1938 660 Italy  
Caproni Ca.135 1937 ca. 140 Italy Italy, Hungary
Caproni Ca.309 1937 243+ Italy Italy, Bulgaria
Caproni Ca.310-Ca.314 1938 312 Italy Italy, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Yugoslavia
Consolidated B-24/LB-30/PB4Y-1 Liberator 1940 18,188 US US, Australia, Canada, UK
Consolidated B-32 Dominator 1942 118 US  
Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer maritime patrol 1943 739 US  
Curtiss A-18 Shrike 1936 13 US  
de Havilland Mosquito[8] 1941 7,781 UK UK, Canada, Australia, Norway
Dornier Do 11[9] 1932 372 Germany Bulgaria
Dornier Do 17 1937 2,139 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Yugoslavia
Dornier Do 215 1939 105 Germany  
Dornier Do 217 1941 1,925 Germany Germany, Italy
Douglas A-20 Havoc/Boston 1941 7,478 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, South Africa, UK, USSR
Douglas A-26 Invader 1944 2,503 US  
Douglas B-18 Bolo/Digby[10] 1936 350 US US, Brazil, Canada
Douglas B-23/UC-67 Dragon[11] 1939 38 US  
Farman F.221-223 1936 ca. 80 France  
Fiat BR.20[12] 1938 500+ Italy  
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor maritime patrol 1940 276 Germany  
Fokker T.V 1938 16 Netherlands  
Handley Page Halifax 1940 6,176 UK UK, Australia, Canada, France
Handley Page Hampden 1938 1,430 UK UK, Canada, USSR
Heinkel He 111 1936 5,656 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia
Heinkel He 177 1943 1,169 Germany  
IAR 79 1941 72 Romania  
Ilyushin DB-3/Il-4 1938 7,084 USSR USSR, Finland
Junkers Ju 86 1936 ca. 900 Germany Germany, Hungary, South Africa
Junkers Ju 88 1938 15,183 Germany Germany, Finland, Italy, Romania
Junkers Ju 188 1943 1,234 Germany Germany, Hungary
Kawasaki Ki-48 1940 1,997 Japan  
Keystone B-3A[13] 1926 63 US Philippines
Kyushu Q1W maritime patrol 1945 153 Japan  
Lioré et Olivier LeO 451 1939 561 France  
Lockheed Hudson 1939 2,941 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura/B-34 Lexington and PV-2 Harpoon 1942   US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK
Martin 139 & 166 (B-10 & B-12) 1934 348 US Netherlands,[14]Philippines, Thailand[15]
Martin B-26 Marauder 1941 5,288 US US, France, South Africa, UK
Martin Baltimore 1941 1,575 US US, Australia France, Greece, Co-Belligerent Italy, South Africa, UK
Martin Maryland 1939 450 US France, South Africa, UK
Mitsubishi G3M 1937 1,048 Japan  
Mitsubishi G4M 1941 2,435 Japan  
Mitsubishi Ki-21 1938 2,064 Japan Japan, Thailand
Mitsubishi Ki-67 1942 767 Japan  
North American B-25 Mitchell 1941 9,816 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Netherlands, UK, USSR
Nakajima Ki-49 1938 819 Japan  
Petlyakov Pe-2 1941 11,070 USSR USSR, Finland
Petlyakov Pe-8 1940 93 USSR  
Piaggio P.108 1942 50 Italy Italy, Germany[16]
Potez 540 1934 192 France  
PZL.37 Łoś 1938 120+ Poland Poland, Germany, Romania
Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 trimotor 1937 1,240 Italy Italy, Iraq, Romania, Yugoslavia
Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 trimotor 1935 535 Italy  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.84 trimotor 1941 329 Italy  
Short Stirling 1940 2,371 UK  
Tupolev SB/Avia B.71 1934 6,656 USSR USSR, Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, Finland
Tupolev TB-1 1929 218 USSR  
Tupolev TB-3 1932 818 USSR  
Tupolev Tu-2 1944 2,257 USSR  
Vickers Warwick 1942 846 UK  
Vickers Wellington 1938 ca. 11,462 UK UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa
Yermolayev Yer-2 1941 ca 365 USSR  
Yokosuka P1Y 1945 1,102 Japan  

Light bombers, tactical reconnaissance and observation aircraft

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aero A.32[17] 1928 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Finland
Aero A.100 1933 Czechoslovakia  
Aero A.304 1937 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany
ANF Les Mureaux 113, 115, 117 1933 France  
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas[18] 1927 UK Canada
Blackburn Ripon[18] 1929 UK Finland
Blackburn Shark 1935 UK UK, Canada
Boripatra 1927 Siam (Thailand)  
Breda Ba.64 1937 Italy  
Breda Ba.65 1937 Italy Italy, Iraq
Breguet 19 1924 France France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Poland
Breguet 270 Series 1930 France France, China
Breguet 691, 693, 695 1939 France  
Curtiss A-12 Shrike[2] 1933 US  
Curtiss Falcon O-1/O-2 1928 US Philippines
Curtiss O-52 Owl 1940 US US, USSR
DAR-3 Garvan 1937 Bulgaria  
Douglas O-43 1933 US  
Douglas O-46 1936 US US, Philippines
Fairey Battle 1937 UK UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece
Fairey Fox 1932 UK Belgium
Fairey Gordon 1931 UK UK, New Zealand
Fairey IIIF[19] 1926 UK UK, Greece
Focke-Wulf Fw 189 1941 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania
Fokker C.V 1924 Netherlands Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway
Fokker C.VIII 1928 Netherlands  
Fokker C.X 1932 Netherlands Netherlands, Finland
Hawker Hart 1930 UK UK, Finland
Hawker Audax, Nisr & Hartebees 1931 UK UK, India, Iraq, Persia, South Africa
Hawker Hector 1936 UK  
Hawker Hind 1935 UK UK, New Zealand
Hawker Horsley/Dantorp 1927 UK Greece, Denmark
Heinkel He 45 1931 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary
Heinkel He 46 1931 Germany Germany, Hungary
Heinkel He 50 1935 Germany  
Henschel Hs 123 1936 Germany  
Henschel Hs 126 1937 Germany Germany, Croatia, Estonia, Greece
Henschel Hs 129 1938 Germany  
IAR 37/38/39 1938 Romania  
Ilyushin Il-2 1941 USSR  
Ilyushin Il-10 1944 USSR  
IMAM Ro.37 1935 Italy Italy, Hungary
Junkers Ju 87 1937 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Italy
Kaproni Bulgarski KB-11 1941 Bulgaria  
Kawasaki Ki-32 1938 Japan Japan, Manchukuo
Kharkov KhAI-5/Neman R-10 1936 USSR  
Letov Š-16 1928 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Turkey
Letov Š-328 1934 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania
Lublin R-XIII 1932 Poland Poland, Romania
Mitsubishi Ki-30 1938 Japan Japan, Thailand
Mitsubishi Ki-51 1939 Japan  
North American A-36 Apache dive bomber 1942 US  
North American O-47 1934 US  
Northrop/Douglas A-17/8-A/Nomad 1935 US US, South Africa, Canada, France, Iraq, Netherlands, Norway, UK
Polikarpov Po-2 1929 USSR USSR, Finland
Polikarpov R-5 1931 USSR  
Polikarpov R-Z 1935 USSR USSR
Potez 25[5] 1925 France France, Yugoslavia, Poland
PZL.23/43 Karaś 1936 Poland Poland, Romania, Bulgaria
PZL.43 1936 Poland Poland, Germany, Bulgaria
Reggiane Re.2002 1941 Italy Italy, Germany
Rogožarski R-100 1938 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Croatia
Renard R-31 1935 Belgium  
RWD-14 Czapla 1939 Poland Poland, Romania
Saab 17 1940 Sweden Denmark
Savoia-Marchetti SM.85 1939 Italy  
Sukhoi Su-2 1937 USSR  
Tachikawa Ki-36 1938 Japan Japan, Thailand
Thomas-Morse O-19 1929 US Philippines
Vickers Vildebeest 1933 UK UK, New Zealand
Vickers Wellesley 1937 UK  
VL Kotka 1931 Finland  
Vought O2U & O3U Corsair 1926 US US, Brazil, China, Thailand
Vultee A-31/A-35/Vengeance dive bomber 1942 US US, Australia, Brazil, France, India, UK
Vultee V-11/V-12/A-19/BSh-1[20] 1939 US US, Brazil, China, USSR
Weiss WM-21 Sólyom 1938 Hungary  
Westland Lysander[8] 1936 UK UK, Canada, France, Finland, India, US
Westland Wapiti[18] 1928 UK Australia, Canada, India
Westland Wallace 1933 UK  
Yakovlev Yak-4 1941 USSR  

Carrier-based naval bombers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aichi B7A torpedo/dive bomber 1945 Japan  
Aichi D1A dive bomber[2] 1934 Japan  
Aichi D3A dive bomber 1937 Japan  
Blackburn Skua fighter/dive bomber 1938 UK  
Brewster SB2A Buccaneer/Bermuda dive bomber 1941 US US, UK
Consolidated TBY Sea Wolf torpedo bomber 1944 US  
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver/A-25 Shrike dive bomber 1943 US US, Australia, UK
Curtiss SBC Helldiver/Cleveland dive bomber 1938 US US, France, UK
Douglas DT torpedo bomber[13] 1921 US Norway
Douglas SBD Dauntless/A-24 Banshee dive bomber 1940 US US, New Zealand
Douglas TBD Devastator torpedo bomber 1935 US  
Fairey Albacore torpedo/dive bomber 1940 UK UK, Canada
Fairey Barracuda torpedo/dive bomber 1942 UK  
Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber 1936 UK UK, Canada
Fieseler Fi 167 torpedo/reconnaissance bomber 1940 Germany Germany, Croatia, Romania
Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger torpedo bomber 1942 US US, UK, New Zealand
Loire-Nieuport LN.401 dive bomber 1939 France  
Mitsubishi B5M torpedo bomber 1937 Japan  
Nakajima B5N torpedo bomber 1938 Japan  
Nakajima B6N torpedo bomber 1942 Japan  
Naval Aircraft Factory SBN dive bomber 1941 US  
Northrop BT dive bomber 1935 US  
Vought SB2U Vindicator/Chesapeake dive bomber 1937 US US, UK, France
Yokosuka B4Y torpedo bomber 1936 Japan  
Yokosuka D4Y dive bomber/night fighter 1942 Japan  

1.3. Strategic and Photo-Reconnaissance Aircraft

Strategic and photo-reconnaissance aircraft were frequently specially modified variants of high performance aircraft, usually fighters or bombers.

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Arado Ar 234 reconnaissance/bomber 1944 Germany  
Boeing F-9/RB-17 Flying Fortress 1940 US  
Consolidated F-7 Liberator 1940 US  
de Havilland Mosquito PR variants 1941 UK UK, Canada, US
Dornier Do 17Z-3 1937 Germany Germany, Yugoslavia
Dornier Do 215B-0/1/4 1939 Germany  
Dornier Do 217A-0 1941 Germany  
Douglas F-3 Havoc 1941 US  
Fiat CR.25 1940 Italy  
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3/U4, A-4/U4 & A-5/U4 1941 Germany  
Focke-Wulf Ta 152H-1-0 1945 Germany  
Heinkel He 70K/170 1937 Germany Hungary
Junkers Ju 86P 1936 Germany  
Junkers Ju 88D & T 1939 Germany  
Junkers Ju 188D & F 1943 Germany  
Lockheed F-4 and F-5 Lightning 1941 US US, France, Italy
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-5/F-6/G-4 1937 Germany  
Messerschmitt Bf 110C-5/E-3/F-3 1937 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 210B 1943 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3 1944 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 410A-1/U-1, A-2/U-1 & A-3 1943 Germany  
Mitsubishi Ki-15/C5M 1937 Japan  
Mitsubishi Ki-46 1941 Japan  
Nakajima C6N 1944 Japan  
North American F-6 Mustang 1942 US US, France
Potez 63.11 1939 France  
PWS-10[21] 1932 Poland  
Supermarine Spitfire PR variants 1938 UK UK, US, USSR and others
Yakovlev Yak-9R 1942 USSR  
Yokosuka R2Y 1945 Japan  

1.4. Seaplanes

Flying boats

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aichi E10A 1934 Japan  
Aichi E11A 1937 Japan  
Aichi H9A 1942 Japan  
Beriev MBR-2 1935 USSR  
Blohm & Voss BV 138 1940 Germany  
Blohm & Voss BV 222 1941 Germany  
Boeing 314/C-98 Clipper 1939 US  
Bréguet 521 Bizerte 1935 France France, Germany
CAMS 37 1926 France  
CAMS 55 1930 France  
Canadian Vickers Vancouver 1930 Canada  
Canadian Vickers Vedette 1925 Canada  
CANT Z.501 1935 Italy Italy, Romania
Chyetverikov MDR-6 1941 USSR  
Consolidated PBY/PBN/PBV/OA-10 Catalina/Canso[8] 1935 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Norway, UK, USSR
Consolidated P2Y 1929 US US, Argentina
Consolidated PB2Y Coronado 1937 US US, UK
Dornier Do 18 1938 Germany  
Dornier Do 24 1937 Germany Germany, Australia, Netherlands
Dornier Do 26 1938 Germany  
Dornier Do J 1922 Germany Denmark
Douglas Dolphin 1931 US US, Australia
Grumman JRF Goose 1937 US US, Brazil, Canada, UK
Grumman J4F Widgeon/Gosling 1940 US US, Brazil, UK
Grumman J2F Duck 1936 US  
Hall PH 1931 US  
Ikarus IO 1926 Yugoslavia  
Ikarus ŠM 1924 Yugoslavia  
Kawanishi E11K 1937 Japan  
Kawanishi H6K 1938 Japan  
Kawanishi H8K 1942 Japan  
Latécoère 302 1932 France  
Latécoère 521-523 1935 France  
Latécoère 611[7] 1940 France  
Latécoère 631 1942 France Germany
Lioré et Olivier LeO H-47 1937 France  
Lioré et Olivier LeO H-242 1929 France Italy
Lioré et Olivier LeO H-246 1939 France France, Germany
Loire 70 1937 France  
Loire 130 1937 France  
Loire 501 1933 France  
Macchi M.C.100 1940 Italy  
Martin M-130 1934 US  
Martin JRM Mars 1943 US  
Martin PBM Mariner 1940 US US, UK, Australia, Netherlands
Potez 141[7] 1938 France France, Germany
Potez-CAMS 161 1938 France Germany
Potez 452 1936 France  
RAS-1 Getta 1925 Romania  
Saro Lerwick 1940 UK  
Saro London 1936 UK  
Savoia-Marchetti S.55 1926 Italy Italy, Romania
Savoia-Marchetti S.62bis 1926 Italy Romania
Savoia-Marchetti S.66 1931 Italy  
Shavrov Sh-2 1934 USSR USSR, Finland
Short Empire 1936 UK UK, Australia, New Zealand
Short S.26 1940 UK  
Short S.25 Hythe/Sandringham 1942 UK UK, New Zealand
Short Singapore 1935 UK UK, New Zealand
Short Sunderland 1938 UK UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Norway
Sikorsky S-40 1931 US  
Sikorsky S-42 1934 US  
Sikorsky JRS-1/OA-8 1935 US  
Sikorsky VS-44/JR2S-1 1937 US  
SNCASE SE.200[22] 1942 France Germany
Supermarine Sea Otter 1942 UK  
Supermarine Stranraer[8] 1937 UK UK, Canada
Supermarine Walrus 1935 UK UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand
Tupolev MTB-1 1929 USSR  
Yokosuka H5Y 1939 Japan  


Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aichi E13A 1941 Japan Japan, Thailand
Aichi E16A 1944 Japan  
Aichi M6A[23] 1945 Japan  
Arado Ar 95 1936 Germany  
Arado Ar 196 1938 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway
Arado Ar 199 trainer 1939 Germany  
Arado Ar 231[23] 1941 Germany  
Beriev Be-2 1938 USSR  
Beriev Be-4 1942 USSR  
Besson MB.411[23] 1935 France  
CANT Z.506 1936 Italy  
CANT Z.515 1940 Italy  
Curtiss SC Seahawk 1944 US  
Curtiss SO3C Seamew 1942 US US, UK
Curtiss SOC Seagull 1935 US  
Dornier Do 22 1938 Germany Germany, Finland, Greece, Yugoslavia
Fairey Seafox 1937 UK  
Fairey Swordfish 1936 UK  
Farman NC.470 1938 France  
Fiat RS.14 1941 Italy  
Fokker C.XI-W 1935 Netherlands  
Fokker C.XIV-W 1937 Netherlands  
Fokker T.IV 1927 Netherlands  
Fokker T.VIII 1938 Netherlands Netherlands, Germany, UK
Gourdou-Leseurre GL-810-813 HY 1930 France  
Gourdou-Leseurre GL-832 HY 1930 France  
Heinkel HE 8[24] 1927 Germany Denmark
Heinkel He 42 floatplane trainer 1929 Germany Germany, Bulgaria
Heinkel He 59 1935 Germany Germany, Finland
Heinkel He 60 1933 Germany Germany, Bulgaria
Heinkel He 114 1939 Germany Germany, Romania
Heinkel He 115 1939 Germany Germany, Finland, Norway, UK
IMAM Ro.43 1935 Italy  
IMAM Ro.44 1936 Italy  
Kawanishi E7K 1935 Japan  
Kawanishi N1K floatplane trainer 1944 Japan  
Latécoère 290 1934 France  
Latécoère 298 1938 France France, Germany
Levasseur PL.15 1933 France  
Lioré et Olivier LeO H-43 1940 France  
Lublin R.VIII floatplane trainer 1928 Poland  
Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk/Høver M.F.8 floatplane trainer 1924 Norway  
Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk/Høver M.F.10 1929 Norway  
Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk/Høver M.F.11 floatplane trainer 1932 Norway Norway, Finland
Mitsubishi F1M 1941 Japan  
Nakajima A6M2-N 1942 Japan  
Nakajima E8N 1935 Japan Japan, Thailand
Northrop Delta 1936 US Canada
Northrop N-3PB 1940 US Norway
Rogožarski SIM-XII-H 1938 Yugoslavia  
Rogožarski SIM-XIV-H 1939 Yugoslavia  
VL Sääski floatplane trainer 1928 Finland  
Vought OS2U Kingfisher 1938 US US, Australia, UK
Watanabe E9W[23] 1938 Japan  
Watanabe K6W/WS-103 1938 Japan Japan, Thailand
Yokosuka E14Y[23] 1941 Japan  
Yokosuka K4Y 1933 Japan  

1.5. Transport Aircraft

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aeronca L-3 1941 US US, Brazil
Airspeed Envoy 1934 UK UK, Finland, South Africa
Airspeed Horsa glider 1942 UK UK, US
Antonov A-7 glider 1942 USSR  
Arado Ar 232 1943 Germany  
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle 1940 UK UK, USSR
AVIA FL.3 1939 Italy Italy, Croatia, Germany
Avro 652 1935 UK  
Avro Lancastrian 1945 UK  
Avro York 1944 UK  
Barkley-Grow T8P-1 1937 US Canada
Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing/UC-43 Traveler 1933 US US, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, UK
Beechcraft Model 18/C-45/JRB/Expeditor[25] 1937 US US, Brazil, Canada, France, Philippines, UK
Beneš-Mráz Be-555 Super Bibi 1936 Czechoslovakia  
Bloch MB.81 ambulance aircraft 1935 France  
Bloch MB.120 mailplane 1935 France  
Boeing 247/UC-73 1933 US US, Canada, UK
Boeing 307/UC-75 1940 US  
Boeing C-108 Flying Fortress 1943 US  
Breda Ba.44 1934 Italy  
Bristol Bombay bomber/transport 1939 UK  
Bristol Buckingham 1943 UK  
Budd RB Conestoga 1944 US  
CAP CAP-4 Paulista 1935 Brazil  
Caproni Ca.111 1932 Italy  
Caproni Ca.133 1935 Italy  
Caproni Ca.148 1938 Italy Italy, Germany
Caproni Ca.164 1938 Italy Italy, France
Caudron C.272 1931 France  
Caudron C.280/C.400/C.410 1932 France  
Caudron C.440 Goéland 1934 France France, Belgium, Germany
Caudron C.480 Frégate 1935 France  
Caudron C.600 Aiglon 1935 France  
Caudron C.635 Simoun 1935 France  
Cessna 165 1935 US US, Australia, Finland
Consolidated C-87/C-109 Liberator Express 1942 US US, UK
Curtiss-Wright C-46/R5C Commando 1941 US  
de Havilland Australia DHA-G glider 1942 Australia  
de Havilland DH.50 1923 UK Australia
de Havilland DH.60 Moth   UK UK, Belgium, China, Egypt, Iraq, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa
de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth 1930 UK UK, Canada, Iraq, New Zealand
de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth 1932 UK UK, Australia, New Zealand
de Havilland DH.84 Dragon 1934 UK UK, Iraq, New Zealand, Lithuania
de Havilland DH.85 Leopard Moth 1933 UK UK, Australia, Belgium
de Havilland D.H.86 Express 1934 UK UK, Australia, New Zealand
de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide/Dominie 1934 UK UK, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Iraq, New Zealand, US
de Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly 1936 UK UK, Australia, Denmark, Iraq
de Havilland DH.91 Albatross 1938 UK  
de Havilland DH.94 Moth Minor 1937 UK UK, Australia, New Zealand
de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo 1939 UK  
DFS 230 glider 1938 Germany  
Douglas C-47/R4D Skytrain/Dakota 1941 US US, Brazil, Canada, France, India, New Zealand, UK
Douglas C-54/R5D Skymaster 1942 US US, UK
Douglas DC-2/C-32 1934 US US, Australia, Finland, Japan, UK
Douglas DC-3 1935 US Canada, US, Japan
Douglas DC-5/C-110/R3D 1940 US US, Australia, Japan
Fairchild 24 Argus/UC-61 Forwarder 1932 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Thailand, UK
Fairchild 71 1926 US Canada
Fairchild 82 1935 Canada Argentina
Fairchild C-82 Packet 1944 US  
Fairchild FC-2/51 1926 US Canada
Fairchild Super 71 1934 Canada  
Farman F.190 1928 France  
Farman F.402 1934 France  
Farman F.224 1932 France  
Fiat G.12 1941 Italy  
Fiat G.18 1936 Italy  
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch 1936 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Yugoslavia
Fleet Freighter 1938 Canada  
Fokker F.VII 1925 Netherlands Netherlands, Finland, Poland
Fokker Super Universal/Nakajima Ki-6/C2N 1931 US Japan, Manchukuo
Ford Trimotor 1926 US Australia
Foster Wikner Wicko 1936 UK UK, New Zealand
General Aircraft Hamilcar glider 1942 UK  
Gotha Go 242 glider 1941 Germany  
Gotha Go 244 1942 Germany  
Gribovski G-11 glider 1941 USSR  
Handley Page Halifax/Halton[26] 1940 UK  
Handley Page Harrow bomber/transport[27] 1937 UK UK, Canada
Hanriot H.182 1934 France  
Harlow C-80/PJC-2 1937 US US, UK
Heinkel He 116 mailplane 1938 Germany  
Howard UC-70/GH Nightingale 1939 US  
IMAM Ro.63 1940 Italy  
Interstate Cadet/L-6 Grasshopper 1942 US US, Norway
Junkers F 13[9] 1920 Germany Finland
Junkers G 24 1925 Germany Greece
Junkers G 31 1926 Germany Germany, Australia
Junkers Ju 52 1932 Germany Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway
Junkers Ju 90 1938 Germany  
Junkers Ju 252 1942 Germany  
Junkers Ju 290 1942 Germany  
Junkers Ju 352 1944 Germany  
Junkers W 34 & K 43 1926 Germany Germany, Australia, Finland, Norway
Kawanishi H6K2-L/H6K-3/H6K4-L 1936 Japan  
Kawanishi H8K2-L 1941 Japan  
Kawasaki Ki-56 1940 Japan  
Kokusai Ki-59 1941 Japan  
Kokusai Ki-76 1942 Japan  
Kokusai Ku-8 glider 1941 Japan  
Kolesnikov-Tsibin KC-20 glider 1942 USSR  
Laville PS-89 1935 USSR  
Lisunov Li-2 1939 USSR  
Lockheed UC-101 Vega 1928 US US, Australia
Lockheed 9/UC-85 Orion 1931 US  
Lockheed 10/C-36 Electra 1935 US US, Canada, UK
Lockheed 12/UC-40 Electra Junior 1936 US US, Canada, Netherlands, UK
Lockheed 14 Super Electra 1937 US US, UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa
Lockheed 18/C-60 Lodestar 1937 US US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK
Lockheed C-69 Constellation 1943 US  
Lublin R-XVI 1932 Poland  
Maeda Ku-1 glider 1941 Japan  
Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun 1934 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Romania, UK, Yugoslavia
Messerschmitt Me 321 Gigant glider 1941 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant 1943 Germany  
Miles Falcon 1934 UK UK, Australia
Miles Mentor 1938 UK  
Miles Merlin 1935 UK UK, Australia
Miles Messenger 1942 UK  
Miles Monarch 1938 UK  
Miles Whitney Straight 1936 UK UK, New Zealand
Mitsubishi G6M1-L2 1941 Japan  
Mitsubishi K3M 1931 Japan  
Mitsubishi Ki-20 1932 Germany, Japan Japan
Mitsubishi Ki-57/L4M 1942 Japan  
Mitsubishi L3Y 1935 Japan  
Moskalyev SAM-5 1935 USSR  
Nakajima Ki-4[5] 1934 Japan Japan, Manchukuo
Nakajima Ki-34/L1N1 1936 Japan  
Noorduyn Norseman 1935 Canada Canada, Australia, Brazil, US
Northrop Delta[8] 1933 US US, Canada, Australia
Percival Gull 1932 UK UK, New Zealand
Percival Petrel 1937 UK  
Percival Proctor 1939 UK  
Percival Vega Gull 1935 UK UK, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand
Piper J-3, L-4, O-59 and NE-1 1938 US US, Brazil
Piper J-4 1938 US US, UK
Polikarpov U-2 1927 USSR  
Porterfield 35 1935 US US, New Zealand
Potez 29 1927 France  
Potez 56 1934 France  
Potez 58 1934 France  
Potez 62 1935 France  
Potez 650 1937 France  
Putilov Stal-3 1933 USSR  
PWS-24bis 1933 Poland Poland, Romania
Rearwin Sportster 1935 US US, New Zealand, Thailand
RWD 10 1935 Poland  
RWD 13 1935 Poland Poland, Romania
RWD 15 1937 Poland Romania
SAI KZ II 1937 Denmark  
SAIMAN 202 1939 Italy Italy, Croatia
Savoia-Marchetti S.73 1934 Italy Italy, Belgium, UK
Savoia-Marchetti S.74 1934 Italy  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 1938 Italy Italy, Hungary, Germany
Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 1940 Italy Italy, Germany
Savoia-Marchetti S.83 1938 Italy  
SFCA Taupin 1936 France  
Shcherbakov Shche-2 1943 USSR  
Short Stirling[26][28] 1943 UK  
Showa/Nakajima L2D 1939 Japan  
Siebel Si 204 1942 Germany  
Slingsby Hengist glider 1942 UK  
Spartan UC-71 Executive 1936 US US, UK, Canada, China
Stinson L-1/O-49 Vigilant 1941 US US, UK
Stinson L-5 Sentinel 1942 US US, UK
Stinson Reliant 1933 US US, Australia, Norway, Philippines, UK
Stinson Voyager 1939 US US, Canada, France
Tachikawa Ki-54 1940 Japan  
Taylorcraft Auster 1942 UK UK, Australia
Taylorcraft L-2 1941 US  
Tugan Gannet 1935 Australia  
Tupolev ANT-9 1931 USSR  
Tupolev PS-35 1937 USSR  
Vickers Type 264 Valentia bomber/transport 1934 UK  
Waco CG-3 glider 1942 US  
Waco CG-4/Hadrian glider 1942 US US, UK
Waco CG-13 glider 1945 US  
Waco CG-15 glider 1943 US  
Waco UC-72 (and other Waco variants) 1930s US US, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, UK
Yakovlev Yak-6 1942 USSR  
Yokosuka L3Y 1935 Japan  

1.6. Trainers

Primary trainers are used for basic flight training while advanced trainers were used for familiarization with the more complex systems and higher speeds of combat aircraft, and for air combat training. Multi-engined trainers were used to prepare pilots for multi-engine bombers and transports, and to train navigators, bombardiers, gunners and flight engineers. Most nations used obsolete combat types for advanced training, although large scale training programs such as the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) required more aircraft than were available and aircraft were designed and built specifically to fulfill training roles. Intermediate trainers were used in several countries but additional hours at the primary stage made them redundant.

Glider trainers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
DFS SG 38 Schulgleiter primary training glider 1938 Germany Germany, Japan and many others
General Aircraft Hotspur assault glider trainer 1940 UK  
Laister-Kauffman TG-4 1941 US  
Slingsby Kirby Cadet 1935 UK  
Schweizer TG-3 1942 US  
Schweizer TG-2/LNS-1 1938 US  
Schneider Grunau Baby 1931 Germany Germany, Denmark

Primary trainers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
ANBO IV 1934 Lithuania  
Avro 504 1913 UK Greece, Thailand
Avro 626 1930 UK UK, Belgium, Canada, Greece, New Zealand
Avro 643 Cadet 1932 UK UK, Australia, China
Avro Tutor 1933 UK UK, Canada, Denmark
Beneš-Mráz Be-50 Beta-Minor 1935 Czechoslovakia Germany, Slovakia
Blackburn B-2 1932 UK  
Boeing-Stearman Model 73/75/PT-13/PT-17/PT-18/NS/N2S Kaydet 1934 US US, Brazil, Canada, China, Philippines
Breda Ba.25 & Ba.28 1932 Italy Italy, Hungary, China, Norway
Bücker Bü 131, Ki-86, K9W1 1935 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and others
Bücker Bü 181 1940 Germany Germany, Bulgaria
CAC Wackett 1941 Australia  
Caproni Ca.164 1938 Italy Italy, France
Consolidated PT-1 Trusty 1921 US US, Philippines, Thailand
DAR 9 Siniger 1940 Bulgaria Bulgaria, Yugoslavia
de Havilland DH.60 Moth 1925 UK UK, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iraq, New Zealand, Norway
de Havilland Tiger Moth[29] 1932 UK UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, India, Iraq, New Zealand, Norway
Fairchild PT-19/23/26 Cornell 1940 US US, Brazil, Canada, Norway
Fleet Fawn 1931 Canada Canada, Brazil
Fleet 10/16/Finch 1939 Canada Canada, China, Brazil, Romania
Focke-Wulf Fw 44 1932 Germany Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia
Fokker S.IV 1924 Netherlands  
Fokker S.IX 1937 Netherlands  
Gotha Go 145 1935 Germany  
Hanriot H.43 1928 France  
Hanriot H.16 1930 France  
Heinkel He 72 1933 Germany Germany, Bulgaria
Kawasaki Army Type 92 Fighter 1930 Japan Japan
Klemm Kl 25 1928 Germany Germany, Norway
Koolhoven F.K.51 1935 Netherlands  
Letov Š-218 1930 Czechoslovakia Finland
Meyers OTW CPTP trainer 1936 US  
Miles Hawk 1933 UK UK, New Zealand
Miles Magister 1937 UK UK, Norway
Morane-Saulnier MS.230 1930 France France, Germany, Greece
Morane-Saulnier MS.315 1932 France  
Mráz Zobor I[30] 1942 Slovakia  
Naval Aircraft Factory N3N Canary 1936 US  
North American NA-16 1935 US China, Brazil
North American BT-9/BT-14/NJ 1936 US  
Piper J-4 1938 US  
Ryan PT-16/20/21/22 Recruit 1934 US US, Australia, Netherlands
RWD 8 1934 Poland Poland, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia
RWD 17 1938 Poland Poland, Romania
Polikarpov Po-2 1929 USSR  
Praga E-39 1931 Czechoslovakia  
PWS-16 1933 Poland Spain
Repülőgépgyár Levente II 1943 Hungary  
SAIMAN 200 1940 Italy Italy, Croatia, Germany
Spartan NP-1 1940 US  
Tachikawa Ki-9 1935 Japan  
Tachikawa Ki-17 1936 Japan  
Timm N2T Tutor 1943 US  
VL Sääski 1928 Finland  
VL Viima 1935 Finland  
Vultee BT-13/15/SNV Valiant 1939 US US, Brazil
Waco UPF-7/PT-14 CPTP trainer 1930 US  
Weiss WM-10 Ölyv 1933 Hungary  
Yokosuka K5Y 1934 Japan  
Yakovlev UT-2 1937 USSR  
Zlín Z-XII 1935 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Germany, Slovakia, UK, Yugoslavia

Advanced trainers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Ambrosini S.7 1943 Italy  
Ambrosini SAI.10 Grifone 1940 Italy  
Arado Ar 65[5] 1931 Germany  
Arado Ar 66 1933 Germany  
Arado Ar 68[5] 1936 Germany  
Arado Ar 96 1939 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania
Avia B.122 1934 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, USSR
Bücker Bü 133 1938 Germany Germany, Yugoslavia, Lithuania
CAC Wirraway 1939 Australia  
Kaproni Bulgarski KB-2/3/4/5 1931 Bulgaria  
Caudron C.690 1939 France  
Curtiss-Wright CW-22/SNC Falcon 1942 US US, Netherlands
Focke-Wulf Fw 56 1935 Germany  
Fokker D.XVII[5] 1932 Netherlands  
Hawker Hart Trainer 1930 UK  
I.Ae. 22 DL 1944 Argentina  
IMAM Ro.41 1935 Italy  
Koolhoven F.K.56 1938 Netherlands Netherlands, Belgium
Messerschmitt Bf 108 1935 Germany Germany, Bulgaria, and many others
Miles Master 1939 UK  
Mitsubishi A5M4-K[31] 1936 Japan  
Mitsubishi A6M2-K Zero[31] 1940 Japan  
Morane-Saulnier M.S.225[5] 1933 France  
Muniz M-9 1937 Brazil  
Mansyu Ki-79 1937 Japan  
Nardi FN.305 1938 Italy Italy, Romania, Hungary, France
Nardi FN.316 1942 Italy Italy, Germany
Nieuport-Delage NiD 62[5] 1931 France  
North American NA-16 1935 US France, Germany
North American NA-64 Yale 1940 US Canada, France, Germany
North American P-64[32] 1940 US  
North American T-6/SNJ Texan/Harvard[8] 1935 US US, Brazil, Canada, India, New Zealand, Norway, UK and others
Orlogsværftet O-Maskinen 1926 Denmark  
Praga BH-41 1931 Czechoslovakia  
PTO-4 1938 Estonia Estonia, Germany
PWS-26 1937 Poland Poland, Romania, Germany
Rogožarski PVT 1934 Yugoslavia  
Rogožarski R-100 1939 Yugoslavia  
Rogožarski SIM-Х 1937 Yugoslavia  
Romano R.82 1937 France  
SET 7 1931 Romania  
Stampe et Vertongen SV.5 Tornado 1933 Belgium Belgium, Latvia
Tachikawa Ki-55 1940 Japan Japan, Thailand
Svenska Aero Jaktfalken 1930 Sweden Finland
THK-2 1944 Turkey  
VEF I-12 1935 Latvia  
VL Tuisku 1935 Finland  
VL Pyry 1941 Finland  
Yakovlev UT-1 1936 USSR USSR, China
Zmaj Fizir FN 1931 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Croatia, Italy
Zmaj Fizir FP-2 1936 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Croatia, Italy

Bomber trainers, target tugs and misc. trainers

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Airspeed Oxford 1937 UK UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway
Avro Anson[8] 1936 UK
UK, Canada, France, US
Blackburn Botha bomber trainer & target tug 1939 UK  
Bristol Buckmaster 1945 UK  
Beechcraft AT-10 Wichita 1942 US  
Cessna AT-8/AT-17/UC-78/JRC Bobcat/Crane 1939 US US, Brazil, Canada, France
Consolidated AT-22/TB-24 Liberator 1943 US  
CANT Z.1015 torpedo bomber trainer 1939 Italy  
Curtiss AT-9 1941 US  
De Havilland Dominie radio trainer 1940 UK  
Fairchild AT-21 Gunner 1943 US  
Fairey IIIF target tug 1926 UK  
Fairey Battle[5] 1939 UK Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK
Fairey Gordon[5] 1931 UK Australia, UK
Fleet Fort intermediate trainer/radio trainer 1941 Canada  
Focke-Wulf Fw 58 1937 Germany Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania
Hanriot H.232 1940 France France, Finland
Hawker Henley target tug 1938 UK  
Kyushu K10W intermediate trainer/target tug 1943 Japan  
Kyushu K11W bomber crew trainer 1943 Japan  
Lockheed AT-18 Hudson 1938 US US
LWS-6/PZL.30 Żubr[5] 1938 Poland  
Martin AT-23/TB-26 1940 US  
Miles Martinet target tug 1942 UK  
Miles Mentor radio trainer 1938 UK  
Mitsubishi K7M 1931 Japan  
Nardi FN.315 intermediate trainer 1938 Italy  
North American AT-24/TB-25 Mitchell 1941 US  
Percival Proctor radio trainer 1939 UK  
Potez 56 crew trainer/target tug 1936 France  
Stinson Reliant 1933 US US, UK
Tachikawa Ki-54 1941 Japan  
Westland Wallace[5] 1933 UK  
Yokosuka K4Y floatplane trainer 1933 Japan  

1.7. Rotorcraft

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Cierva C.30 autogyro 1934 UK UK, Belgium, France, Germany
Flettner Fl 282 helicopter 1942 Germany  
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 autogyro kite[23] 1943 Germany  
Kamov A-7 autogyro 1934 USSR  
Kayaba Ka-1 and Ka-2 autogyro 1941 Japan  
Pitcairn PA-39 autogyro[33] 1940 US UK
Sikorsky R-4 helicopter 1944 US US, UK
Sikorsky R-6 helicopter 1945 US US, UK

1.8. Lighter than Air

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Goodyear G class blimp patrol blimp 1935 US  
Goodyear K class blimp patrol blimp 1938 US  
Goodyear L class blimp training blimp 1938 US  
Goodyear M class blimp patrol blimp 1944 US  

1.9. Rockets and Drones

Name of aircraft Year
in service
Country of origin Operator(s)
if different from country of origin
Aeronautica Lombarda A.R. radio controlled flying bomb 1943 Italy  
Airspeed AS.30 Queen Wasp target drone 1937 UK  
Culver PQ-8 target drone 1940 US  
Culver PQ-14 Cadet target drone 1942 US  
de Havilland DH.82 Queen Bee target drone 1935 UK  
Fieseler Fi 103R manned missile 1944 Germany  
Henschel Hs 293 guided missile 1943 Germany  
Interstate TDR assault drone 1944 US  
McDonnell TD2D Katydid target drone 1942 US  
Naval Aircraft Factory TDN assault drone 1942 US  
Naval Aircraft Modification Unit KDN Gorgon target drone 1945 US  
Radioplane OQ-2 target drone 1939 US  
V-1 Flying Bomb surface to surface cruise missile 1943 Germany  
V-2 rocket surface to surface ballistic missile 1944 Germany  
Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka manned missile 1945 Japan  

2. Prototypes

Prototypes were aircraft that were intended to enter service but did not, either due to changing requirements, failing to meet requirements, other problems, or the end of the war. If the aircraft was deployed to regular squadrons or used in an operational capacity other than evaluation, it should be listed above under its appropriate type. Napkinwaffe - paper projects and aircraft that first flew after the war are not included.

2.1. Fighter Prototypes

Single-engined, Single-seat fighters, fighter-bombers and jet fighters

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Aeronautica Umbra Trojani AUT.18 1939 Italy  
Ambrosini SS.4 1940 Italy canard pusher-engine fighter
Ambrosini SAI.107 1940 Italy lightweight fighter
Ambrosini SAI.403 1943 Italy lightweight fighter
Avia B.35 1938 Czechoslovakia  
Aviotehas PN-3 1939 Estonia  
Bell XP-77 1944 US lightweight fighter
Bell XP-83 1945 US jet fighter
Bachem Ba 349 Natter 1945 Germany vertical launch point defence rocket interceptor
Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 1942 USSR rocket fighter
Blohm & Voss BV 155 1944 Germany  
Borovkov-Florov I-207 1937 USSR cantilever-wing biplane fighter
Canadian Car and Foundry FDB-1 1938 Canada biplane fighter
Caproni Vizzola F.4 1940 Italy  
Caproni Vizzola F.5 1939 Italy  
Caproni Vizzola F.6 1941 Italy  
Chu X-P0 1943 China  
Curtiss XF14C 1944 US naval fighter with liquid-cooled engine
Curtiss XF15C 1945 US inspired by the FR-1 Fireball
Curtiss YP-37 1937 US  
Curtiss XP-42 1939 US  
Curtiss XP-46 1941 US  
Curtiss XP-53/YP-60 1942 US  
Curtiss XP-62 1943 US  
Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender 1943 US canard pusher-engine fighter
de Havilland Vampire 1943 UK jet fighter entered service post-war
Fokker D.XXIII 1939 Netherlands push/pull twin-engine fighter
Fiat G.56 1944 Italy  
Gloster F.5/34 1937 UK  
Horten Ho 229 1944 Germany jet flying wing fighter
Hawker Tornado 1939 UK  
Heinkel He 280 1940 Germany  
Henschel Hs 132 1945 Germany prone pilot jet fighter/dive bomber
Kawasaki Ki-60 1941 Japan  
Koolhoven F.K.55 1938 Netherlands buried-engine fighter
Kyushu J7W 1945 Japan canard pusher-engine fighter
Macchi C.201 1940 Italy  
Martin-Baker MB 2 1938 UK  
Martin-Baker MB 3 1942 UK  
Martin-Baker MB 5 1944 UK  
McDonnell FD Phantom 1945 US naval jet fighter
Messerschmitt Me 209 1938 Germany racer/fighter
Messerschmitt Me 309 1942 Germany  
Messerschmitt Me 328 1944 Germany pulse jet fighter
Mikoyan-Gurevich I-250 1945 USSR mixed-power fighter
Miles M.20 1940 UK emergency fighter
Mitsubishi A7M 1944 Japan improved A6M
Mitsubishi J8M 1944 Japan rocket-propelled interceptor
Nakajima Ki-12 1936 Japan V12 fighter
Nakajima Kikka 1945 Japan jet fighter
North American P-82 Twin Mustang 1945 US twin fuselage fighter too late for war
Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet 1943 US tailless pusher fighter
Piaggio P.119 1942 Italy buried radial-engine fighter
PZL.50 Jastrząb 1939 Poland  
Renard R-36/R-37/R-38 1938 Belgium  
SNCAO 200 1939 France  
Tachikawa Ki-106 1945 Japan  
VEF I-16 1939 Latvia lightweight fighter
VL Humu 1944 Finland  
VL Pyörremyrsky 1945 Finland  
Polikarpov I-185 1941 USSR  
Polikarpov ITP 1942 USSR  
Reggiane Re.2006 n/a Italy completed but not flown
Sukhoi Su-5 1945 USSR mixed-power fighter
Sukhoi Su-7 1944 USSR high-altitude interceptor

Heavy fighters (multi-engined or multi-seat) and night fighters

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Aichi S1A 1945 Japan night fighter
Arado Ar 240 1940 Germany  
Arsenal-Delanne 10 1941 France tandem-wing two-seat fighter
Boeing YB-40 Flying Fortress 1943 US large escort fighter
Boeing XF8B 1944 US  
Boulton Paul P.92 1937 UK  
SABCA S.47 1939 Italy for Belgium
Consolidated XB-41 Liberator 1942 US large escort fighter
Consolidated Vultee XP-81 1945 US  
De Havilland Hornet 1944 UK  
Fisher P-75 Eagle 1943 US  
Gloster F.9/37 1939 UK  
Grumman XF5F Skyrocket 1940 US  
Grumman XP-50 1941 US  
Hawker Hotspur 1938 UK  
Hughes D-2 1943 US  
IMAM Ro.58 1942 Italy  
Kawasaki Ki-64 1943 Japan  
Kawasaki Ki-96 1943 Japan  
Lockheed XP-49 1942 US  
Lockheed XP-58 Chain Lightning 1944 US  
McDonnell XP-67 Bat 1944 US  
Moskalyev SAM-13 1940 USSR  
Nikitin IS-1 1941 USSR  
Polikarpov TIS 1941 USSR  
PZL.38 Wilk 1938 Poland  
Republic XP-69/XP-72 1943 US  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.88, SM.91 and SM.92 1939 Italy heavy fighters
SNCASE SE.100 1939 France  
Sukhoi Su-6 1941 USSR  
Vickers Type 432 1942 UK  
Vultee XP-54 1943 US  

2.2. Bomber and Attack Aircraft Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Aero A.300 1938 Czechoslovakia  
ANBO VIII 1939 Lithuania  
Avia B-158 1938 Czechoslovakia  
Avro Lincoln 1945 UK too late for war
Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly 1944 US  
Blackburn Firebrand 1945 UK too late for war
Bloch MB.162 1940 France  
Boeing XB-15 1937 US  
Boeing XB-38 Flying Fortress 1943 US  
Boeing XB-39 Superfortress 1944 US  
Boeing XB-44 Superfortress 1945 US  
Breguet 462 1936 France  
Breda Ba.75 1939 Italy  
Breda Ba.201 1941 Italy  
Brewster XA-32 1943 US  
Bristol Brigand 1944 UK too late for war
CAC Woomera 1941 Australia  
CANSA FC.12 1940 Italy  
CANSA FC.20 1941 Italy  
CANT Z.1011 1936 Italy  
CANT Z.1018 1939 Italy  
Caproni Ca.355 1941 Italy  
Caudron C.670 Typhon 1935 France light bomber (derived from racer)
DAR 10 1939 Bulgaria  
Dornier Do 19 1936 Germany cancelled heavy bomber, possibly used as transport
Dornier Do 317 1943 Germany heavy bomber
Douglas AD Skyraider 1945 US torpedo/dive bomber
Douglas BTD Destroyer 1944 US  
Douglas XB-19 1941 US  
Douglas XA-42 Mixmaster 1944 US buried engines driving pusher propeller in tail
Douglas XTB2D Skypirate 1945 US intended successor of the Douglas Devastator
Fairey Spearfish 1945 UK  
Fiat AS.14 1943 Italy  
Focke-Wulf Fw 191 1942 Germany heavy bomber
Fokker T.IX 1939 Netherlands  
Heinkel He 119 1937 Germany unarmed reconnaissance bomber
Heinkel He 274 1945 Germany high-altitude bomber
Henschel Hs 130 1940 Germany high-altitude bomber
IAR 47 1942 Romania  
Junkers Ju 287 1944 Germany  
Junkers Ju 288 1940 Germany bomber
Kaiser-Fleetwings XBTK 1945 US dive and torpedo bomber
Latécoère 299 1939 France carrier-based Latécoère 298
Letov Š-50 1938 Czechoslovakia  
Lockheed XP2V-1 Neptune 1945 US anti-submarine aircraft
Messerschmitt Me 261 1940 Germany maritime reconnaissance
Messerschmitt Me 264 1942 Germany 4-engine Amerika bomber
Nakajima G5N 1941 Japan  
Nakajima G8N 1944 Japan  
North American XB-28 1942 US  
Piaggio P.50 1937 Italy  
Polikarpov NB 1944 USSR  
PZL.42 1936 Poland  
PZL.46 Sum 1939 Poland  
Reggiane Re.2003 1941 Italy  
Rikugun Ki-93 1945 Japan  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.86 1940 Italy  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.89 1942 Italy  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.93 1944 Italy  
SNCAO CAO.600 1940 France  
Stearman XA-21 1938 US  
Supermarine Type 322 1943 UK  
Tachikawa Ki-74 1944 Japan  
Vickers Windsor 1943 UK  
Vultee XA-41 1944 US  
Zmaj R-1 1940 Yugoslavia  

2.3. Transport Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Blohm & Voss BV 144 1944 Germany built in France
Boeing 367 YC-97 Stratofreighter 1944 US based on B-29, entered service in 1947
Burnelli UB-14/Cunliffe-Owen Clyde Clipper 1939 US prototype used by UK and France
Consolidated R2Y 1944 US PB4Y-2 with new fuselage
Curtiss-Wright C-76 Caravan 1943 US wood transport with nose doors
Junkers Ju 390 1943 Germany heavy transport and maritime patrol
Kobeseiko Te-Gō 1943 Japan STOL spotter/liaison
Kokusai Ki-105 1945 Japan fuel transport
Lockheed L-049 Constellation 1944 US civil version of the C-69
LWS-2 1937 Poland medical transport
Martin 156 1940 USSR Russian-built seaplane airliner
Praga E-210 1937 Czechoslovakia  
Savoia-Marchetti SM.95 1943 Italy  
SNCASE Languedoc 1939 France  
Stout XC-107 1941 US flying car evaluated by USAAF
Tachikawa Ki-77 1942 Japan very long-range transport
Tachikawa Ki-92 1945 Japan troop/cargo transport

2.4. Glider Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Aeronautica Lombarda AL-12P 1943 Italy  
Allied Aviation XLRA 1943 US seaplane glider
AVIA LM.02 1942 Italy bomber glider
Baynes Bat 1943 UK experimental tailless glider
Blohm & Voss BV 40 1944 Germany interceptor glider
Bristol XLRQ 1943 US seaplane glider
CAT TM-2 1943 Italy  
Chase YCG-14 1945 US  
Cornelius XFG-1 1944 US  
DFS 331 1942 Germany  
Frankfort TG-1 1940 US  
General Airborne Transport XCG-16 1943 US  
Gotha Ka 430 1943 Germany  
Horten H.IV 1941 Germany flying wing glider
Horten H.V 1937 Germany  
I.Ae. 25 Mañque 1945 Argentina  
Junkers Ju 322 1941 Germany  
Kokusai Ku-7 1942 Japan  
Laister-Kauffman XCG-10 1942 US  
Maeda Ku-6 1945 Japan  
Pratt-Read TG-32 1940 US  
Polikarpov BDP 1943 USSR  
Slingsby T.20 1944 UK  
St.Louis XCG-5 1942 US  
Antonov A-40 1942 USSR  
Yokosuka MXY5 1942 Japan  

2.5. Trainer Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Airspeed Cambridge 1941 UK advanced trainer
AEKKEA-Raab R-29 1936 Greece Fighter-trainer (unknown number - possibly 30 - produced for Spain, missing engines and machine guns)
Boeing XAT-15 1942 US  
CAT QR.14 1943 Italy  
de Havilland Don 1938 UK  
Fleetwings BT-12 1942 US  
General Aircraft Cagnet 1939 UK  
General Aircraft Cygnet 1937 UK  
General Aircraft Owlet 1942 UK  
Heston T.1/37 1938 UK  
Ikarus Aero 2 1940 Yugoslavia  
Ikarus MM-2 1941 Yugoslavia  
Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk/Høver M.F.12 1939 Norway floatplane trainer
Miles M.15 1938 UK  
Miles Kestrel 1937 UK  
Miles Mercury 1941 UK  
Miles Monitor 1944 UK target tug
Parnall 382 1939 UK  
PWS-33 Wyżeł 1938 Poland twin-engine trainer
PWS-35 Ogar 1938 Poland  
Reid and Sigrist R.S.1 1939 UK twin-engine trainer
Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 1945 UK twin-engine trainer
Rogozarski SIM-XI 1938 Yugoslavia  
St. Louis YPT-15 1940 US primary trainer
Stampe SV.4 1933 Belgium biplane trainer, flown before war, not used until after
Stearman XBT-17 1942 US monoplane trainer
Yakovlev Yak-5 1944 USSR  
Yokosuka D3Y 1945 Japan bomber trainer

2.6. Rotorcraft Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Breguet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire 1935 France Helicopter
Dorand G.20 n/a France Helicopter
Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 1942 Germany twin rotor transport helicopter
Focke-Achgelis Fa 225 1942 Germany rotary wing glider
Hafner Rotabuggy 1943 UK towed autogyro jeep
Higgins EB-1 1943 US Helicopter
Kellett KD-1/XO-60/YO-60 1934 US autogyro
Landgraf H-2 1944 US helicopter
McDonnell XHJH Whirlaway 1944 US helicopter
Piaggio-D'Ascanio PD3 1942 Italy helicopter
Piasecki HRP Rescuer 1945 US helicopter
Platt-LePage XR-1 1941 US helicopter
Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 1939 US amphibious helicopter

2.7. Missile Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Blohm & Voss BV 143 1941 Germany anti-ship missile
Blohm & Voss BV 246 1943 Germany Hagelkorn guided glide bomb
EMW C2 Wasserfall 1943 Germany guided surface-to-air missile developed from V-2
Fletcher PQ-11 1941 US target drone/glide bomb
McDonnell LBD Gargoyle 1945 US air-to-surface missile
Mistel 1943 Germany large air-to-surface missile with parasite guidance aircraft
Northrop JB-1 Bat 1944 US surface-to-surface missile
Republic-Ford JB-2 1944 US surface-to-surface missile (V-1 copy)
Rheinmetall-Borsig Feuerlilie 1943 Germany surface-to-air missile
Ruhrstahl X-4 1944 Germany air-to-air missile

2.8. Miscellaneous Prototypes

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Airspeed Fleet Shadower 1940 UK low speed shipborne aircraft for tracking enemy fleet visually
AVIS C.4 1940 Italy liaison
Bestetti BN.1 1940 Italy racer/fighter/liaison
Blackburn B-20 1940 UK seaplane with retractable hull
Bloch MB.480 1939 France floatplane
Blohm & Voss BV 141 1938 Germany asymmetrical tactical reconnaissance aircraft
Blohm & Voss BV 238 1944 Germany large transport flying boat
Boeing XPBB Sea Ranger 1942 US patrol seaplane
CANT Z.511 1940 Italy transport/bomber floatplane
CANT Z.516 1940 Italy bomber floatplane
Caproni Ca.316 1940 Italy floatplane
Caproni Ca.331 1940 Italy reconnaissance aircraft, bomber, and night fighter
Consolidated XP4Y Corregidor 1939 US patrol seaplane
DFS 228 1944 Germany high-altitude manned reconnaissance rocket
ERCO Ercoupe YO-55 1940 US JATO tests
Fairchild XBQ-3 1944 US assault drone
Fleetwings XBQ-2 1943 US assault drone
General Aircraft Fleet Shadower 1940 UK low-speed shipborne aircraft for tracking enemy vessels
Kawanishi E15K 1941 Japan reconnaissance floatplane
Koolhoven F.K.49 1935 Netherlands photo survey
Loire-Nieuport 10 1939 France patrol floatplane
LWS-3 Mewa 1938 Poland army cooperation
Nakajima Ki-115 1945 Japan kamikaze aircraft
Nihon L7P 1942 Japan transport amphibian
Nikol A-2 1939 Poland seaplane trainer
Potez-CAMS 141 1938 France long range reconnaissance flying boat
Praga E-51 1938 Czechoslovakia tactical reconnaissance
SFAN 11 1940 France liaison
Short Seaford 1944 UK improved Sunderland, trials only
Short Shetland 1944 UK long range reconnaissance flying boat
SNCAC NC.4-10 1939 France floatplane bomber/torpedo bomber
SNCAO 30 1938 France seaplane trainer
Tachikawa Ki-70 1943 Japan high-speed photo reconnaissance aircraft
Tupolev MTB-2 1937 USSR four-engine flying boat, cancelled after German invasion
Zveno SPB 1938 USSR 2-5 parasite fighters carried by bomber

3. Experimental Aircraft

Aircraft intended to prove a concept or idea and which were not intended or suitable for military service. Does not include operational aircraft modified for experimental purposes.

3.1. Flight Behaviour Research

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52 1945 UK flying wing
Bell 30 1943 US experimental helicopter
Cierva W.9 1945 UK experimental helicopter
DFS 40 1939 Germany tailless aircraft
DFS 194 1940 Germany aerodynamic testbed for Messerschmitt Me 163
Göppingen Gö 9 1941 Germany tail mounted propeller testbed
Handley Page Manx 1943 UK tailless aircraft
Hiller XH-44 1944 US coaxial rotor helicopter
Hillson Bi-mono 1941 UK slip wing testbed
Kayaba Ku-2 1940 Japan tailless glider
Kayaba Ku-3 1941 Japan tailless glider
Kawasaki Ki-78 1942 Japan high speed flight
Kellett XR-8 1944 US intermesh rotor helicopter
Lippisch DM-1 1944 Germany delta-wing glider
Martin 162A Tadpole Clipper 1937 US half scale flyingboat
Miles M.30 1942 UK blended wing
Miles M.35 Libellula 1942 UK tandem wing
Miles M.39B Libellula 1943 UK tandem wing/canard
Northrop N-1M 1941 US flying wing
Northrop N-9M 1942 US flying wing
Payen PA-22 1942 France delta and tandem-wing
Piasecki PV-2 1943 US helicopter
Saro Shrimp 1939 UK half sized flying boat
Tachikawa SS-1 1943 Japan high altitude research, pressurized cabin
Vought V-173 1942 US aerodynamic testbed for Vought XF5U which never flew
Yokosuka MXY6 1943 Japan aerodynamic testbed for Kyushu J7W
Yokosuka MXY8/Ku-13 1945 Japan aerodynamic testbed for Mitsubishi J8M rocket interceptor

3.2. Engine Research

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Caproni Campini N.1 1940 Italy jet engine testbed
Folland Fo.108 1940 UK piston engine testbed
Gloster E.28/39 1941 UK jet engine testbed
Heinkel He 176 1939 Germany rocket engine testbed
Heinkel He 178 1939 Germany jet engine testbed

3.3. Misc Research

Name of aircraft Year
first flight
Country of origin Notes
Akaflieg Berlin B 9 1944 Germany prone pilot research
Heinkel He 119 1937 Germany streamlining
Piaggio P.111 1941 Italy high altitude research


  1. Built in Canada
  2. Retired 1942
  3. Carrier-based fighter
  4. In service by VJ day
  5. Obsolete aircraft used for training
  6. carrier-based fighter/dive bomber
  7. Prototype used operationally
  8. Also built in Canada
  9. Retired by Germany before war
  10. Heavy bomber, maritime patrol and transport
  11. Maritime patrol before relegated to transport duties.
  12. Retired by Japan before Dec. 1941
  13. Retired by US before war
  14. Thornburg, Chris (3 December 2006). "World Air Forces - Historical Listings Netherlands (NET)". Retrieved 6 February 2020. 
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  16. Transport version only
  17. Primarily used as trainer
  18. Retired by UK before war
  19. Second line duties during war
  20. Bomber/transport
  21. Obsolete fighter used for reconnaissance
  22. Not used by France
  23. Submarine-borne aircraft
  24. Not used by Germany
  25. Also used as a trainer and photo reconnaissance.
  26. Later versions built as transports
  27. RCAF bought 2 ex-inflight refuelling aircraft
  28. Paratroop transport and glider tug
  29. Built in Canada & elsewhere
  30. "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 2013-01-14. Retrieved 2012-06-26.  accessdate=26 June 2012
  31. Variant specifically built as a trainer
  32. Ordered by Thailand, disarmed and impressed as trainer
  33. Not used by US
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