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Encyclopedia of Piezoelectrics
Editor: Kenji Uchino
ISBN: Pending
Expected Date of Publication: Dec 2022

About This Book

The new Encyclopedia will present  a theoretical description of the fundamental aspects of piezoelectricity, an overview of actual materials, device designs, drive/control techniques, and typical applications, as well as current and future research trends in the field of micromechatronics. The Encyclopedia will not be a collection of case studies.

We will collect the articles indicated in the following “Section”, “Subsection” of List of Content:

Part I  Historical Background
1.1 Discovery of Piezoelectricity
1.2 Langevin Transducer
1.3 Discovery of Barium Titanate
1.4 Discovery of PZT
1.5 Discovery of PVDF
1.6 Piezoelectric Composite - History
1.7 PMN Electrostrictor - Actuator Application
1.8 Relaxor Single Crystals - High k Discovery
Part II  Theory of Piezoelectricity
2.1 Crystal Symmetry of Peizoelectricity
2.2 Microscopic Origin of Piezoelectricity
2.3 Quantum Theory of Piezoelectricity
2.4 Phenomenology of Piezoelectricity
2.5 Multifunctionality with Piezoelectricity
Part III  Piezoelectric Materials
3.1 PZT-Based Piezo-Ceramics
3.2 Traditional Piezoelectrics - Rochelle Salt, TGS etc.
3.3 Lithium Niobate, Nithium Tantalate
3.4 Pb-Free Piezo-Ceramics
3.5 Polymer Piezoelectrics
3.6 Advanced Piezoelectric Composites
Part IV  Preparation Technologies of Piezoelectrics
4.1 Piezoelectric Single Crystals
4.2 Thin Film Technologies - Sputtering, Sol-gel
4.3 Thick Film Technologies - Aero-sol Deposition
4.4 Multilayer Piezoelectric Devices - Actuators, Transformers
4.5 Piezoelectric Composite Fabrication Processes
Part V  Drive/Control of Piezoelectric Devices
5.1 Power Supply Fundamentals for Piezoelectric Drivers
5.2 Servo Displacement Drive
5.3 Piezoelectric Pulse Drive 
5.4 Ultrasonic Motor Drive
Part VI  Appications of Piezoelectrics
6.1 Market Research of Piezoelectric Devices
6.2 Sensor Applications
        6.2.1         Piezoelectric Automobile Sensors
        6.2.2         Piezoelectric Bacteria/Virus Sensors
6.3 Piezoelectric Transducers
        6.3.1         Medical Acoustic Transducers
        6.3.2         Underwater Transducers
        6.3.3         Ultrasonc Cleaning
6.4 Piezoelectric Actuators
        6.4.1         Piezoelectric Positioners
        6.4.2         Inkjet Printer Applications
        6.4.3         Diesel Injection Valve Applications
6.5 Ultrasonic Motors
        6.5.1         Piezoelectric Camera Module
        6.5.2         Smooth Impact Drive Method
6.6 Piezoelectric Transformers
6.7 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
        6.7.1         Programmable Air-Burst Munition
        6.7.2         Lightening Switch
        6.7.3         Energy Harvesting from Machine Vibration
        6.7.4         Piezo Energy Harvesting for Medical Applications
Part VII Multifunctionaility with Piezoelectrics
7.1 Photostriction - Photovoltaic & Piezoelectricity
7.2 Magnetoelectric Effect - Magnetostriction & Piezoelectricity

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